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Stories from NELLADELL a student of life

Nelladell learned, fairly early in life, that it is possible to do what she calls “programming oneself” and she did so, with the purpose being to learn what she called truth.

She believes that it is, at least in part, because of this “programming” that she has had inexplicable experiences which taught her things that she could not have learned otherwise.

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Reality of ESP ... Proved by a Physicist

Russell Targ, one of the greatest scientists ever to work in the field of ESP has proved that it must be real. He explains why, and his reasons are powerfully convincing. Russell co-founded the Stanford Research Institute’s famed program to explore psychic abilities. The basic techniques of remote viewing still in use today were developed at SRI by such pioneers as Russell Targ, Hal Puthoff, Pat Price, Joe McMoneagle and others.

In this spellbinding interview, Russell Targ reveals recently declassified material from his days at SRI for the first time, and offers a convincing explanation for ESP.

Dreamland is about empowerment, because the more we understand about generally denied subjects such as ESP, the more we can access our hidden and denied abilities. This interview will go a long way toward not only what ESP is and what it can do, but more importantly, how it works.

Russell Targ is a physicist and author who was a pioneer in the development of the laser and laser applications, and was co-founder of the Stanford Research Institute’s (SRI) investigation into psychic abilities in the 1970s and 1980s. His work with SRI in what was a new area, called remote viewing, has been widely published. His most recent book is “The Reality of ESP: A Physicist’s Proof of Psychic Abilities.” In 1976, Targ retired from Lockheed Martin Missiles & Space Co. as a senior staff scientist.


This talk was part of a daylong program, “Brother, Can You Spare a Paradigm?,” on April 14, 2013, at the Vortex Immersion Dome, in Los Angeles. Selected presentations in three parts, and all the individual presentations:

Conceived under a TEDx license as inspiration to change our fundamental value system to where mutual concern, as one humanity, becomes our new worldview, it ultimately was presented under the auspice of Suzanne Taylor’s Mighty Companions non-profit foundation. 

Mind-blowing ESP Secrets

Russell Targ tells intimate and amazing stories about many of the people who visited his lab at the Stanford Research Institute, including Uri Geller, whose performance at the lab was so extraordinary that Targ and his colleagues were able to publish a paper about it in Nature, one of the world’s most prestigious scientific journals. Beyond that, he offers a riveting explanation of just WHY the human mind can do things like remote view and how it actually has its primary existence outside of the stream of time. One of the greatest scientists in the history of ESP tells some of the most incredible stories of ESP, precognition, mediumship and other psychic powers that you will ever hear.Just a hint: you will learn the absolutely incredible reason that Winston Churchill got Parliament after World War II to repeal the Witchcraft Act of 1735. It has to do with a medium who was imprisoned during the war for witchcraft, a young sailor who drowned, and a grateful mother. And that’s just one of the stories!

Prepare to be BLOWN AWAY!

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

COBRA ... Short Situation Update

Significant progress has been made after the opening the Portal on May 25th. On the non-physical planes, the final offensive of the Light forces to clear all remaining negative entities has commenced. This offensive will continue until the final and complete liberation of the non-physical planes and the Light forces will not retreat under any circumstances.

This offensive is one of the key elements for the planetary liberation and we can compare it with Operation Overlord offensive in 1944 which decided the victory of the Allied forces in World War 2. Although it will still take some time for the liberation to be completed, our victory is assured.

In the subterranean network below the surface of the planet, a process of integration of the Resistance Movement into the Galactic Confederation is taking place. Many different positive cosmic races are building their bases in the deeper portions of the underground network as part of spiritual, cultural and sociological integration process. You need to understand that only about 70 percent of Galactic races are humanoid and there are many exotic forms of life out there.

Nevertheless, cosmic Love is the deeper bond which connects all these races, no matter how strange or exotic their physical body or psychological makeup might be. This integration process will strengthen cosmic Love and brotherhood between different cosmic races and the Resistance as part of preparations for the First Contact for the surface population which will happen after the Event.

The other part of this process will include the appearance of certain members of some of those races on the surface of the planet within this year of 2013. Those appearances may or may not be public. Details about this project must remain classified for now.

Needless to say, there are many projects and operations taking place behind the scenes and hopefully soon there will be results . .

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Giant Pyramids And Sphinxes Found In The Bermuda Triangle


Two scientists, Paul Weinzweig and Pauline Zalitzki, working off the coast of Cuba and using a robot submersible, have confirmed that a gigantic city exists at the bottom of the ocean. The site of the ancient city — that includes several sphinxes and at least four giant pyramids plus other structures — amazingly sits within the boundaries of the fabled Bermuda Triangle.

According to a report by Arclein of Terra Forming Terra, Cuban Subsea Pyramid Complex, the evidence points to the city being simultaneously inundated with rising waters and the land sinking into the sea. This correlates exactly with the Atlantis legend.

The disaster may have occurred at the end of the last Ice Age. As the Arctic icecap catastrophically melted it caused sea levels to rise quickly around the world, especially affecting the Northern Hemisphere. Coast lines changed; land was lost; islands (even island continents) disappeared.

Arclein observes: “At the time uplifted portions of the Mid Atlantic Ridge subsided also including Lyonese and the home islands and land mass around the Azores. Even if that had not happened, this subsidence was amply large enough

This would have produced an orthogonal pressure forcing subsidence to either East or West. Since the ridge between Cuba and Yucatan is the natural point of weakness between the Gulf subsidence basin and the Caribbean subsidence basin, it naturally subsided deeply. The driver for all this was the hydrostatic changes brought about by both the original crustal shift of 12,900 years ago that I have called the Pleistocene Nonconformity and the slow uplift of the Hudson Bay Basin brought about by the ending of the Ice Age.”

Cuban missile crisis stops research

According to journalist Luis Mariano Fernandez the city was first discovered decades ago, but all access to it was stopped during and after the Cuban Missile Crisis.


To view in other languages, use the google translate tool bar.

The U.S. government discovered the alleged place during the Cuban missile crisis in the sixties, Nuclear submarines cruising in the Gulf (in deep sea) met pyramid structures. They immediately shut down the site and took control of him and the objects, in order that it will not come to Russians hands.”

The science team of deep ocean experts, archaeologists and oceanographers found ruins of ancient buildings 600 feet below the ocean. They say the city is Atlantis.

Look carefully, in the muky water a giant pyramid is visible

Pyramids and sphinxes bigger than Egypt’s 

Evidence that the island of Cuba is the vestige of a once mighty culture is supported by Zalitzki’s discovery on the island of extremely ancient symbols and pictograms identical to those seen on the underwater structures.

Using exploration submersibles, they discovered amazingly huge pyramid structures similar to (but larger than) the pyramids in Giza, Egypt. They estimate the Atlantis pyramids are constructed with stones weighing many hundreds of tons.

Speaking with a scientist about the possibility that the ruins are indeed Atlantis, Fernandez reports the expert replied:

“…in the Yucatan cultures today is possible that what still remains of the aborigines of those places perhaps the Olmecs or some very primitive civilization of Yucatan, the northern part of Central America—originated according to them on an island that sank by a cataclysm. This island is called Atlanticú.”

That too fits the stories about the sudden demise of the wondrous Atlantis.

Atlanticú. Atlantis. The aboriginal natives still call it that in their history.

During an interview about the exploration of the mega-city, Fernandez asked lead scientist Pauline Zalitzki about the civilaztion that built it.

“When we published the first news of this finding,” she said, “the University of Veracruz was interested in our work and we had recorded images of these structures on the seabed. Specifically, the Institute of Anthropology of the University excavations invited me. They were doing [studies] on parts and ruins of the Olmec civilization.

The Olmecs and other native peoples all have primary morphology marking the arrival of this continent. This mean coming from the direction of Cuba, and had to occur in a very large earthquake where their land sank. Morphologies indicate that they belong to three families who were saved. One of these families came to the coast of Veracruz, which are supposedly the Olmec. Others came to Central America and traveled to the Pacific coast, and these families created the civilization of the Americas as we know it today, because they distributed all their knowledge.

When these anthropologists saw underwater images of this city, and saw some stone monoliths, some symbol, and inscriptions, they identified with Olmec motifs. They were very surprised.”

The Olmecs devolved from the survivors of Atlantis, a much superior culture destroyed aft the end of the Ice Age flooding. The world was reshaped and a super-civilization destroyed, remembered for millennia only in legend and a passing refernce by the philosopher Plato.

But Atlantis was real, is real: scientists Paul Weinzweig and Pauline Zalitzki have found it.

Sonar images of mega-structures on the seabed



Thursday, 20 June 2013



Author and researcher Steve Quayle, who discussed the secret powerful forces aligned against humanity since ancient times, and how genetics, nanotechnology, and robotics are permanently changing the world for better or worse. He observed that “in every single country of the world,” there are legends which tell of entities who come to Earth not only bestowing their secrets upon humans, but also “going to war with mankind.” Quayle observed that this overarching theme is “too formidable a subject to ignore in any way, shape, or form.”

He traced the root of this battle to be a “supernatural, evil hierarchy” using misguided humans to corrupt God’s works here on Earth. These human agents of Satan, he said, believe they will be given greater power by yielding their free will to dark forces. However, Quayle warned, “that power, they yield to, will ultimately consume and destroy them.” He pointed to transhumanism as a key aspect of this agenda. “The goal is not to help humanity be all we can be,” he lamented. Instead, Quayle contended that the aim is to create a race of quasi-gods which will supplant the human race as we know it. “If anything, the old style human beings will be an irritation, or reminder, of what the transhumanists once were,” he surmised.

Additionally, according to Quayle, the current economic crisis is actually an orchestrated tool being used to advance this Satanic agenda. To that end, he explained that sinister power brokers are “throwing the world into a global economic meltdown in order to bring about the New World Order under Lucifer.” The unrest in the Middle East, ongoing “weather wars,” and the increased police state in America are also facets of this ongoing spiritual battle between good and evil. While Quayle conceded that he is “not a prophet” and was reticent to predict how things may unfold, he theorized that the much-discussed December 21, 2012 date may be their target to “launch their world program.”


Author and researcher L.A. Marzulli discussed the signs that an unseen heavenly war being fought in another dimension is about to spill over into our dimension. Two forces have been battling for millennia with the entire cosmos as their playing field, and humans are the unfortunate pawns in their “cosmic chess match,” he said, citing Lucifer, or the fallen angel, as the opponent on the dark side. As prophecy texts in the Bible have indicated, we are nearing the end of this war, and seeing the “birth pangs” that will lead up to the final seven years of tribulation, he continued. Prophecies of increased earthquakes, and other calamities are “being fulfilled like gangbusters,” he added.

Various current events that are playing out have a supernatural component to them, such as the Arab Spring, said Marzulli. “It’s softening up the objective,” of creating a grand deception, by setting up a series of precursor incidents, he explained. A past sign of the supernatural is the Shroud of Turin, which according to Dame Isabel Paczek, shows evidence that the body was levitated in the tomb, in a kind of reverse Big Bang or singularity, he recounted.

He cited the practice of human sacrifice done by the ancient Maya, and other cultures, as bearing “the fingerprints of not only the supernatural, but a very evil entity, which up till this point in time has not shown himself overtly.” Marzulli also spoke about Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), wherein alter personalities are created in victims, turning them into assassins. Jared Loughner is possibly an example of this, he said. Additionally, Marzulli cited the bizarre behavior seen in the video Twins Madness in the Fast Lane, as indicating that the women could be hydrids like the Nephilim, or SRA victims. He also touched on the role that “aliens” and their implants will play in the coming great deception.

Harmful modification of human DNA by the alien elite


Continuing our investigations into the events, transformations, reactions, mutations, loss of individuality and global identity, along with many other obstacles that due to the presence in our planet of the invading alien entities who govern us, humanity and the entire planet are suffering, we also analyse the modification of the genes of light and wisdom left in our DNA by our Pleiadean, Sirian and Andromedan ancestors so that we could achieve a higher, correct and wise evolution.

We are carriers of very powerful multi-cultural and multi-racial origins that enrich our behaviour, psyche and emotions. They have always wanted to genetically modify us since they were afraid that we would develop beyond them. Therefore, they removed and nullified our sensory and extrasensory faculties, as well as limited our brain and stagnated our reasoning, emotional and conscious growth, which by now should have reached another level of universal and cosmic wisdom and knowledge.

Through this genetic alteration, the dominating aliens keep us dormant, manipulating our affections, friendly nature, fellowship and all the internal principles that belong to the heart-consciousness.

The Aliens-Illuminati and their dark secret societies will fight to the end tooth and nail to keep us imprisoned. In the absence of an integral psychogenetic renovation-transformation, consciously directed towards the Pleiadean-Sirian frequency, it will be extremely difficult to break away from their absorbing dominating influence.

Undoubtedly, now more than ever, we are facing two diametrically opposed directions, either we completely integrate ourselves with the internal photonic energies or we become fully part of the depopulation that has long been planned for us by the dark forces in order to eradicate us from our planet.

Could they really bring an end to the powerful genome of stellar light which by right we carry, disabling and destroying us forever? Or will we survive the silent extermination of our traditions and customs, as well as the huge joy for living in happiness and inner peace?

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Lost Civilisation Discovered in Cambodia … HOLY TEMPLE

Archaeologists using revolutionary airborne laser technology have discovered a lost medieval city that thrived on a mist-shrouded Cambodian mountain 1200 years ago.
The stunning discovery of the city, Mahendraparvata, includes temples hidden by jungle for centuries – temples that archaeologists believe have never been looted.
An instrument called Lidar strapped to a helicopter which criss-crossed a mountain north of the Angkor Wat complex provided data that matched years of ground research by archaeologists. The research revealed the city that founded the Angkor Empire in 802AD.


The University of Sydney’s archaeology research centre in Cambodia brought the Lidar instrument to Cambodia and played a key role in the discovery that is set to revolutionise archaeology across the world.
Archaeologists and exploration and mapping experts have uncovered more than two dozen previously unrecorded temples and evidence of ancient canals, dykes and roads using satellite navigation co-ordinates gathered from the instrument’s data.

Fairfax Media recorded the discovery of the first five temples after pushing through landmine-strewn jungle, swollen rivers and bogs with the expedition on a mountain called Phnom Kulen, 40 kilometres north of Angkor Wat in north-western Cambodia.

Mahendraparvata existed 350 years before Angkor Wat, the Hindu temple that has captivated interest across the world and is visited by more than 2 million people each year.

In effect the Lidar technology peeled away the jungle canopy using billions of laser pulses, allowing archaeologists to see for the first time structures that were in perfect squares, completing a map of the city which years of painstaking ground research had been unable to achieve.

The archaeologists were amazed to see that 36 previously recorded ruins scattered across the mountain were linked by an intricate network of gridded roads, dykes, ponds and temples divided into regular city blocks.

Damian Evans, director of the University of Sydney’s centre in Cambodia, who was a co-leader of the expedition, said there might be important implications for today’s society.

“We see from the imagery that the landscape was completely devoid of vegetation,” Dr Evans said. “One theory we are looking at is that the severe environmental impact of deforestation and the dependence on water management led to the demise of the civilisation … perhaps it became too successful to the point of becoming unmanageable,” he said.
French-born archaeologist Jean-Baptiste Chevance, director of the Archaeology and Development Foundation in London, who was also a leader of the expedition, said it was known from ancient scriptures that a great warrior, Jayavarman II, had a mountain capital, “but we didn’t know how all the dots fitted, exactly how it all came together.

“We now know from the new data the city was for sure connected by roads, canals and dykes,” he said.
Over years Dr Chevance and his staff had crossed ancient roads and passed ancient structures they suspected were there but could not see because they were hidden by jungle and earth.

The foundation’s exploration and mapping expert, Stephane De Greef, has now confirmed the location of almost 30 previously unidentified temples using the Lidar data.

The discovery, to be published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in the US, will prompt scientific excavation of the most significant sites by archaeologists seeking to discover what life was like for a civilisation about which very little was known, including why it was abandoned to the forest.
It will also allow archaeologists and historians to learn more about the evolution of Angkor, the enormous political and religious empire that dominated most of south-east Asia for 600 years.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Supermassive Galactic Plasma Ray: 

Crystals do more than just look pretty – read Crystals and the Summer Emotion of Joy
Ben Fulford: The hunt is on for M1 … the secret guy printing fraudulent Euros and dollars for the Sabbatean Mafia

The Vaticans New World Order : The Knights of Malta
BBC News – London exploding pavements surge prompts death fears 

BIGFOOT AND ALIENS The legends of Bigfoot, a creature described as half-man/half-ape 

HUMAN PLANET GROUP : Reindeers: A Freezing Adventure in one of the harshest regions of Russia 


Friday, 14 June 2013

David Icke at the Bilderberg Festival 2013


There is a fence around the Fringe event that is remarkably like a horse corral and indeed the Press and people were being kept inside this corral and heavily surrounded by police and vans and all kinds of surveillance tech... We were all searched (our bags and body searched with some electronic instrument by armed guards before being let into the "corral"...

It is clear whoever came in and stole the router was let in and allowed to "steal" the router had shall we say covert assistance by some agency probably under orders by someone who works for the Bilderberg Group aka NWO.

This event signifies the flagrant parading of the "rulers" meeting in seclusion working out what their latest diabolical plans will be for running the world without the say of the people. CONSPIRACY - an evil, unlawful, treacherous, or surreptitious plan formulated in secret by two or more persons... indeed. As I mentioned in my talks, there is no transparency... The NWO is now taking control of the countries of the world and doing so in plain view.


Thursday, 13 June 2013

Highly Unusual UFO Captured on Video

Huge Saucer UFO Over Florida U.S 31st May 2013

 UFO Saucer using a weapon which is unknown to humans over the U.S, The UFO is very low over the area with no sound or means of levitation and its saucer shape with port lights are fully visible … its ejecting hundreds of odd lights in different colours … like a sort of night ”effectivement”

Sunday, 9 June 2013

DAVID WILCOCK : The Nightmare is Almost Over : Part I

The NSA data-mining scandal is only one of dozens of strong pieces of evidence that the cabal of shadowy Power Elite are right on the brink of being publicly exposed and brought to justice -- as we've been anticipating for years now.

Once this happens, it will soon become the most significant event in all of modern history -- dwarfing 9/11 by many orders of magnitude as a game-changer.

This time, however, the game will change for the positive -- not for the negative.



Proof of extraterrestrial life? 

Watch and decide for yourself.

UFO Footage From Around The World

Incredible Footage and Interviews from Eyewitness from around the World!

Best Skypes From Thirdphaseofmoon

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Terra Enters 4D with Tanaath

Tanaath, a friend of Tolec Drake and

“a human-incarnated member of the Silver Legion who is authorized to speak on behalf of the Silver Legion to others living in this 3D reality.”

Everything from religion to mind control drugs to the works of Zechariah Sitchen and others who say we were originally created by the Annunaki.

She claims that our original form was much more advanced, and that we were actually downgraded from being higher beings than we were.




The people are stirring and the lion is preparing to roar
This is its microphone...

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Let us put aside that which divides us and come together as One Global Human Voice - The People's Voice.

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