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THE PEOPLE'S VOICE : Windows On The World ... The Cult Of Saturn



Why does a planet so far away exert so much influence and symbolism on earth to this day?

Who are the Catholic church really worshiping?

Mark talks to Jay Weidner - Author/filmmaker and Troy McLachlan Author, about their work on Saturn worship through the century's to this day.

The People's Voice




The Collective Evolution III is a powerful documentary that explores a revolutionary shift affecting every aspect of our planet.

As the shift hits the fan, people are becoming more aware of the control structures that prevent us from experiencing our full potential.

CE3 uses a different level of consciousness and scientific facts to bring clarity about the shift while dispelling myths about our true nature.

It offers practical steps that we can implement right now to transition out of survival mode and into our more natural state of peace and co-operation .

CE3 includes fascinating interviews with revolutionary speakers and people who are already opting out of the current socioeconomic system.

The film examines hidden technologies and exciting alternatives for a bright limitless future.

This is the most exciting time in the history of our world.

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Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock: [#50] - Ascension Teachings for a Golden Age (FULL audio)

We live in a special time for humanity. Our ascension, beyond the physical realm, is becoming increasingly likely. But that great shift is not guaranteed for anyone. Ascension is the fulfillment of why we are here. We must learn what that purpose is and how we can best achieve it. To help us unveil these mysteries, David Wilcock lays the foundation for the ascension teachings for the coming golden age in this presentation.

Danny Wilten - The Construction Of The Great Pyramid Corresponds To A Black Hole

'This King is Osiris, 
 this pyramid of the King is Osiris, 
this construction of his is Osiris...'





COBRA : We Have The Power

Despite appearances, we have the power. Free will is the ultimate law in this universe and  when a critical mass of people makes a decision for the planetary liberation and insists long enough, that liberation inevitably comes. This is the highest natural law and the Cabal will have to obey it, willingly or unwillingly, and release the surface of this planet to humanity. 
When a critical mass of human beings gathers with a focused intent, it can have a drastic effect on the planetary situation. The critical mass for humanity fluctuates somewhere between 100,000 and 150,000 people. 
We have managed to gather about one quarter million participants for the Peace Portal Activation on August 25th, 2013 and we have managed to avert the possible military invasion into Syria. 
Global Consciousness Project, directed by Roger Nelson from Princeton University, studies the effect of synchronized human consciousness at events of planetary importance, on random number generators. The project does not measure if the effect is positive or negative, it registers only a deviation from statistically expected results:
This project has proven beyond reasonable doubt (the odds against chance are more than a trillion to one) that unified human consciousness does have an effect that is far from random:
This project has found out that Peace Portal Activation (p=0.027) has affected global consciousness more than any event since beginning of 2013, except for Nelson Mandela's »death« in December last year (p=0.013). It had more effect than resignation of the former Pope (p=0.087), election of the current Pope (p=0.186), Boston false flag event (p=0.765) and Sochi Olympics (p=0.202)! And about the same effect as the 9-11 false flag event in 2001 (p=0.031):

Factor p represents probability that a certain event generated its effects by chance. It is a fairly good measure of a global coherence of consciousness on the surface of the planet. The lower the number, the more powerful the coherence of consciousness is.
Aion Portal Activation on November 23rd, 2013 has also reached the critical mass and a tangible result was the Iran peace agreement just a few hours after the activation. The effect of the Aion Portal Activation on the human consciousness is measured here:
We can influence the coherence of consciousness on the planet everyday, not only at portal activations. Exposing truth through the alternative media and mass protests, if they persist long enough, are the most effective ways to achieve that coherence. When the critical mass of truth will be exposed through alternative media, it will trigger a chain reaction of the planetary awakening which will be synchronized with the Event through the Galactic pulse.
The Galactic Central Sun is the source of our free will and of course the Cabal can not stop the Galactic Central Sun! Nor can they stop the cosmic wave of Light which accelerates the key breakthroughs in evolution to happen faster and faster, converging into a mega breakthrough point in our near future:

We are far more powerful than it sometimes appears:
Despite the mainstream media blackout, mass protests have reached the United States (the country with the strongest Cabal control) and this is a very good sign that we are close to the breakthrough:
When this realization penetrates through the masses, it will help co-create the Event.
The other crucial factor is the fact that the Fed does not have the gold: 
People are beginning to realize the fact that the gold is gone:
Again, when this realization penetrates through the masses, it will help co-create the Event and the Reset of the financial system as the critical mass of trust in the fiat system will be gone.

The Cabal has made some desperate moves lately, like »suiciding« the bankers and manipulating color revolutions in Ukraine and Venezuela by Jesuit-backed Blackwater/Xe/Academi snipers and their Muslim Brotherhood cohorts killing people and inciting violence.
It is good to note that the same Muslim Brotherhood propaganda pamphlets that were handed out in Egypt were also given to Ukrainian protesters:
We are entering a very interesting period in a few days. Let me conclude by making a hint that mass arrest scenario is not the only aspect of the plan to remove the Cabal from power. 
Victory of the Light is near!

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James Gilliland on As you Wish 22.2.2014

UFO Sightings of 2014 (February) Part 7 … UFO Diamond Landing in Mexico


UFO Diamond Landing in Mexico iztapalapa-
OVNI decendiendo iztapalapa Mexico 23/02/2014 

UFO Sightings of 2014 (February) Part 7

Hieroglyphic Origins and Plasma Cosmology

Mullen received his BA in Classics from Harvard. He was a Professor or post-doctoral Fellow at Berkeley, Princeton, Boston University and Harvard's Center for Hellenic Studies and St. John's College. Mullen settled in the Classics Department at Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, New York, in 1985. Many catastrophist theories use hieroglyphics from around the world for clues about shapes in the ancient sky that are no longer visible.

Dr. Mullen focuses on Egyptian hieroglyphics as relevant to the Saturn and polar configuration theory. By studying those hieroglyphs which bear no obvious resemblance to things seen today, and by reading them in context, he will show which glyphs are the best clues to what our early ancestors experienced. In this program, we discuss Velikovsky, catastrophe and plasma cosmology as the origins of the Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Catastrophe spawned the myths and stories that inspired the making of the first petroglyphs and rock art as a kind of "proto-hieroglyphs." Mullen tells how he has been attempting to crack the code of the pyramid texts and how it relates to the Saturn polar configuration. In the second hour, Bill talks about Anthony Peratt, who has identified 81 plasma shapes.

Also discussed ... what other hieroglyphs are rooted in these shapes that were visible in the ancient sky. Later, we'll hear about catastrophe and great migration periods that lead to both violent invasions and cultural mingling. At the end, Bill briefly speaks about the Baltic origin of the Homeric epic.

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TOLEC : Important - Critical News Story February 22 2014


Back on May 6, 2012 - Joe Marra of "A Guiding Lite" & I discussed the failing banking system. Today, I fully expect a complete reset of the global financial system... is 'right around the corner'.

For many years the United States of America - was - the world's richest nation. No longer. Now, it is the world's largest debtor nation in the amount of trillions of dollars. An authorization to "...raise the debt ceiling" - will fix nothing.

For years, the United States Dollar [USD] has been the international reserve currency against which all other currencies of the world were based. All international oil buying/selling transactions were done in USD. No longer.

The country of China for years was buying massive amounts of U.S Treasury [debt] paper. Today it is selling off much of its holdings in U.S Treasuries. Billions worth. It also holds, and continues to buy, a substantial growing amount of physical gold [a precious metal] against which many currencies used to be based... which is likely to happen again in the very near future.

And, there has been massive, global international bank fraud of top global banks for years. [This information has made it to the mainstream media, is very much in the public domain.] And right now, people in key strategic international banking positions are dying... because of what they know.

This is all part of the overall process of massive change this planet is about to experience.

I believe this breaking news story is worthy of your interest - if you are seriously interested in what is going on with global banking today... and what is about to happen to the USD, and as a result, the U.S economy. Massive changes are coming. Massive.

The things these men discuss absolutely have relevance & will have a direct impact on your lives as 'the lid' blows off of this issue & things finally come to a 'head'. note: to save time I suggest you 'pick-up' this interview at the 10:00 min mark, and listen for about a half an hour.

It is revelatory:

Dead Banksters ‘Harbinger 

To The Economic Collapse’

The key headlined quote from “V” comes at around the 30:35 minute mark where he states the death of these banksters are a “harbinger to the economic collapse” coming our way.

He connects the dots going back to 2012, so listen carefully because as he says, their deaths are telling the tale they can no longer tell.








Tolec speaks about Time & the 4D Transformation 

Published on 23 Feb 2014


Sunday, 23 February 2014

James Gilliland Update : ECETI Maui News


It has been a while and it is time for an update. A major portal has been opened on Maui, the heart chakra of the planet. There have been 20 others. The Earth now is being flooded with light and higher dimensional light beings. Yes this includes their light ships as well. These higher civilizations which we will refer to as the greater family of man rather than ET which has been given a fearful twist by hollywood, the disinformation campaigns, etc. is appearing globally keeping the UFO reporting centers extremely busy. I might add some of the UFO reporting centers are not operating from the highest integrity as many know the ongoing ufo activity at ECETI has virtually been ignored. This is a precursor to what many call the EVENT.

The timing of the event is tied into critical mass, the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth. It is now foreseen as spring or early summer. This is not coming without challenges. Whenever a higher consciousness and energy enters a system due to sympathetic resonance the lower consciousness and energy must rise to meet it. This creates chaos yet chaos is the letting go of the old paradigm in order for the new paradigm to take its place. The Intellect and the ego must surrender to the heart. The heart is your soul connection and the soul is the path to God/Creator/Spirit. Sometimes a little prayer and some sleep work the best in adjusting to these new energies.

Many ask about the death of so many top level bankers. The banking system is corrupt, riddled with fraud beyond belief. The treasury has been robbed repeatedly keeping the manufactured lack and enslavement through dependency going. This is coming down. Some bankers know too much, they have been removed do to cooperation with global investigative authorities. Other banksters can’t live with what they have done and know the hammer is about to fall. Only 8 have reached the press yet the true numbers are close to 20 and this will continue.

This entire economic system is not frequency specific to the evolution of humanity and the Earth. It is completely out of alignment with Unity Consciousness and Universal Law. There are forces beyond the Fallen Annunaki, the regenerate Ets, and demonic realms which were virtually unchecked in the past. Forces beyond the Illuminati, their major corporations and their treasonous political puppet whores. There is a grand awakening on a soul level which was not factored in nor was there awareness of the source of this grand awakening.

The benevolent Annunaki, the bearded Gods of old and the council of 12 now mostly women are back and there is a grand recall, and reconciliation of the fallen ones left to oversee. They are standing before the councils in extreme embarrassment for what they have done outside of Universal Law. The Andromedan, Arcturian, Pleiadian, Lyrian, Sirian and Orion Councils of light are also coming into play, ending the prime directive hands off program of the past. The controllers, parasites and predators.”Regenerate Ets, Demonics, Etc.” who have hijacked the Earth’s evolution are being removed, not so gracefully I might add. This is happening for those with eyes to see. The physical effects of this are soon to follow.

We can all do our parts here on Earth by practicing love and kindness, setting boundaries with those who are not and holding space. We can pray to our representative of Source and welcome the benevolent beings, the beautiful many asking for their assistance in our own personal awakening and healing as well as the Earth’s awakening and healing. Stop participating in anything that is enslaving or harmful to humanity and the Earth. Let the beast consume itself as the prophecies foretold. There is an old Cherokee saying, “If it isn’t good for everyone it isn’t good. “

This should apply to our foreign policy as well. We need to be carefull of calling for democracy. Democracy means the corporations can move in and exploit the people, trading one tyrant for corporate tyranny. The republic is a better model with a strong constitution, for the people and by the people. Something that was forgotten in America along with its Bill of Rights. This spring the people will remember. They will come to realize the source of their pain suffering, the war and disease profiteers, the genocidal psychopaths behind the veil of ignorance. Those veils and masks are coming down. Be well, Godspeed, walk with courage and impeccable integrity. There is no security or future without it.

James Gilliland

Prepare for Change - Community Leaders Brief

Dear Community Leader


You have been given this brief so that you may understand what is happening now in regards to the closure of the banking system. We hope you will help maintain the calm and peace of your community during this short period of change.

We also will encourage you to support those in positions of responsibility to help maintain the status quo in regards to the vital necessities of your local community.
We are hoping that food, water, electricity, internet, gasoline, transportation and phone service will not be disrupted during this banking system change over.

Furthermore this community leader brief is been created to help you understand what is transpiring around the world at this time. The person or persons giving you this brief are part of a worldwide network which is dedicated to a peaceful transition to a transparent financial system for our banking systems worldwide.

UFO Sightings and Alien Visitation 2014


Saturday, 22 February 2014

THRIVE MOVEMENT : Spirit Into Matter — The Geometry of Life

A short video clip of scientific exploration — 
illustrating how consciousness comes into form, 
and its importance in harnessing the energy of the future.



Cobra Update: Preparing for The ‘Event’

As we are getting closer to the Event, the Light forces have requested that as many functioning Event Support Groups as possible are created on the surface of this planet. These Event Support Groups will serve as stabilization nodes of the energy grid around the planet that will help harmonizing the process of transition.

You can join an existing Event Support Group here:

The list of worldwide Event Support Groups is here:

If there is no Event Support Group in your location, you can find instructions how to create a new Event Support Group here:

It has been suggested that members of each Event Support Group meet physically once a week, preferably on Sunday evening at a permanent location and include Weekly Liberation Meditation in their meeting:

Event Support Group meeting guidelines can help you conducting the group meeting:

In the first moments after the Event, the Prepare For Change website and other internet intel sources may or may not be functioning properly, so you need to learn to rely on yourself and your inner guidance about what to do.

In the first moments after the Event, it would be good if you can contact your local community leaders and people in charge of the system infrastructure and present them with this intel package:

And give them additional intel:

Before the Event, you can get detailed intel in the Event handbook which contains almost 1000 pages of material:

We have even created Planetary Volunteer t-shirts that can become handy at the time of the Event:

Victory of the Light is near!

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Geoff Byrd has various eXperts that talk all things paranormal, alien cover-ups, UFO, conspiracies, alternative news ancient mythologies and the weird world not covered by the mainstream media and has a fantastic group of guests lined up.

With ...
1.Zen Gardner
2.Ken Rohla
3.Jeff Moran
4.Daniel Riddle
5.Julian Rose
6.Dane Wigington


All things paranormal, alien cover-ups, UFO, conspiracies, alternative news ancient mythologies and the weird world not covered by the mainstream media ... a fantastic group of guests lined up.

WITH ...


Voynich Manuscript DECODED


Prof.Stephen Bax Claimed
He Decoded 600 years old 
Voynich Manuscript

Has the Voynich manuscript been decoded? 

First words of mysterious 

15th century text revealed


  • The Voynich manuscript was discovered in an Italian monastery in 1912
  • Due to its location, historians think the manuscript was written in Europe
  • It is full of illustrations, diagrams and a mysterious text written left to right
  • Cryptographers have been trying to decipher this text for decades
  • First nine words have now been decoded

Voynich - a provisional, 

partial decoding of the Voynich script 


TOLEC ... the nature of "time" as we know it 20 Feb 2014

You create your own reality by envisioning what you want, 
matching the vibration of that, and then letting the Universe bring it to you

Symbol of the Andromeda Council

Tolec, a human representative 
of the Andromeda Council

As I've shared with many others all across this planet - the nature of "time" as we know it:

a.) is not fixed
b.) is really an illusion
c.) as of this moment... it continues to reduce & will eventually expire due to the rising 4D frequencies

d.) AND YES - TIME IS STILL IN EFFECT - due to the nature of 3D life on this planet.

Also, please know, there are at least 25 possible timelines with 25 possible outcomes - as described to me by my primary contacts with the Andromeda Council.

These timelines can be expressed as:

* a 'center' predominant timeline;

* 12 possible 'positive' timelines positioned on the 'right' - which can be thought of as moving toward the center;

* 12 possible 'negative' timelines positioned on the 'left' - which can be thought of as moving away from the center, predominant time line.].

Any permutation / variance of any of these is possible.


In closing on this topic -

I have also been told by all of my Andromeda Council contact people, quite a few times, that things throughout this Universe - absolutely - ABSOLUTELY - DO NOT...

DO NOT - happen based on "when"... as in based on time or dates.

They do happen based on "what"...

the what being certain cosmic/celestial events... that trigger other events to happen next.

This is very much the case with the dimensional shift/transformation of this 3D world... into becoming a mid-level, crystalline based, higher dimensional 4D, spirit essence world.

Certain major, cosmic/celestial events will happen first... which will then trigger large scale, global earth change events. This will be the actual/formal beginning of the dimensional shift of this planet being transformed into a 4D world.

You can also think of this as the time period of when a caterpillar stops all of the things it is doing in its life at that stage; it spins a cocoon; and some time later a beautiful butterfly emerges.

Well, the 'old' life of the caterpillar must 'die', the cocoon must be shed... before a beautiful butterfly can emerge. This mandates there must be a time of transition... before the butterfly emerges.

Like so, this is very much the time of transition we are in, on this planet, right now. And yes, it is likely to get 'worse' - (think of any period of substantial growth) - the old must 'die' off before the new can begin) ... before it gets better.




My Andromeda Council - contact people - have consistently told me that everything they are seeing happen right now, and has been happening w/in the past 2+ years -

tells them that this dimensional shift is happening, and will continue to happen in the immediate ['now'] (my word)... until the MOMENT of actual 4D TRANSFORMATION... when it will trigger & change, as I've said before, " the blink of an eye".

They have also recently told me within the past 5 weeks that this higher dimensional "transformation" event to 4D... is "IMMINENT".

Yes, it is: IMMINENT.

It is immediately 'on the footsteps' of all of this happening [at the same moment]...

That the people of the good will & liaison team & immediately following them in each city/town they visit around the planet... that the people from the four (4) aligned Andromeda Council member planets will be visiting with the people of Earth... all around the globe.

There will be telepathic broadcasts, and other ways, of communicating with Earth people as to exactly what will be transpiring.

And yes, they will share - some - of their advanced, higher dimensional technology with the people of Earth.

The visitations of these off world people will be happening not only during the transformation of this world into becoming a higher dimensional one...

But also - FOR MANY YEARS AFTERWARD . You can think of them as higher dimensional, benevolent consultants & teachers.


"When" will all of this happen?

As I have said, based on everything I've learned,

I expected massive, major changes including the 4D transformation of this world to happen in: January 2014.

That they did not happen EXACTLY in the month of January 2014... again, is not due to a 'time' factor. And, that it has not happened yet is not under my control.

However, I am going to provide you with some added insight [about "time"] which may help.

A couple of months ago I asked Vice-Chairwoman Tania [from their perspective as 4D humans], if someone decides to incarnate & go live a 3D life on Earth [with the average Earth human lifetime being 75 years] - how long would THEY, as 4D PEOPLE, EXPERIENCE that person being gone from their 4D existence?

Her answer was, the best "time" approximation she could give me was: 1 Earth day. They would perceive one of us being gone, away from them for 1 Earth day... while down here each of us would have just lived a 75 year lifetime.

This information compares with how I, and others who are having experiences like me, can feel like we are gone, off planet, for what feels like many (3-4) weeks to us [when we are having higher dimensional experiences with 4D people] -

and we find ourselves back down on Earth having only been 'gone' 15-16 minutes of Earth time.

I have also learned this: they can put us back down here on Earth at whatever time, we, or they, want.

This reinforces what I have learned about 3D human travel... to visit with people who are 4D & who live outside of time as we know it:

we as 3D humans must somehow be converted, even if temporarily, into 4D humans... in order for us to "time travel".. to a place that exists & vibrates at a 4D frequency. Therefore, time travel can only be accomplished while people vibrate at a minimum 4D vibratory rate.

Time is not absolute and it is not linear either.

Now, given this information, you can somehow imagine that since 75 Earth years we can say is an average life time for an Earth human person...

and for them only [approximately] one - 4D day has passed;

therefore you can also imagine that... 1 month of our 3D Earth time... for them has a value of approximately:
1 minute. One minute.

So, January 2014, February 2014, March 2014... to them is like the difference between 1 minute & 3 minutes. But that IS the reality of how these two (2) frequencies of vibratory life... compare.

And so, I believe you are now beginning to get a least a better understanding of how different life experiences are between the timelessness of 4D... and how different it is from 3D Earth life.

So, I do expect the transformation of this planet & the people of this planet will happen sometime 'soon', as in: "imminent"? Yes.

Though, please don't ask me "when" soon will be. I don't know.

We shall all see how it all unfolds together.


Remember, these earth changes & the 4D transformation coming to this world - THEY ARE NOT - ARE NOT -
time/date, "when" - driven.

These changes to our world -

and the 4D transformation of this solar system including planet Earth is => EVENT TRIGGERED.

This is the best explanation I can give you about this topic.


Drake's Thursday February 20th update show



Check Out Education Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with DrakeBailey on BlogTalkRadio

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The True World Masters of Slavery


An incredible documentary that is full of direct quotes from celebrated Jewish historians who have boasted of two thousand years of Jewish domination of the slave trade, including the horrific trade in slaves from Africa to the Americas. A video that will forever change your views of the real masters of the slave trade.


Wednesday, 19 February 2014

PROJECT CAMELOT: GARY MCKINNON : Non-terrestrial Alien officers and off-world Military cargo operations somewhere out in space


We sat in the back of his local pub, in a garden in the late afternoon. Gary is lucid, eloquent and extremely intelligent. He made it clear that the real reason the Americans want to extradite him is not for any damage he has done, for in fact there wasn't any. They are pursuing him is because of what he might have seen. Specifically, documents revealing a list of "Non-terrestrial officers" and off-world cargo operations somewhere out in space, (fleet-to-fleet transfers) hinting at the real possibility of military activities taking place in relation to other planets.

Such a possibility has got to be mind-blowing to the average person who barely grasps that there might actually be aliens from other worlds interacting with earth and governments in the vicinity of our solar system. Key to the whole extradition matter is the issue that there were NO passwords required in order to access this material... and that a relatively unprofessional hacker, self-taught albeit brilliant, would be able, using a dial-up modem, to gain top secret access to NASA files and places as sacrosanct as the Pentagon.

Since the date of this interview, Gary McKinnon has won his battle against extradition and will not face charges due to his having been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome. It is important to note that this interview contains some of the best footage ever filmed of McKinnon telling the story in his own words. Most of the press accounts simply refer to his activity as looking for proof of UFOs. The fact that he unearthed proof of the Secret Space Program and the ramifications of that find, have been largely ignored by the mainstream press. It is our hope that this testimony will eventually cross over into the mainstream and provide the proof necessary for a full scale investigation into the existence of a Secret Government and Space Program that are currently as much as 10,000 years in advance of the state of technology in use on 'surface Earth'. This includes anti-gravity and travel beyond the reaches of our solar system as well as the establishment of bases on the Moon, Mars and other planets. Project Camelot's whistleblowers have provided ample testimony supporting the finds of Gary McKinnon and it is our view that ultimately the truth about this will become widely known.

Kerry Cassidy
Project Camelot

UFO fleets over Jardim Portugal … Feb 11 2014


José Portuguese sent me the video, thank you very much Jose
Address:, Please Thank you My Friend

Monday, 17 February 2014

The Alien Agenda - What THEY don't want you to know


Jinn, Shadow people, Dimensions, Ghosts and Aliens

Simon Parkes is an elected local politician for the Labour party, what the average person would consider a member of the establishment, and as such presents a serious challenge to controlling elements who wish to lie and falsify information to the public in the name of national security.

In this presentation to New Horizons Saint Annes, Simon goes into detail regarding the UFO situation and its close connection to elite bodies. Simon details some of his own experiences, including what most would consider an horrific situation of being a child abductee, although Simon prefers the term 'Experiencer'. Simon also seeks to assist the audience to get a fresh perspective on a subject that is extremely complex and which he believes is intricately linked with the 'Powers That Be'.

Sunday, 16 February 2014





The Gypsy introduced me

to a true singing tree


We were walking at the base of Spirit Mesa among the junipers which are scattered over a wide area of this high desert where the Chaco Canyon people lived long ago.  She stopped and asked if I heard it — if I heard the tree singing ……………..


Saturday, 15 February 2014

MAX IGAN : Our Descent into Fascism


It Only Takes Thoughts and Intentions To Alter The Physical World

"As above, so below; as below so above." 

The Kybalion.

This Principle embodies the truth that there is always a Correspondence between the laws and phenomena of the various planes of Being and Life.

The old Hermetic axiom ran in these words: "As above, so below; as below, so above."

And the grasping of this Principle gives one the means of solving many a dark paradox, and hidden secret of Nature.

There are planes beyond our knowing, but when we apply the Principle of Correspondence to them we are able to understand much that would otherwise be unknowable to us. This Principle is of universal application and manifestation, on the various planes of the material, mental, and spiritual universe — it is an Universal Law.

The ancient Hermetists considered this Principle as one of the most important mental instruments by which man was able to pry aside the obstacles which hid from view the Unknown. Its use even tore aside the Veil of Isis to the extent that a glimpse of the face of the goddess might be caught. Just as a knowledge of the Principles of Geometry enables man to measure distant suns and their movements, while seated in his observatory, so a knowledge of the Principle of Correspondence enables Man to reason intelligently from the Known to the Unknown. Studying the monad, he understands the archangel.

The Kybalion

Scientific Proof That Thoughts & Intentions Have 
The Power To Alter The Physical World Around Us




Eterni.Me Company Offering Immortality and Skype Chats WITH THE DEAD

Just an interesting story ... not promoting the jesus bit

Friday, 14 February 2014

Curious Weird and Strange UFO Sightings of 2014 (February)


Astronauts Neil Armstrong Gordon Cooper and Edgar Mitchell say Aliens exist


Astronauts Neil Armstrong, Gordon Cooper and Edgar Mitchell all witnessed UFOs during their NASA missions and say Aliens exist.

In this video they also include footage of a Russian cosmonaut who tells his story. He took photos and recorded audio of his encounter in space, but they confiscated all of it during his debriefing.

LILOU MACE : Akashic memory - Pr. Ervin Laszlo

GALACTIC WAVE : The North Star Polaris Is Getting Brighter


A Great Wave  rolls across- 
the Whole Universe- balance

The North Star Polaris Is Getting Brighter:





Thursday, 13 February 2014


The legendary Jordan Maxwell agreed to an exclusive interview with Intellihub News, so Shepard Ambellas and Jason Bermas traveled to California to capture a sliver of Maxwell's knowledge on film.



 “Nothing in this world works the way you think it does. Nothing.”  ~ Jordan Maxwell


PART 1 ... 2 ... 3 ... 4 ... 5 ... 6 ... 7 and 8


In a packed courtroom, 52-year-old Ernie Tertelgte told the judge "I am a living man protected by natural law and I have the right to forage for food when I am hungry... You are trying to create a fictitious, fraudulent action."

Charged with fishing without a license and resisting the arrest for fishing without a license, Mr. Tertegte says he's being wrongly prosecuted for trying to feed himself.

Tertelgte, 52 years old, was arrested and is accused of fishing without a license and then resisting arrest.

William Wolf said, "It's we the people that run this and rule this country, not we the courts, not we the government, and if the people don't start standing up for themselves and for each other, we are going to continue being subjects of this government."

Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Does the lurid tabloid myth of Nazi contact with space aliens and building flying saucers sound like the most outrageous science fiction?

This same legend reconsidered from the radically altered view of Quantum Physics takes on dramatic plausibility!

Was the German 'Vril Society' simply making practical application of universal, free-energy Quantum-Physics technology?"

These questions and more are explored in this shocking documentary film that reveals the inside story about the Vril Society which became the inner circle of the Thule Society, who's focus was on establishing communications with a group of Extraterrestrials, that began colonizing the planet Earth over a half billion years ago from a dieing star system know as Aldebaran.


Very few have had the opportunity to speak 
with such depth to the open public, 
Santos is for sure a pioneer in the 
next level of human emancipation.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

COBRA : Interview with Alexandra Meadors 4th February 2014

David Icke Dot-Connector : THE PEOPLE'S VOICE

David Icke, Exposing The Dreamworld

The People's Voice


The Matrix Trilogy Decoded by Mark Passio : CONSCIOUSNESS MIND CONTROL AND THE OCCULT


Focussed to spread awareness on the topics of consciousness, mind control, subversive occult influences, holistic body-mind-spirit health, and solution-oriented approaches to the problems humanity faces in these challenging times.


Description: Mark Passio is an independent researcher, public speaker, radio talk show host, conference organizer and freedom activist from Philadelphia, PA. Mark has undertaken the task of assembling vast amounts of research in the areas of metaphysics, occultism, spirituality, symbology and consciousness studies.