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Object is roughly 2-3 times the size of Earth

"The Deva or Angel filmed by NASA cameras in October 2012 was caught on film again in late February 2013, close to its previous position .... the figure seen again by NASA cameras is the same Deva that was filmed in October."

The angelic or deva evolution runs parallel to that of the human and they can vary in size from tiny to colossal.

A large billboard on the Reuters Building in Times Square, New York, showed the Deva or Angel filmed by NASA as sent to PR Newswire in a news release in April 2013

DR STEPHEN GREER’S ANOMALOUS EYE MOVEMENTS : entrainment by manipulatory extraterrestrials or advanced military-intelligence nanotechnology global control agenda

UFO Citizen Hearing witnesses Bassett, Huneeus and Greer’s anomalous eye and body part movements may indicate brain-mind entrainment by manipulatory extraterrestrials or advanced military-intelligence nanotechnology as part of a global control agenda

Citizen Hearing on Disclosure Director Stephen Bassett’s startling anomalous eye movements

Upon investigation there is an emerging pattern of forensic evidence demonstrating anomalous eye movements among leaders in a faction of UFO/ET “Disclosure” advocates that bears serious further examination and that may be an indication of their witting or unwitting functional brain-mind entrainment by manipulatory extraterrestrials or advanced military-intelligence nanotechnology.

The Data: Citizen Hearing witnesses & anomalous eye and body part movements

The Citizen Hearing witnesses demonstrating anomalous eye movements include the following:

Citizen Hearing Director/Witness Stephen Bassett – The following 1:13 video demonstrates the startling anomalous eye movements exhibited by Citizen Hearing Director/Witness Stephen Bassett.


Citizen Hearing Witness Dr. Steven Greer – The following video and photographs demonstrate a range of anomalous eye movements by Citizen Hearing Witness Dr. Steven Greer, founder of the Disclosure Project.


Brain-Mind Entrainment between Citizen Hearing witnesses Huneeus & Greer - The following 2:13 video demonstrates apparent coordinated brain-mind entrainment between Citizen Hearing Witnesses Antonio Huneeus and Dr. Steven Greer.


Some of the alternative possibilities that Exopolitical experts who have viewed the above forensic evidence have listed include:

1. Extraterrestrial walk-ins – One hypothesis is that the anomalous eye movements may indicate that one or more of Messrs. Bassett, Huneeus, and Greer may be Extraterrestrial “walk-ins” of specific species of extraterrestrials who have taken over the respective bodies of Messrs. Bassett, Huneeus, and Greer, vacated by their original human souls and personalities.

2. Extraterrestrial behavioral entrainment – An alternative hypothesis is “Extraterrestrial behavioral entrainment” accounts for the anomalous eye movements.  Under this hypothesis, specific species of extraterrestrials may have “taken over” the thoughts, mannerisms, behaviors, and operational agendas of Messrs. Bassett, Huneeus, and Greer through meme control or some form of remote behaviour modification.

3. Extraterrestrial eye-masking gear – One speculative hypothesis states that Messrs. Bassett, Huneeus, and Greer may each be a non-Earth extraterrestrial using specialized eye wear to mask the true eyes of their native species.  Questions to be addressed include: how did these extraterrestrials “displace” the terrestrial versions of Messrs. Bassett, Huneeus, and Greer, each of whom has an extensive terrestrial bio?

4. Mind control entrainment by a human agency – The anomalous eye and body movements of Messrs. Bassett, Huneeus, and Greer may be the result of remote advanced nano-mind control technology applied by military-intelligence agencies. Under this alternative, the brains, neurological systems, and personalities of Bassett, Huneeus and Greer are entrained by military-intelligence nano-mind control technologies to act out agendas of these agencies that in turn may be cybernetically directed by predatory dimensional extraterrestrials.

5. Covert alteration of above video tapes by Cointelpro unit hacking You Tube – Yet another speculative hypothesis is that each of the anomalous eye and body part movements in the above You Tube samples are the result of covert alteration by a Cointelpro unit that can hack You Tube Videos. The purpose of this hacking would be a disinformational psyops to discredit Messrs. Bassett, Huneeus, and Greer and by extension the UFO and Exopolitics movements.

Recent advances in scalar military-intelligence nanotechnologies

Recent advances in military-intelligence scalar nanotechnologies make it technologically feasible that Messrs. Bassett, Huneeus, and Greer are each under brain-mind entrainment of these nanotechnolgies and hence promoting agendas of military-intelligence agencies and the governmental and financial/banking ninterests whom these agencies serve.

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This interview may not be for everyone. It contains some rather shocking point blank statements by supersoldiers who are freely admitting that they are in service to the 4th Reich and are operating as assassins.

There is no doubt that this is some kind of statement from one faction of the cabal to a faction of the Rothschilds and to the world at large. I believe it would be safe to say, no interview of this nature has EVER taken place in quite this uncensored way and been made public.

This indicates a real change in tactics by the cabal. One might say gloves off…

Not to be missed.

Kerry Lynn Cassidy
Project Camelot

Two assassins are interviewed about their work in the USA by Kerry Cassidy. The agent talks of having 'alters' and being manipulated as an alter.  He talks of killing in London, New York and killing high ranking members of the Rothschild Family.

The Fourth Reich is the Bushes.  The Zionists are the Rothschilds in New York.

He says this an internal war between the Rothschilds in the US and the UK.  He says he himself is biologically a Rothschild. The UK and the US are controlled by the same cabal.  The issue is who is going to run the New World Order.  It's an internal family dispute, not a geographical war.

Bauer Bush is the same family as the Bauer Rothschilds.  Bush's DNA was used in producing many offspring.  The other assassin's middle names are Herbert and Walker.  He admits he doesn't know what he's doing (alters).

There's a lot of transhumanism stuff going on.  They refer to Project Ibis and a new breed being created for the New World Order.

They were involved in the paedophilia thing, both living in Brighton.  They were involved in the whole paedophilia thing which is a big part of the conditioning.  Dr Mengele is still alive, under the name of Steven Rovel?.  He looks about 50, put on a lot of weight.

Kelly asks if they're involved in things that are not in the best interests of humanity.  A2 replies that something has to change.  I'm not doing anything I feel is morally wrong.  I'm not allowed to remember what I'm doing so I don't have guilt about what I do.  Do you remember killing people?  I remember when I was younger as part of my training, but not things I've done recently.

A1 says drugs are used to bury memory, but he's had so much of it,  he's become resistant to it.  Is their work and the NWO in the best interests of humanity?  He answers, he supports depopulation as there are too many people on the planet.  It's a question of survival.  Transhumanism is not evil, the upgrade of the human condition is not a bad thing -  with some people living for a million years.  I don't think everyone deserves love.  We're just animals and it's the survival of the fittest.

Does he approve the surveillance society?  Yes, he does think so as necessary for this new transhuman society.  He wants to live as long as possible.  He works for an organisation that believes that the rest are sheep.  A1 believes in a top down society, the survival of the fittest.  He was brought up by the NSA underground in Canada, run by the NAZIs for the first four years of his life.

A2 thinks there will be a new system of hierarchy.  The vibration of this planet is on an animal level, working on a hierarchical structure, in which the strongest survive.   There is going to be a culling.  He wants his own loved ones to survive.  He is part of the Bush bloodline.  He's also connected to the Rothschild bloodline, which is not all NAZI.  He talks of Victor Rothschild as if he's still alive.

A1 says Victor Rothschild was a Communist.  The Communists are always at war with Nazism.  The war between the two factions has run through the whole of the 20th century.  The current peace treaty is very recent and shaky.

How do the Chinese fit in?  The Ibis Project trained with the Ninjas and the Yakusa.  It goes back to an ET war,  from where the Chinese are regarded as a lesser species, and the Japanese.  The Jewish reptilians, the Zionists, are shape shifters - the Rothschilds.  Thy resemble small T Rex men with a tail.

The Fourth Reich are cyborg reptilians.

A2 knows about Marduk, the Annunaki.  They're a species from another planet.  The European European Royal families have connections to them, but they also suffer infighting.  One man controls the Illuminati.

Is that the Black Pope?  This person is Lucifer, Enki.  He's known by a lot of names.  He's still alive.

Will Marduk return?  The whole family is here now, ready to go.  Is Marduk on his way back here now?  A1 says he's here, and visits Tanzania regularly.  Anu's the father of Enki.  he's here.  These are flesh and blood people who are here.  They are reptilian.  The 4th Reich is loyal to Enki, not Jehovah, his father.

Kerry laughs.  Reptilians are not gods.  They are flesh and blood people.

Goodwood Hill video.  2009 operations in England.  Crash retrieval.  A navy admiral was transporting a reptilian to a meeting.  It was filmed by an SAS member on a long distance camera.  You can see 8 foot tall super soldiers on the video, and the reptilian.

Obama is connected to the Communist faction.  Is Obama related to Marduk?  He was created with DNA connection to the Egyptian Queen Nefatiti.  A2 doesn't think he's the original Obama any more.  The original's been replaced a few times, and is multi-toned.  They have clones.

Bush junior has a lot of clones.  The higher up you are, the less clones you have.  The more clones you have, the easier you are to control.  Like twins, you can torture one and all of them feel stressed.   Project Ibis is based on breeding people with similar traits.  The 42 children are subconsciously connected, working as a collective.  Are super-soldiers working like that in general? (50 minutes)

All the Ibis Project boys were biological brothers, all 42 of them.

Obama could be a Bush!  Black mother, white father.  The published versions are cover story.

Planned nuclear strikes on American soil which could change the geography.  There was big nuclear explosion in Texas recently.  In Syria nuclear weapons are being used.  They're happening now.  Electro-magnetic pulse weapons?

A2 can remember so much because he's starting to see his other beings (alters).  The front person is for the world, a good moral person who's always kind.   The alters are more dark, more honest, he says.  Artificial intelligence is our enemy, and is uncontrollable, he once said, but yet some can be controlled.  Emotions are got rid of, as the machines have A.I., purged of feelings, more liberated, creating cyborgs.

Underground bases?  Central London underground base!  Canada has an underground base, Nelson.  Memories coming back over the last few years - being weighed before walking through doors.  A2 saw cages, unbelievably brutal stuff.  A1 went top and bottom over a period of time, seeing the above world and the below world.  San Antonio is a hub of entrances.

Secret space programme.  A1 heard of it.  The moon - Phobos.  Houston.  Dallas.  A1 and A2 have both been to Mars.  It looks like Phoenix Arizona.   Mountains, Skies.  (1 hour 3 minutes).  Teleporting.

Rockets launched from Peru to the moon and to Mars.  Teleporting to Mars takes 15 seconds.

There's a war going on between multiple extraterrestrials, aligned to either the 4th Reich and the Zionists.

An annunaki was on the space shuttle.  Al Deveron is the base of the 4th Reich, a star.

Movie Oblivion. (1 hour ten minutes).  The planet is run by Artificial Intelligence run from off planet.  Humans leave the earth, or hide in underground bases.  Tom Cruise is a super soldier who fixes the system.  Tom Cruise is connected to Montauk through Scientology.  His movies are encoded.

Any country that's part of NATO has access to these projects - super soldier.  Who are the enemy?  We are approaching One World Government.  Supersoldiers are bred to kill.  They are engineering a war between blacks and whites.  Blacks are being targeted to create a race war to bring down the population, like in Africa.

Manson was programmed for an apocalyptic race war.  he was triggered by Beatles' helter skelter.  The blacks are the target group of the depopulation agenda.

Radiation, chemtrails and disease spreading is going on.  Terror acts are going on every month.  Bio-engineered weapons to kill blacks but not whites in chemtrails.  Big movement to get the blacks back to Africa.

Scenario creation - financial meltdown, street riots and martial law?  The plan A1 and A2 know about is martial law after a race war breaks out.

  The stuff they're trying to push here is race war.  They hope that by telling people the aim is to create a race war, it will help to foment one.  Interestingly Fulford in his latest post, is talking of a  race war leading on to martial law across the USA.   In Britain we saw the attempt to foment violence at Woolwich quickly followed by pre-organised demos by the EDF?

As usual the aim is to create warfare, both internal and external, and to use that to get One World Government into the driving seat.  The more people know that war is being deliberately engineered to create a worldwide genocidal totalitarian government, the less likely the tactics are to work in each attempt.  If, for example, Asians realise why disputes are being escalated around The China Sea, for example, it helps them to realise that they are being manipulated towards a war, not of their choosing.


We are living a time of limbo and wait, a period of renovation and a transition to a new Era, in which everything that has been covered up and hidden will finally come to light. This is due to the fact that the photons and quanta coming from the sun Alcyone of the Pleiades are carriers of such powerful and defining energy that the dark ones-Illuminati cannot endure or receive it, and this results in them showing themselves as they really are.
It is very important to understand that although this change of elevating frequency is not normally perceived, it is now our basic reference point in order to put each physical, psychological and internal state in its proper place. Whilst the Pleiadean-Sirian hologram-wrapping, in which we are immersed, does not open granting access to a race of light, purification and cleanliness will be more and more necessary and urgent.
The agenda or plan and the dictatorial dominion of the Annunakian-Grey-Reptile and Draco invading and usurping aliens continue their manipulation and control. Their nefarious objective was to take our internal and human capacities of stability, peace, empathy, conciliation, harmony, intelligence and consciousness, as well as altering our DNA.

As a result of these cruel and inhuman transgressions, they have to be prosecuted by terrestrial-stellar justice that has made the determination to oppose so much injustice, high-handedness, abuse of power, killings, both selective and en mass...

This is the case of many murders and disappearances that were carried out with impunity and remained unsolved yet recently appear to be coming to the surface and turning against the NOW, such as occurred with the actress Marilyn Monroe, the death of famous singers like John Lennon, Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson or the Princess Diana of Wales, as well as certain political activists such as Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Benazir Bhutto, Yitzhak Rabin, Olof Palme, Anwar el-Sadat, Salvador Allende and many others.

These transformative changes are also observed in the decadence of the royal families with signs of the inevitable abdication of Queen Elizabeth II, King Albert of Belgium and the many scandals of lovers and illegitimate children that caused a huge decrease in his popularity, the eccentricities of Queen Margrethe of Denmark's husband, Prince Henrik, or the strangeness of the Duke of Edinburgh... What is currently taking place in the royal families? Could it be that the continuous flow of photonic energy arriving to Earth affects them, forcing their concealment and vice to come to light?

What is happening with such speed throughout the world?

Could it be that this is the end of corruption, vice, injustice and inequality, together with a new planetary change that is very close?

TANAATH : Silver Legion Announcements

I will be making some radio appearances, and some of these have call-in capacity, so bring your questions. I'll be on the Universal Voice Radio Network on Wednesday, May 29, 2013, at 6 pm Central Time (US). There is a chatroom available for questions, and questions can also be submitted on their Facebook page. I will probably be on this show fairly often, as I work with Drake quite closely.

I will also be on Chris and Sheree Geo's Truth Frequency Radio on Friday, May 31, 2013, at 6 pm Pacific Time (US). The call-in number for this is (213) 233-3998.

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Paul Hellyer Former Defence Minister of Canada - UFO's free energy and the global financial fraud

At 89, former Canadian Cabinet Minister Paul Hellyer is still as active as ever, and deeply engaged in a wide variety of world issues, the most urgent of which is the world monetary and financial system. In this discussion he talks about free energy suppression, the subject of UFO's/ET's, the global financial fraud/meltdown and more.


An investigation into 'the abuse of power' by the NWO ... to examine what is happening with 'the monarchy', which also seems to be 'going astray'. For example, in the case of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, who has decided 'to relinquish the throne'.

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands

We should remember that she 'is the daughter of a Nazi SS officer', who was the founder of 'the Bilderberg Club', and she is a 'regular participant', as well as being 'an honorary member and organiser', together with David Rockefeller, of this famous club's meetings, this being the club that directs the planet.

Queen Fabiola of Belgium

What can we say about Queen Fabiola of Belgium, who established a private fund 'to evade taxes and syphon off public resources' for her own benefit? Why are the financial affairs of 'Queen Elizabeth II' to be more closely 'controlled' than ever before?


In addition to this, what is 'the secret trigger that has led to the finances of 'the Spanish monarchs' becoming increasingly 'controlled'? Is it coincidental that Queen Sofía is another active member of 'the famous Bilderberg Club'?

Queen Sofía

Why is there 'decadence and entropy' within the world elite? Is there a connection with 'the inevitable uncovering of corruption in many high-ranking positions?

For this reason, there is an ever increasing number of people from different spheres dedicated to 'investigate and unmask' those who control the world, even speaking openly about 'the Reptilian aliens', who have been 'camouflaged amongst us' for a long time.

Therefore, it is very likely that 'the dark ones' will apply a 'dictatorial subjugation', 'greater global control using security cameras', 'small aircrafts or MAVs' and 'the implanting of microchips' to closely control humanity in an attempt to prevent 'uprisings' against them.

Therefore, 'they hold on to power digging in their claws', nonetheless, despite resisting by every 'legal and illegal means' to prolong 'their dominion over us',

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Secret Development of the Round Wing Plane, 
the Extra Terrestrials Inside the Earth, 
and the Arrival of the Outer Terrestrials

Genesis for the new space age by John B. Leith. It purports to have been printed in 1980 and chronicles from a historical perspective, the development of round winged flying vehicles from the turn of the 1900′s to the late seventies. It covers a wide range of topics, from ET’s through to an impending planetary body, to hollow earth details, to religion and the moral clarity of society.

From the United States’ development of a round wing craft with early aerospace inventor Jonathan Caldwell to the anti-gravity inventions of WWII Germany we come upon the story of the super secret development of the round wing plane used by the German Reich to explore and populate the inner realms of this planet. Genesis for the New Space Age explains how Admiral Byrd led the United States’ efforts to perform reconnaissance missions of the inner-earth settlements.

In addition to the beings of the inner-earth realms, Genesis for the New Space Age catalogues other extra-earth races and beings from within our solar system and beyond who continue to involve themselves with the development of our race and our planetary evolution. The saga of our world’s combined evolution is not an open-ended story for which we are solely responsible but it is a journey which is undertaken with the patient assistance of more highly-evolved beings who continue to inspire and co-create a grander end than we can currently envision.
For those who have yet to read the book Genesis for the NEW SPACE
TERRESTRIALS inside the EARTH, and the ARRIVAL of the OUTER
The ebook can be found on this web page:



Special Announcement By Ryan Buell



This is a live broadcast of a Project Camelot Roundtable discussion with Anthony Sanchez and Jay Weidner hosted by Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot. We discuss the evidence for a network of near Earth orbiting satellites that are run by Artificial Intelligence, are nano satellites and have their own defensive capabilities. This discussion details some of the evidence put forward by Anthony Sanchez in a soon to be published book on the subject.

Jay Weidner brings with him his vast knowledge and background in the areas surrounding Crypto Terrestrials and the occult. This is a cutting edge dialog between researchers into the conspiracy facts that comprise the Matrix and seeing into the mysteries behind the facade.

Meet Lady Barbara Judge. Archon guardian and executor. One spookily hooked up entity who would probably scare you spitless in a dark alley. Matrix credentials out the wazoo of course, and aside from her financial webstringing duties she’s naturally leading the nuclear energy revival in Japan.

And this is her “official” portrait. Wow.

Meet Lady Barbara Judge. Archon guardian and executor. One spookily hooked up entity who would probably scare you spitless in a dark alley. Matrix credentials out the wazoo of course, and aside from her financial webstringing duties she’s naturally leading the nuclear energy revival in Japan.

And this is her “official” portrait. Wow.

This is the nasty breed that farms our planet for power and energy. They can transform into many shapes and sizes, control and influence almost at will, and toy with us like cats in a box of mice.

They’re known by many names and disguises; devils, archangels, powerful spirits, reptilians, greys, djinn, mythical gods and goddesses, anunnaki, you name it. It can be almost anything. These are those that maintain the matrix and pounce upon humanity with wicked alacrity. They know no remorse, compunction, empathy or love.

They are parasitic by their very nature and a cancerous phenomenon in the Universe. And we happen to be on a planet they are farming.

The Ice Queen Executor – A Perfect Example

You’ll know them by their cold, detached allegiance to the Agenda. Our domination by any means possible. Here’s the scoop on the ice queen pictured above from a CNN article. This starter gives it away, “Few people would use the word “fantastic” to describe a visit to Fukushima, the site of Japan’s 2011 nuclear disaster. But Lady Barbara Judge is not just anybody”.

You’re not kidding.

Nicely woven into the matrix fabric, wouldn’t you say? Oh, but she’s just one of many. Stay tuned…and look around. They love the limelight. And are making their final moves. Bad News or Good?

It’s way better to be aware of where you’ve landed. Yes, it’s a paradise like planet, but we have a problem at the moment…a long moment for us but a blip on the radar for their breed on the Universal scale.

And we need to be aware of what we’re up against.

These creeps are everywhere, sorry to say, thanks to those who yield to them. It doesn’t mean they have full dominion over us, but the system we live in was and is constructed by them, however you perceive “them” to be. We the people have negligible input or influence in the system they’ve built. It’s a construct for the constructors. That simple. “We the people” is a pacifying charade.

We’re not fully dis-empowered by any means. Our weapons are spiritual and eternal and we can wake up at any time and take our personal lives back, as well as kick start a few others in the process. If we reach critical mass, it’s bye bye for them. That’s what the awakening is all about.

They don’t possess the essential qualities that we do, or love, compassion and connectivity to the Creative Source. They hate that, are jealous of it, and can only poorly imitate to screen us from our true senses.

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Solving the Earth Crisis - Laura M. Eisenhower

What we can do as individuals to heal the planet? Laura Magdalene Eisenhower has been on a journey of the soul that encompasses the womb of the Mother, the birthing process and the creativity that is leading us toward the Golden Age. She shares teachings and insights that were shown to her along the way and reveal the essence of her personal growth -- as well as humanity's evolution and transformative process towards reestablishing balance with nature, the cosmos and planet as a whole.

 Critical Time for Humanity to Awaken:

-- What we can do as individuals to heal the planet, micro/macro?
-- News and root causes of emergencies, disasters, violence, war.
- Sound healing, desalination,healing waters.
--Thinktanks and councils for strategic problem solving.
-- Creating a global family and connecting the heart of world religions.
-- Promoting whistleblowers.
-- Politics and spirituality: working to connect government with higher wisdom and love.
-- Power of love vs. the love of power -- relinquishing control.
-- Activating archetypal harmony through soul alchemy.
-- Nature vs artificial intelligence: how to reclaim divine will.
-- The inner voice of old authority affecting planetary healing.
-- Deprogramming.
-- Strengthening Earth's immune system.
-- Ending NWO- disclosure and exposure.
-- Repairing DNA through consciousness and nutrition.
-- Mayan Calender and the Goddess story and our own evolutionary path.
-- Grid-lines, vortexes - raising frequencies.
-- Military Industrial Complex and false flags - being aware.



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A conversation covering many topics such as Disclosure, the secret space program, Project Blue Beam and more. This video also contains a section where Michael discusses the many cases from the past archives with pictures (illustrations in color) of well documented sightings from around the World.


Did the universe make a mistake with the ego? 


COBRA : It’s near time

Every window of opportunity, every portal is a quantum leap bringing us closer to the Event horizon. With each portal opened, more energy is generated and at a certain point, enough energy will trigger the breakthrough.

That will be the moment of the compression breakthrough and this is what David Wilcock saw in his dream of a storm with many lightning bolts. Each of those lightning bolts represents a compression wormhole, which is a hyperdimensional doorway of Light, connecting the surface of the planet with the Light above and below the surface at the moment of the compression breakthrough.

The Event will send strong ripples of Light throughout the spacetime, forwards and even backwards in time. This is why some of you have already received dreams, impressions and visions of the Event.
The opening of the Portal on May 25th is NOT yet the time of the Event despite of rumours and hints that you might hear from Drake, Fulford and other people. Those rumours just reflect a certain operation of the Light forces on the surface of the planet which is a necessary substep towards the Event, but not yet the Event itself.

Before the Event can happen, the non-physical negative forces must be removed. Otherwise they could simply trigger more than 2 million people on the surface that were heavily mind programmed through severe trauma by the Cabal under their projects codenamed MK-Ultra and Monarch. Those traumatized individuals could be easily triggered by the Archons from the etheric and astral planes as part of their endgame to start behaving violently towards themselves and others.

The non-physical negative forces are now gathered very close to the surface of the planet, concentrated around humans, attempting to prevent the Light from entering. They do this to maintain entropy and chaos because this is the only way they can survive a little bit longer.

There is a certain form of entities that was not mentioned yet. They are called Invisibles because they have the tendency to melt with their environment to the point they become energetically invisible. They inhabit the lower mental plane. Their purpose is to shut down the capacities of human mind and to induce stupidity into the human population in order to keep it enslaved. They are mainly responsible for many distorted belief systems inside organized religions and lately in the new age movement, which has deteriorated from pure beginnings in the 1980s into just another mind programmed cult after the Congo invasion in 1996. One of the main mental tricks of the Invisibles is that »all is well«, suggesting people to deny things that are not well and thus stripping people of their inherent power to change things that are not well.

The Archons are still using their etheric and astral HAARP scalar electromagnetic field technology to keep maintaining the so-called primary anomaly. Primary anomaly is a random wave function, a distortion of Calabi-Yau manifolds, a field of micro black holes, a convoluted field of quantum fluctuations, a semi-conscious field of anti-life which always tries to suppress Light by default. This was brought into existence out of pure potentiality at the creation of the Universe and is the antithesis of the One. It is the primary error in Creation and the primary cause of all suffering. All the remaining primary anomaly of the Universe is now being gathered around the surface profile of this planet, waiting to be finally transformed to allow the final liberation of our planet, which will then become the last point of Light to join the galactic union.
The non-physical Archons still use wormholes made of this distorted anomalous field to freely travel from one implant hemisphere to another.

After the Light forces remove the non-physical electromagnetic HAARP field, the black hole singularities will be stripped naked, the micro black holes will evaporate, the Calabi-Yau manifolds will straighten themselves out and the primary anomaly will disappear forever from our Universe. This will be beginning of the end of all suffering and beginning of true healing for humanity.

This time is coming very soon. The final victory of the Light is near!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

M.T. Keshe: The New Reactor Will Change the Course of the Human Race

From the Keshe Foundation blog, by M.T. Keshe:

In years of research, I have been observing phenomenon which was clear to me, but somehow I did not want to deal with this concept as I was too busy with other matters of the technology.

But eventual this nagging knowledge had to be dealt with.

The result of some forty years of research in the past weeks has led us to the development of one of the most powerful energy and Magravs systems known in the world of creation.

To my knowledge this system can only be produced on Earth due to its chemical composition of its present matters.

I have seen the work of the miniature version of the system working as I have been carrying it for years, but it needed maturity of the knowledge and creation of the right environment before its release.

Now I am pleased to inform the forum, that we have and can produce one of the most powerful non-nuclear energy systems ever known.

Theoretically the full scale version can be done in days, but mechanically it can take up to six month to complete full control system.

The system will weigh less than 100 grams and its power production can be in the region of 1-10 MW or even more.

The systems Lift capability can be in the region of several thousand tones and the system Magravs boundary can be made to cover several kilometers.

I have seen this reactor in miniature working about eight years ago and it was so amazing that I did not want at the time to deal with this.

But through the medical research in the past weeks, there are no alternative but to go ahead and test the power of this new technology in full.

I talked about this in my lecture in Tesla meets Keshe in our center last year, and no one in the audience grasped the concept.

Now we are ready to fully design and develop this technology with its full applications and implications.

This new system once operational can meet most of nation’s needs for power, energy for automotive, space motion, environmental cleanup; medical, water shortages, hunger and so forth.

The process of production of this reactor is very easy and we try to make the system in miniature reactor in collaboration with one of the world leading nations in the coming month in our work with them.

I can see that the two mobile phone systems to produce as much energy as one needs to live a comfortable life, which I have been talking about in my lectures, is now fully realizable anywhere on this planet at the cost of a cup of coffee or a can of soft drink.

The home unit should not be hard to make that it can produce as much as one’s needs for clean water and energy using a mobile phone anywhere on this planet.

In Africa this will change the course of humanity as even in the remotest villages there is a mobile phone, which it can produce the energy needs of the whole village.

This system has been the dream of universal Magravs producing cultures, and this puts human race at the forefront of the universal power and space motion technology, due to uniqueness of the Earth’s physical Magravs structure.

The earth now with this technology becomes the center of universal lift and motion systems as this systems cannot easily be produced in space even though the knowledge to produce materials are known to other civilizations.

I will try to explain this in details in the near future, as I have physically to make a new version, but this new reactor technically make energy crises of the present time irrelevant and the whole energy supply of all nations can be met in a few months without a need for overhead cables and small satellite energy systems.

We invite the major power producing nations like France and USA and companies like Suez which has been actively trying to discredit and blocking us for years in universities and governments across the world to arrange a conference for discussion and the commercialization of this new technology as from now on there is no more energy crisis.

I was going to announce this development in Varna-Bulgaria last week in the three days conference, but I needed time to secure some points that our lives will not be in danger, now we are ready to take on major world nations for the balance of power in energy and space motion.

This new technology makes a nation like China energy self-sufficient in matter of month as they have all the materials they need to produce and meet their internal demand for energy and water production.

We promised the course of change through world peace, now we deliver the tools of peace to every nation and man on this planet.

We have secured our knowledge through appropriate channels that this technology by taking me out will not be blocked.

Leading nations and scientists whom have been working with us in development of the spaceship program 
of nations that they can collectively in collaborating they can bring balance in the world energy and spaceship program.

M T Keshe
The director of the Keshe Foundation



This is a wide ranging discussion between Melinda Leslie and Kerry Cassidy concerning MILABS, REABS, and SUPER SOLDIERS. We get into Melinda's own past experiences and her interaction with both ETs and Military.

This is a great introduction to the whole subject of Super Soldiers, disclosure and where the augmentation and use of humans both in this reality and on the astral and other dimensional levels is leading us.



Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Multiple UFOs Observe Tornadoes In Oklahoma and Moore

Interesting footage from a TV news item which seems to show multiple objects watching the Tornadoes across the Great Plains.

Location of sighting: Moore, Oklahoma, USA


"Meteoroid strike on moon 
 triggers giant explosion".  

​So, when will things finally start to happen you ask?

Hmmmmmmm. Well, as an example, just look at the above event. Is this event typical of the things that normally happen in our solar system... so close to planet Earth?

There are so many things happening to this planet, and so very close to this planet, right now, both subtle & substantial. If you only think of the recent very near Earth fly-by of asteroid DA14, the meteorite strike in Russia, the meteors observed in our skies all around the planet during this time, many other future asteroids & celestial bodies we will encounter in 2013, the continued increase in both frequency of earthquakes & magnitude of these quakes, volcanoes continuing to go off... these are all examples of the changes that will continue to happen to our planet as she evolves in 2013.

By now you ought to get the sense that things are - not 'normal' - not - 'business as usual' for our world... which is exactly why the priority importance level of meetings on the primary Andromeda Council biosphere is now at a level #2, the second highest ranking in their overall priority ranking system for meetings... regarding all matters of change concerning planet Earth.

 Do I still plan to do a formal announcement for the formal beginning of the worldwide visitations of: Ambassador Tanka, Dipllomat Maka & Vice-Chairwoman Tania, and immediately following them the people from the four (4) Andromeda Council planets, with Earth people all around planet Earth?


When will this happen?

Again, this is the wrong question. What you should pay attention to is the "what"... a first MAJOR, GLOBAL earth change event that will have huge earth change ramifications all across the globe.

And as I mentioned in the May 17th interview - this event will likely trigger a cascade, a domino effect of many other major global earth change events that will happen this year.


These vibrational changes, and continued geophysical changes, earthquakes, volcanoes going off, wave events, these will all continue to happen throughout the last months of 2012, into March 2013 [and beyond] when the final rotation of the 90 degree shift of Earth's crust begins to happen with the present day East/West orientation of the continents moving into their new North/South orientation.

There is also expected to be a magnetic pole shift, a reversal, during this time, but will likely not cause any problems for the people of Earth. There is of course likely to be a temporary period of adjustment of Earth's electrical systems, but this is only expected to last a few hours time.

It will not be problematic. If there are any difficulties at all, the biospheres of the Andromeda Council stand ready to help and will help.

The 23.5 degree off-axis tilt of the Earth that presently exists should be corrected as well, and will be no longer. This will mean a much more temperate climate for planet Earth overall. Think of the whole planet as having a climate much like that of the Mediterranean region. Yes, planet Earth will likely go through continued dramatic changes to get to this new higher vibrational existence. And these events as life changing they will be to both humans and all life on the planet... these changes are normal and necessary for this process.

It is transformation.

 It is evolution.

During this overall time every living thing from the largest to the smallest will be offered the opportunity to change, to evolve, into 4D, fourth dimensional, life.

Just like a woman's body changes, adjusts & expands, Earth too must go through her uncomfortable adjustments, her labor pains, and the momentary intense pain of child birth. Earth too must adjust & prepare herself for this new beginning, for her new life as a 4th density world... a far more colorful, vibrant, & beautiful 4th dimensional world.

These earth changes are expected to settle down throughout remaining later part of 2013, and will begin the completion of this cycle by the end of October, winding down in December 2013.


It is expected planet Earth, her people & virtually all life, will begin her new 4D higher vibrational existence, her new fourth dimensional life, in early January 2014.

Please know that this moment of change to 4D will happen, literally, as fast as, in the 'blink of an eye'.

This change to 4D life will be instantaneous.

There will also be some pockets of 5D, fifth dimensional, vibration, on your new 4D Earth. But be assured, it will be an even more colorful, far more beautiful reborn world. Also please keep in mind that 4D, the fourth dimension, is one of a journey inward toward the complete expression of love... love for each other and love of self.

During the course of this evolution toward 4D, toward a life of love, remember to forgive... forgive yourself & forgive others on the way to... opening your heart.

This journey from 3D to 4D can also be expressed as the journey from thousands of years of male/intellectual/logical energy & outward expression focused on the ways of the mind; transitioning to the more gentle expressions of female/giving/intuitive energy focused on... the ways of the heart.

The ways of peace, of giving... of love.



LEAKED: real uncut NASA footage by Curiosity rover displaying life form on mars (clear evidence)

First video ever from Mars. Raw uncut / unedited footage from NASA rover “Curiosity” shooting it’s first video after landing safely on Mars on August 6 2012.

This is considered by many experts as the first tangible proof we have about the existence of extra-terrestrial life forms in our solar system.

ET implants police Cointelpro gangstalking harassment - ALFRED WEBRE

In a wide-ranging interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, researcher and talk show host Don Gilson discusses the connections among his breakthrough research on the destruction of the Nibiru stargate in 2012,  apparent Extraterrestrial implants (or living entities) in his body ... confirmed by X-rays, his early childhood UFO abduction and contact, his repeated harassment by Cointelpro and gang-stalking operations, his family masonic history; along with, information regarding his Grandfather's service with the OSS and the Saint Paul Police that has targeted his family since World War II.

These factors have led Don to a new awareness about his role as a broadcaster in bringing information about ET abduction and implants and its possible connection to Cointelpro to public light.

Monday, 20 May 2013


Introduction to Contact & Visitation

There are Others in Our Vast Universe Who Truly Care about the People of Earth
To assist and prepare all Earth humans to make the step-up, this “upliftment”, in spiritual awareness & consciousness to the 4th dimension as Earth is crossing the galactic equatorial plane -

The Andromeda Council has committed many resources, trained people, ships, counselors, advisors in many areas of expertise, to help Earth people through the various stages of adjustment & growth. They will do this by mentoring, teaching and helping Earth humans to evolve emotionally, intellectually, physically, socially & most important spiritually.

They will remind Earth people of the truth & reality of their own origin as sacred sparks of the Creator / of Creation… as free sovereign souls, free sovereign human beings.

They will quietly visit Earth and introduce themselves, sharing what their lives are like, who they are, how they live, speaking directly with people on this planet from every walk of life. Very much a reintroduction of old friends and family.

NEWS REPORTS 2013: UFO sightings strange phenomena

There are countless global events taking place all over the world, a series of huge political, governmental, religious and social changes that are essential for the urgent eviction and de-activation of the visible government and the Shadow government, as well as that of the invading aliens on our planet ... a greater amount of UFO sightings, strange and luminous phenomena that are more and more evident and occur in more places, etc.

Sunday, 19 May 2013


"Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on UFOs" explores past and present sightings from around the world with shocking real footage, much of it never before seen, that will leave even the most skeptical viewers scratching their heads. Along with the fascinating collection of stunning eyewitness videos, Aykroyd reveals his own vast knowledge of the strange and paranormal as he explores in detail his views on conspiracy theories, military secrets, and how UFO technology is currently part of our everyday lives.

Dolphins locate 19th-century torpedo off California coast

The echolocation of bottlenose dolphins kicks butt compared to high-tech, billion-dollar military sonar equipment. Navy-trained dolphins discovered a 19th-century torpedo long lost in the deep water off the coast of Southern California.

During routine training for underwater mine detection, two dolphins, Ten and Spetz, each returned from dives and touched the front of a Navy boat, signaling that they’d found something. Odd, as this was an area where there should be nothing to find.

The dolphins led divers to the object, discovering a 100-plus-year-old Howell torpedo broken in two pieces, now inert. The brass-encased bomb, state-of-the-art for its time, is only the second known to exist. After cleaning, it will end up at the Naval History and Heritage Command in Washington.


Saturday, 18 May 2013


Ever wonder why so many actors become politicians? That’s what they do. Politicians are actors, blow hard bluffers who try to fool each other as well as the rest of us.

What a sham.

But what part of the matrix isn’t like this? Lying and pretending is the name of the game. The whole ego concept is much the same, an image that thinks it’s the real deal when it’s not and never will be. What’s ironic is everyone is participating in this charade while calling out who they think is telling the truth or not when it’s all built on illusion – which by definition is a lie.

Herein lies an empowering truth. While many feel hopeless and helpless in the face of these massive ugly false realities being imposed on us, these entities and those they dupe and empower to do their bidding can only imitate. They can infect and infest our thoughts and thus cause humans to create and bring to pass their intentions, but they lack the spark of spiritual life that humans carry.

This is why fear is so important to them. It is their biggest and most powerful weapon against humanity. Once we fear, we in effect, honor their presence and dominion over us. Once we do that they can have sway over us. However, if we do not, and see them for the hobbled parasites that they are, they can do nothing to us, although those they’ve infected here on our plane can be a problem. Still, the principle remains the same.

That Obama is a literal clone is often discussed. At the least he’s a mind clone. And as we all know those massive scars on his head that look like his skull’s been opened up really get you wondering.

This creature with no history they’ve trotted out on the world stage is truly “something else”. Literally. Since he appeared out of nowhere it’s baffled me how anyone could fall for this absolute farce. Granted it’s been the same story over and over at varying degrees, but you have to admit he takes it to another level of shallow inhuman-ness in his pompous superficiality and absolute lack of substance.

While the vast majority of politicians and so-called leaders or rulers are lying psychopathic puppets, he seriously doesn’t appear human. His rote behavior with no capability for sincerity or genuine anything is extraordinary. Politicians are actors and essentially all like this, but we’re seeing a work of artificial intelligence in some shape or form.

Those who see through him are absolutely outraged, and those still clinging to his engineered facade of shifty hopey-changey coolness are just plain voluntarily hypnotized is about the only way you can explain it. It’s all so surreal. But then again, so is this whole illusory construct we’re witnessing as it only gets weirder and weirder.

see how the fear works? They’re forced into the ultimate scam for defense – for them to think you’re one of them – i.e. these entities we’re up against use fear and intimidation to force people to compromise their convictions. And one compromise leads to another. That’s also called corralling the sheep in preparation for harvesting.

No wonder these authors and movie makers with a fetish for dark and creepy stuff get it right so often. They’re on their channel. That’s also why these power crazed psychopaths and mad scientists are bringing their dark world into ours one freakish experiment and nature altering program at a time. Notice how the synopsis nails genetic modification as “tampering with the balance of nature”. Do we ever hear that phrase any more? Instead, cloning and transhumanism is now considered normal and the cutting edge of “brilliant” technology.

The switchover is almost complete. That’s why this can’t go on much longer.
While we each can experience total liberation the Truth brings, when enough of us come to that realization the matrix will crumble, as it is already starting to do.

This is why their actions and behavior have become so frenetic and they’re having to resort to brute force and massive control techniques. It will continue to get sloppier and we need to catch them at every turn. People are taking notice and finding our voices so we need to keep cranking it out there any way we can.
The struggle we face in this life is clearly a very real challenge. We may never know the fullness of Truth except intuitively until we pass to the next level. Even then we may have other challenges like levels in a video game.

But the story of overcoming these parasitic forces is an age old one written and told for eons. What stands out the most are the tales of courage and bravery that have rung in the hearts of man through the centuries. Standing up to the bad guy, fighting for truth and justice, peace and faith in the midst of dire adversity, acts of unselfish love.

It’s the soul of man seeing the light through the door to the realm beyond this world, the wondrous loving creative Source of the boundless, limitless Multiverse.
And it’s in every man’s heart for the discovering.

This knowledge is our refuge. This Truth is our strength. This experience is here in the Eternal Now and can never be taken from us, only hidden beyond an illusory veil. Once you’ve realized that the struggle is over.

There’s no having to get there. It’s here. We must learn to live it and in it fully, and remain true to its very existence for all to see.

This is the true warfare of the spirit. Win this and we’ve won.

Shine on. Darkness cannot stand the Light.



EXTRA TERRESTRIAL Planetary Stabilization Ship Videod

ETs/EDs, PSS & Neumayer Station III, Antarctica

ETs/EDs (Extraterrestrials/ Extradimensionals) of the LF (Liberation Forces) have, confirmed that a video posted to YouTube on May 3, 2013 by jcattera conclusively shows Germany’s Neumayer-Station III, Antarctica, imaged one of the new PSS (Planetary Stabilization Ships) over the South Pole.

Theoretically, this shouldn’t have been possible, since the PSS are in the 4th Dimension, but the dimensional veil has grown thin, allowing this to happen.

This would be more and more the case in the days ahead.

The previously unseen would be seen more and more often.

NASA’s getting its (lying) metaphorical teeth kicked in.

It’s hard to hide the existence of ET/EDs when a huge UFO is imaged and the footage posted for the world to see! Note how the ETs/EDs’ craft is visible in some frames, but isn’t visible in others. This is a kind of dimensional shimmer effect, as the craft moves into and out of our dimension.

The UFO was one of the biospheres (huge LF ships designed to care for enormous numbers in the event of a disaster. It was indeed one of the new ships

ETs/EDs, Giant UFOs & Disclosure! This event is Disclosure writ large, a definitive revelation of the existence of a reality the Powers That Were have gone to enormous, at times murderous, lengths to suppress and deny.

But now, that UFO reality is there, hugely overhead, and there’s nothing the so-called authorities can do about it.

Also a report of another huge craft, likely a biosphere, which was seen over California … more and more such reports in the days ahead.

These are heady times slogging, for decades, through a morass of denial, lies, character assassination and worse when it comes to UFOs, ETs/EDs, otherworldly tech and related matters.

Vindication has now arrived, but will those unable to cope be able to see what’ll be plainly visible to others?

Some simply can’t deal with anything beyond the accepted Standard Model of Reality, and rest assured, there’re plenty out there happy to reinforce that carefully cultivated, lifelong cultural conditioning.

A willingness to cultivate a more open mind, life’s vicissitudes, passage of time, even hypnosis can progressively access the otherwise unretrievable experience, but there’s precious little time left for those wedded to the Standard Model.

Their game clock has all but run out, and there’s no overtime!

It’ll be fascinating to watch the architecture of misinformation, disinformation, lies and outright brutality to hide the truth of UFOs from us collapse as the days rapidly unfold before us.

As they first started saying in the days of radio, “Stay tuned!”



 Breaking News: Press Conference in Italy - Kevin Annett and ITCCS seek the arrest and prosecution of Pope Francis


For Immediate Release
Historic Italy Press Conference:
Kevin Annett & ITCCS Disclose Evidence of Child Trafficking
and Seek the Pope’s Arrest for Permitting and Covering Up these Crimes 
Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, Kevin Annett, to Speak in Savona on May 23
SAVONA, ITALY – Kevin Annett, who has led a twenty year campaign to expose the trafficking of children and bring criminal charges against the Vatican and other churches, will be speaking at a press conference on Thursday, May 23 at 11 a.m. in Savona at the Libreria Ubik di Savona (Corso Italia 116 r, Svona 17100 tel: 0198386659).

Annett was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize last month by American and Canadian scholars “to honor his tireless efforts on behalf of children and other victims of crimes against humanity”. He is now on an extended speaking tour in Europe to unite victims of church violence as part of his work as Secretary of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS).
 In addition, Kevin Annett has led protests outside the Vatican since October, 2009 alongside victims of church abuse. In February of this year, he helped indict former Pope Benedict and other church officials before an International Common Law Court of Justice.

At the May 23 press conference, he will describe the growing campaign in Italy and abroad to seek the arrest and prosecution of the Pope for aiding child rape and trafficking in the Roman Catholic church.

For more information contact Kevin Annett at or see , and these local contacts:

See the evidence of Genocide in Canada and other crimes against the innocent at and at the websites of The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State at www.itccs.organd .
 An International, multi-lingual ITCCS site can be found at:
The complete Common Law Court proceedings of Genocide in Canada are found at: - Common Law Court Proceedings – Genocide in Canada  (Part One) - 1 hr. 46 mins. - Common Law Court Proceedings – Genocide in Canada  (Part Two) - 1 hr. 47 mins. - Final Court Verdict and Sentencing - 8 mins. 30 secs. - Authorizations and Endorsements of ITCCS/Kevin Annett by indigenous eyewitnesses - 10 mins. - Irene Favel, Eyewitness to the incineration of a newborn baby by a priest at Muscowegan Catholic Indian school, Saskatchewan, 1944 - Other key testimonies from our Court case against genocide in Canada





Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix

Thursday, 16 May 2013



Carmen Boulter The Pyramid Code

The Pyramid Code is a made-for-television documentary series of 5 episodes that explores the pyramid fields and ancient temples in Egypt as well as ancient megalithic sites around the world looking for clues to matriarchal consciousness, ancient knowledge and sophisticated technology in a Golden Age. The series is based on the extensive research done in 25 trips to Egypt and 51 other countries around the world by Dr. Carmen Boulter formerly from the Graduate Division of Educational Research at the University of Calgary in Canada.

The Pyramid Code features interviews with prominent scholars and authors in multidisciplinary fields (see Cast): geology, physics, astrophysics, archaeology, bilogical engineering, magnetic field theory, hieroglyphics, and Egyptology. The series explores penetrating questions:

Who were the ancients and what did they know?

Could the pyramids be much older than traditional Egyptology would have us believe?

Could it be that the ancients were more technologically advanced than we are today?

Why do we have so little understanding of the ancient Egyptians?

Are there still secrets hidden in plain sight?

Do new discoveries force the issue of establishing a new chronology?

Are there little known sites that provide clues to a new understanding of our distant past?

Are we really the most advanced civilization to ever live on Earth?

Mary Rodwell - The New Humans: How advanced extraterrestrial intelligences are preparing the human psyche to accept their presence on our planet

Mary Rodwell presented testimony from over 1600 cases she has collated that indicates how advanced extraterrestrial intelligences are preparing the human psyche to accept their presence on our planet. Evidence of complex extraterrestrial programs, which will enable us to interact with and communicate with them, as well as understand our place in the cosmos.

This involves downloads of data such as our true genetic origins, using our psi skills with advanced technology, manipulation of matter, astrophysics and healing. Coupled with genetic, and spiritual programs for awakening of human consciousness, to assist humanity to evolve into a fully functional multidimensional human, Homo Noetics. The New Humans.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

First music video from space with LOVE

"Commander Chris Hadfield completed a five-month tour aboard the International Space Station. He's done lots of great educational videos from space but he topped it off with a little something special.  For those of us old enough to remember when slipping the surly bonds of Earth was a truly impressive and inspirational thing to be celebrated, this may bring a tear to the eye.  On the eve of his return to Earth after nearly five months on board the International Space Station, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield has recorded his own version of David Bowie's Space Oddity.

"I give you Space Oddity with love...the first music video from outer space: