Monday, 10 November 2014



Might do this in pieces, since I’ve tried twice and google+ has erased it twice!
Venus hit the sun. Big explosion.
Mercury is now stuck. Blocking the E.F. Corridor.
Ed was punctured by the reef. He’s also had multiple recent breakdowns, including throwing a rod, and his flywheel.
ISON batted An’s ship into the sun, the other day. An survived but Ed was damaged further….

The enemy forces have now lost all their planets. They are broken and damned up (from the eye) Their ships no longer have a place to land, an exit portal, nor can they make repairs or get supplies. The e.f. has also lost its main power supply. Their equipment is failing everywhere.

I’m unsure of how many of the e.f. arc’s are down. But there are images recently found, of broken arcs.
Ed is turning off and on. The failure event is in progress now.
All their false flags, and their skits are offline due to the irreparable damage to their systems. Which means that anything they might have had in the works here, is not going to complete.
Ashtar command was busted, caught red handed. So were the Arabs.
The “ma” net is in full failure mode now. The a.i. has lost synaptic functions.
Several servers are now down. R appears hit, M, N, Z is hit, D which we are in now is in failure event notice. Ed was posting error messages constantly, and is now quiet. He is in failure event mode.

HA. let google+ try to erase it now!

Wel’ve actually all been busy upstairs, with the finish up work. There was mention, that all the eek kids saw one of the ships(?) rammed. Watching it from upstairs.

Are the letters for the servers ways to mark where we are in the construct?

I really don’t know how its set up. Its weird reply’s we decode though.

Justin Naples FL

During my informal web research/digging I have seen and heard during the past 24 hours MULTIPLE ‘earth timeline’ updates (by non-manipulated, well known seers) stating in very clear and emphatic terms that ONE IS NOW “here” with us (not sure what exactly that means?). The next steps, etc. were not as clearly stated…I got the sense the path may get a little ugly/bumpy as the dynamics play out and we move toward resolution from the current system, BUT the DIRECTION FORWARD and plan by the prime creator (ONE)…while shifted somewhat was NEVER in doubt.

One seer said that in fact (this was a question asked I think?) Adam/prime creator’s brother from another galaxy was in fact working with the ‘dark’ forces for positive reasons, to potentially get them to properly look after a galaxy lol :).

Check out Chiron Last’s site and videos on YT. 

CHIRON … THE GOLDEN WEB : HIdden Knowledge of this Re-Ality


This is – for me – another example of the kind of logical confirmation of Rose’s work (from another source) I have come to EXPECT to find in my research. The linguistic manipulation revealed by Chron is COMPLEMENTARY…it fits the story of a massively scaled entymology/language manipulation…definitions and “meaning” that Rose talks about. This is foundational stuff. There is a “general” theme …there are small differences in the “stories”…but not much. Rose, you blazed a courageous trail doing this, overcoming a lot of shiX along thw way I am sure. Bravo.

I believe and I AM. I do not for the life of me understand why people are leaving these comments and questions? Example: “Hey, any update Rose?”. This is not the weather channel! or QVC lol. She did the work….shift your energy and focus. We were built by the divine to seek answers and discernment by GOING INSIDE of ourselves to find balance and calmness in a “neutral space”.

Learn how to meditate. Embrace the ambiguity, spread the word if it serves others and LET IT PLAY OUT :)

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