Thursday, 27 November 2014

YELLOW ROSE FOR TEXAS UPDATE : IT’S PARTY TIME … the ‘show is set’ to go



I get the ‘show is set’ to go


Yeah, the show is set, they’re ready to ray us up. emit us. that ‘4/6g’ thing, must have been Ur.
They do me that way too.
Something about them being tied to us, via the net or family ties, and able to do the dream and audio bits on us.
Eve is ready.
We’re going.
Not waiting on any ‘g’.
She’s already hit the mark, we’re in PI now.
Ed lost his shield last night.
Yep. Its all congruent.
The show is set to go off. Ed’s shields are down.
Rats, wont past the sun image.
Well, he’s way past the edge of the camera view.
Its not a flare or cme. Its a constant burn.
He’s really blown out the bottom … they did in fact say hours.
But…you know it could be ‘hours’ above time ref.
Still. It rather surprised me at how fast its going now.
I guess its a cascade effect
They specifically stated the show was set.
Now its the sun.
He lost his shields last night and blew out his bottom
(everybody feeling goose bumps as the leap approaches)
Yeah, they said they were working to calm us.
We’re all scared
He’s pulling everyone btw
Not a single life left.
Not even a blade of grass

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