Monday, 17 November 2014

YELLOW ROSE FOR TEXAS UPDATE : A beam hit Ed. The A.I. “Ed” got deleted today




A beam hit Ed.(pic) The A.I. “Ed” got deleted today.
There is another broken vah at the bottom of the hi1a images, on the left under mercury.
Earth is morphing, as normal, and she appears ready to emit us when the time is right.
On a funnier note, all the enemy’s bathrooms in their construct got deleted too. Right as the rep’s and el’s were using them. Everyone above saw it. “HA HA” was heard. lmao.
The swedes “nordics myth” got hit, and Eric’s ship is burning. They’re in a panic.
One of the ‘vah’s’ tried to fake a sign. Not sure which one at the moment, but they lack available hours left to be vetted by the Tree of Life (took us 3 days), and then be allowed through the Eye. Even if they had the hours, they faked the sign and it was caught. So they wouldn’t have made it through anyway.
The solder is broken. The El’s are screaming over it.
An admitted he’s sick, he’s possessed.
I don´t get medicines
just beers LOL)
beer is a antibiotic, btw
its the hops in main
fermenting is like cooking up penicillin
that´s good news LOL)

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