Thursday, 6 November 2014

(Skies above) Crazy rainbow looking non-rainbow things in the skies – o.o


EEK and O.o



Multiple rainbow signs

in the Heavens (Skies above)


We’ve got Circumzenithal Arcs & Sun Halos & SunDogs & Strange Clouds & Parhelion & Iridescent Clouds & Auroras & Cloud Punch Hole & Kelvin–Helmholtz Instability & Crepuscular Rays & Sunset Mirages & Pargelium !!!

If it’s a crazy rainbow looking non-rainbow thing in the sky, it’s over at between Oct. 31st and November 4th.

I’ve never seen so many strange colorful sky things in the same amount of time from all over the world, from India to Russia to Italy to Norway to Wisconsin to Arizona to Germany.

It’s wild and beautiful.

A Good Sign and a Good omen
that it’s always darkest before the dawn
good times shall be here again!

God Bless Everyone..

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