Sunday, 2 November 2014




People’s experiences with ETs, including channeled reports of almost every variety, suggest a universe of beings appearing to reflect some form of group identity. Whether in the hive mind of the Grays, the group consensus mind of the Pleiadians, etc., each appears to be a group-based or extra-individual self-identified culture.

Our uniqueness on this planet appears to be that we are being birthed out of group-based into individual-based identification.

But this raises the question: how does the universe transition from group-based identities into individual self-identification, passing all the powers of the group, and more, including the power of self-sustainment, etc. into the individual? It appears to me that to perform this feat, one must forget all those previous connections.

One must negate them entirely. Forget and negate them and set a sampling of beings into such a forgetting-vibrated context to work out a new reality in that realm where all they have by way of guidance for how to live and be is that thing internal to each individual called how they feel. Such a context, such a working-out program, will be chaotic at the least, as people will not know how to behave in respect of each other.

But over time, people will internalize in realizing the trust they otherwise naturally give externally is not sustainable or returned in the Earth vibration. They will, in other words, and over time, stop demanding that others provide their sustainment and happiness, and learn to self-sustain by activating their own inner alignment, by activating their Tesla-coil open-system architecture.

They will thereby become truly dual as a self-sustaining individual connected in even greater measure than any other type of identified being experiencing less-individualized, less particulated forms of connection in this Universe. Welcome to a new order of being, where it’s all about you more deeply and more subtly, and all about The All more deeply and more subtly. 


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