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DAVID WILCOCK : “White Hats” Go Public on Car Hacking by Remote Control


On July 14, 2013, we leaked exclusive insider info revealing that all cars made since 2008 can be remote-controlled. Nearly a year later, a group calling themselves “White Hats” has proven this can be done — in a twelve-minute video with Motherboard that just “went viral” on

It is very important that we inform ourselves and spread the truth as it becomes available. By participating in this mass disclosure ourselves, we are helping to ensure a positive outcome.


Last July, in “Financial Tyranny Collapsing at Free-Fall Speed,” we took the momentum of the Snowden NSA disclosures to reveal a much-deeper secret.

We leaked this intel from personal discussions with insiders who have high-level security clearance — from levels well above the President of the United States.

As astonishing as it may seem, we revealed that all car manufacturers have been forced to install remote-control driving systems in their products since 2008.

Thanks to a still-classified government order, no automobile manufacturer is allowed to produce cars without having these automated systems in place.


On the positive side, intelligence services can utilize these systems to prevent any would-be bank robber from successfully completing their crime.

On the negative side, the fiery death of Michael Hastings, a journalist exposing corruption at the highest levels, almost certainly revealed that this technology is also being used for assassinations.

What most people still do not realize is that there is an incredibly vast world of secrets that NSA surveillance and car hacking is being used to conceal.

At the time of this writing, “Financial Tyranny Collapsing” has had 4,576 Facebook Likes, 381 comments and 170,442 unique views — so this was not a “fringe” investigation.



MAX IGAN : Reality is a Double Edged Sword

Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - Season 2 - Episode 8

Danny Wilten - Our Electric Sun Is Powered Externally By Orion Nebula Trapezium (Part 3)



Robert Bingham UFO Summon Event Memorial Weekend in Sylmar Ca 5/24/14

 Continual flaring craft and a variegated structure with tether.

CORBETT REPORT : Why We Must Oppose Bilderberg


As the Bilderbergers gather in Denmark to discuss this year's agenda, James Corbett presents "Why We Must Oppose Bilderberg" to the We The People Anti-Bilderberg Conference taking place in Copenhagen. Learn more about the history, aims, and goals of the Bilderberg Group, why they must be opposed, and how best to do it on this special edition of The Corbett Report podcast.

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Evil Rules The World – John Lash



 The history of this planet, the creation of those creatures who interfere greatly with humanity without our knowledge nor consent, the descriptions of those creatures and their artificial cyborg intelligence and how this false intelligence has so greatly manipulated humanity into its own limitation/imitation realities based on their own psychopathy and need to corrupt that which they can never possess.
We have a lively discussion with personal insight and humor, the conditions that prevail in our world today and most importantly how to overcome them with the singularity that is BEAUTY, and simple love of The Mother, which is what we, the show hosts, personally base our lives on. These solutions require further in depth discussions and repetition in order to breakdown the eons-long-hypnosis and entrainment of archontic impressionism onto our own human mind and spirit, to reawaken us to our true natures and the simple and almost effortless path to self-sovereignty through the luminosity of the beauty of our organic spirit and light.

Danny Wilten - Our Electric Sun Is Powered Externally By Orion Nebula Trapezium (Part 2)

Part 1:
Danny Wilten - Our Electric Sun Is Powered Externally By Orion Nebula Trapezium

Fohat - The Universal Electric Entity

Danny Wilten - Michelangelo Paints The Orion Nebula In Creation Of Adam

DRAKE BAILEY : Thursday May 29th update show with Drake and your host Thomas Williams

Discover Education Internet Radio with DrakeBailey on BlogTalkRadio

TANAATH : Silver Legion Announcements Freeing Yourself from the God Matrix 05/28/14


Silver Legion Announcements
Freeing Yourself from the God Matrix
by Tanaath on 05/28/14

One of my associates, the Silver Legionnaire who has written several kundalini reiki meditations which have been posted to the Facebook, made a very interesting, and important, discovery. There are a number of matrices involved in suppressing this planet (not just one); however, she discovered one in particular that is definitely contributing to the reinforcement of some of the more vicious jailing techniques.

Everyone here has heard of some or another mythological god. All cultures have them, or had them, before various conversions took place to other faiths. I’m talking about gods like the pantheons of the Greeks, Celts, Chinese, etc., all the gods of the world (and there are thousands of names). Additionally, there were legendary figures, like demigods, angels, manitous, saints, etc., all these famous personalities whose legends filtered through our history into our stories and myths and legends. This is, I should think, a basic fact to anyone following my material – these beings are real and many of them have histories on this planet.

Here’s where the fun part begins. Many of these beings incarnated here. Some of these famous names are running around, living human lives – and some of them know who they are. Many don’t discuss it, because no one wants to be made fun of or be accused of being delusional or having a runaway ego because they honestly remember being a god or hero of legend, or have to deal with the unrealistic expectations of others – and it’s pretty damn obvious that being one of those people doesn’t confer any special powers or privileges in this time and place. Others aren’t sure whether to believe their own memories and feelings on the matter. And in an even more confusing-for-Terrans twist, some of these entities have incarnated into multiple separate Terran lives simultaneously – some of whom are aware that there are others, and some of whom are not.

So yes, there are incarnated gods, heroes, angels, saints, demi-gods, etc., people represented to us in myth and legend. Yes, they’re here, no, they don’t get any special powers… and their identities are being used to chain both them and every other human being to this planet. One very tricky thing that has been set up is an identity trap for gods and legendary figures, tied to one of the matrices which keep us bound here. The more attached an individual gets to their own identity, the more that tie tightens around them, and the more it in turn reinforces the matrix it’s attached to. And since so many of these gods and legendary people have multiple names, any one of those identities can be used to bind that entity. Many of these ‘goddess portals’ and other events calling upon the identities of heroes, gods, and legendary people have only served to reinforce these chains by tying those entities even more to this planet.

There is a way to break this. One must consciously reject all ties to one’s identity, break all contracts associated with one’s identity, and make a conscious determination to reject anything attempting to bind or enslave one. This does not mean rejecting the identity itself. But all the things attached to it have to be severed and discarded in order to break these chains.

It’s not necessary for these individuals to out themselves. This severing and breaking of contracts can be done without informing the world of who you are, if you happen to be a famous name.

I’m posting a meditation (Found below) and (it’ll be on the Downloaded Transcripts tab of this website) , and it will also be available on the Cosmic Voice facebook. This meditation is designed to help individuals free themselves from identity-based chaining. If you feel called to do this meditation, please do it. It’s not mandatory; individuals can devise their own ways to sever these attachments and connections in their own way. However, some people find it easier with something to work with or to help guide them. This meditation was developed by the Silver Legionnaire who has previously developed kundalini reiki meditations, which some people have used and found to be helpful. She was also the one who discovered this matrix of chains based on god and hero identities.

While there is nothing wrong with embracing one’s identity, make sure you do so as a free and sovereign being, and accept no ties based on other people’s expectations, or supposed contracts that were made (many of which were falsified).

Now, a little housekeeping: Comments have been disabled. The ones that have already been posted are saved, but apparently disabling comments also removes from view those which have already been posted. Yes, I did this, and yes, it was deliberate. I’m starting to feel too much like a recess lady in a boisterous school yard on the first nice day after a long snow. Additionally, there’s no way in hell I can answer all the questions flung my way, particularly with the network of assumptions underpinning some of them. Comments will remain disabled for the time being. Unfortunately, there’s enough problematic content that permitting completely unmoderated comments is not an option. This blog was never meant to be a forum and I can’t keep up with you guys.

I may be appearing on Cosmic Voice Radio with Thomas Williams and Drake. This will not be a show to discuss ET issues, or deliver news, etc.; Thomas Williams has asked me to discuss the topic of psychic attack and protection. The date has not been set yet, I’ll post a show date when we have one.

On the Kundalini Reiki meditation Thomas Williams posted to the facebook. Yes I endorse it. This was prepared by a Silver Legion mage who happens to be a Kundalini Reiki Master and a very gifted intuitive. I can personally vouch for this person’s work. This person is one of my most trusted friends, and I know from working with them that they have nothing but Light in their soul – true Light. If you do not feel comfortable doing this exercise, you don’t need to. If it appeals to you at all, I would recommend it. I intend to, myself.

“”Freedom from the Matrix of the Gods””
Today we have a very simple meditation with very deep result… First find calm place, where can get relax and feel good. Mentally or aloud, as you wish, call all the names, that you think have you, as a god/goddess. Feel each of name sound,vibration. If you feel one of the names IS yours and you accept him ,then repeat only this name. Now you are ready for the meditation itself.

So… Sit calm,quiet breathing. Relax, relax totally. Add up the palms in Gasse. Close your eyes. Connect to Kundalini Reiki and say affirmation :
“I ask the Higher Teachers, Higher Beings and all the Higher Powers to allow me to connect to the Reiki Meditation – “”Freedom from the Matrix of the Gods ”” and help us all”
Feel the flow of energy of the Kundalini Reiki. After that, you can put your hands as you are comfortable, or leave in mole position (Gasse).
Feel and imagine, that you are in the stream (beam, channel …)of Pure Kundalini Reiki Energy, that descends on you from space and goes to the center of Terra . Be in this stream of energy… Just be , be aware and watch what is happening. Passing through you this Energy yourself, let it be in you, and yourself to be in it. Feel and “see” ,as Reiki fills you with the brightest Energy, as Light KR fills your entire being. Become this Light, merge with it, dissolve it and then just be. Just watch what is happening. Dissolve so much, that you do not to leave any thoughts, nor emotions, nor feelings, nor sensations …. – nothing, but awareness of your individuality, and boundless energy of Kundalini Reiki…

Now look around you, look at those shadows, twins, reflections of yourself… They have a different color, sound, vibration, shape, but are still connected to you, and to the Matrix of the Gods… They are names that you hold on to in your memory, but they are NOT YOU. It’s all an illusion, it’s not you. You are a free soul, light energy and you do not need them. Let them all go, do not keep them together, break away from them, tear off all ties, you do not need them, you are free and infinite. Sense your freedom, see how they all fall into an infinite number & disappearing. Around you only light energy and unconditional love remains. Stay in this position of freedom. Enjoy it…







Drawing from hundreds of UFO cases around the world, UFOTV® presents the Top 10 UFO Crash Retrievals of All Time. Loaded with visuals,



Reinstated Kingdom of Hawaii to create extraterrestrial visitor sanctuary


On May 28, 2014 official representatives of the reinstated Kingdom of Hawaii released a declaration creating a sanctuary for extraterrestrial visitors to Earth. The “Declaration for a Hawaii Star Visitor Sanctuary” will make it possible for extraterrestrials to land on property set aside exclusively for them in the area of Kalapana on the Puna coast of the Big Island of Hawaii.
More information at:

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From The touchstone of truth access nature
Interact with nature with natural loving power
Potential is a divine like faculty for to choose
Egalitarian teamwork as our true, free energy
Gives OUR strength to fulfil POTENTIAL
Humanity is a species endangered by its beliefs, and most of all, its religious illusion of superiority. To go beyond history is not solely a human prerogative, for the path ahead is not ours alone, but the way of all sentient beings.

Closely aligned with deep ecology.

What is a true planetary view, a way to live bonded intimately to the earth and coevolving with the non-human world ?




(March 14, 2014). RIP Dr. Leir

A great pioneer and helped to bring proof of the ET phenomenon through his research and removal of implants. Hopefully there will be another to help in implant removal and to continue the research he was doing.

In in this video he mentions some of his new discoveries such as ET handprints on the wall at an abductees home and strange magnetic anomolies.
Insight to The Phenomenon of Alien Abduction,
and Implants Removed By Dr. Roger Lier

Comment by Danny Wilten

I cannot imagine that aliens with such high technology have not already cracked the human genome LIKE WE HAVE and using THAT for whatever their needs are. There is simply no reason to take sperm or eggs when you can take a hair strand.

This is the same logic used in the Annunaki theory where aliens travel light years across the galaxy to visit our planet specifically to mine for gold when we already have the technology via nuclear technology to create it ourselves.


We hope someone does a follow up Biography of his work in this field and points up about the anomalous deaths that he himself had reported in regard to the objects he had in his possession, and the work he was doing. He had the most scientific collection of data. It stood head and shoulders above anything anyone else could bring to the table in the field of “ufology” (but was it alien ?)


Read the analysis and make up your own mind as to whether or not the implant is from another world outside our solar system.




How could you dispute the finding. Namely victims coming forward with statements, eye witness accounts of blood stains, on their bodies and bedsheets, and actual object found in the same corresponding areas inside their bodies! Some of those objects giving off radio waves… How could you fake that ?

This is his segment from the Washington DC Citizen Hearings for Disclosure, organized by Stephen Bassett. Dr. Leir’s experience spans decades and includes scientific evidence that people are being abducted and implanted.

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DANNY WILTEN : Fohat – The Universal Electric Entity



Creation force of worlds


UFO Sightings Of 2014 (May) Part 4

GIANT UFO TRANSVERSAL LIGHTS Alien Spacecraft Around The Sun


Yanking the Morphic Rug … ZEN


Until we truly realize our full potential and effect, both individually and collectively, we can easily live in a state of semi-conscious discouragement and disempowerment when it needn’t be that way.

Our warfare is primarily spiritual. Yet spirituality manifests in many ways, and much of it is informational. This in turn leads to more conscious awareness and much more conscious action, as well as fundamental non-compliance with the influences of their imposed spiritual and societal construct.

One clear example of the effect of this awareness are the many warnings regarding current events that the alternative community is increasingly sounding. Conscious research is based on news and event trends, accumulated information, knowledge of the occult such as ritual dates, numerology and other esoteric sciences, as well as intuitive, conscious understandings.

And this information is drastically affecting their plan. It’s not easy to quantify, but when everybody’s screaming there’s going to be a nuclear hit on some major event and it gets any kind of serious traction, they may have to push the plan back. Sounding off sure worked in stalling off their takeover plans for Syria. It’s rare we’ll ever know for sure what really goes on behind the scenes, but when Killary Klinton says they’re losing the information war, or Brzezinski says the global awakening is a threat, something’s obviously having a profound effect!

We’re Interrupting Their Vibe and Pissing Them Off

The informational and vibrational side is having a definite impact. Imagine someone having a little pre-planned wave pattern going in at one end of the pool with some designed effect and suddenly a few people jump in and start splashing around at the other end. That’s gonna screw their little plan up, isn’t it? Cosmically it’s much more profound than that, but you get the idea.

Do we force them into other avenues of treachery, or thwart their efforts all together? Something happens. It may not stay the whole war but it can shift battle conditions and put them on the defensive. Which is a big deal and sends a huge signal. “We are waking up and are not about to take this anymore or participate in your insane plans!”

The fact is we’re pissing them off and these lower dimensional bastards are literally having to regroup and reshuffle their plans because of us. Is this presumptuous? Not in the least.

Think about some of the more startling revelations that have come to light. Awareness of multiple false flag scenarios like the obviously planted Syrian chemical weapons attacks, or some time ago the USS Enterprise on its “last mission” to the Gulf ready to be sacrificed like the older ships left at Pearl Harbor were while the newer ones pulled out just before the raids.

And this goes right on up to this staged “Sandy Hook Repeat” shooting in Santa Barbara.

From micro nukes to virus seeding or so-called “lone gunman” rampages, we’re on to them. We clearly know about their weather warfare and mind control tricks. We’ve unraveled their phony education, political, financial and media scams. We’re even well versed in their wicked blood letting sacrificial rites, satanic ritual schedules, and can read their pagan occult symbolism and know their numerological tendencies. We’re not aware of everything, but the Creative Force is sure bringing a lot to light and we’re shining it in their faces!

It’s Not A Pretty Picture Until You Transcend

The Universe is much like an enormous multi-dimensional interactive blanket, or even a water bed. One part moves or changes and everything’s affected. Good if it’s good, bad if it’s bad. The nice thing is the inherent nature of the over-arching reality of consciousness is based in truth, love and creativity. The Universe has a way of mitigating bad vibes as they eventually get swallowed up like backwashing waves in the ocean, only to join the great natural rhythm.

But not without a conflict. And our participation is vital.

This picture is hard to swallow for most. When you realize that some of the more sordid truths about our dark overlords are not just allegorical but literally true, it shakes up your sense of reality. But if that’s what it takes, so be it. Better awake than asleep, like a dormant log approaching the Illuminati buzzsaw as it appears so many are destined to be.

When things like 9/11 truth and other false flags and the reality of the global cabal become apparent to the greater population, a flood of other information follows. And most of it regarding our current world is not good. In fact, it’s so nasty you have to seriously learn to handle it, and rise up above it into a place of greater conscious awareness where the beauty of the grand design overwhelms the negative.

Which happens pretty quickly for anyone in serious pursuit of Truth.

For example, the reality of rampant child abuse is about as far as most people want to go. After you wake up and realize the depths that the elitist Controllers are coming from, you learn that ritual rape, sacrifice and even blood drinking and cannibalism are rampant. They have been for millennia and were openly celebrated in ancient cultures. They’ve just moved their operations underground and “behind the scenes”.

That type of information blows some minds. But the sincere will move on and keep learning and this only adds fuel to their intuitive fires. These sordid realities don’t shake them.

Time To Act

I’ve always been an action person, though not always fully awake. I can’t just sit around and observe. I’ve never been a political activist, it just seemed pointlessly two-dimensional and angry, even though I’ve sympathized with many causes. The beauty of conscious awareness is you understand the importance and power of information, as well as the underlying connected vibrational nature of everything. While the lower density minions operate in the physical with some help from their dark occult forces, it doesn’t hold a candle to working with full-on conscious reality.

Therein lies our strength, and we must be aware of it.

How each of us responds is a wonder in itself. To be told what to do, or await to be told, only feeds the false programming. However, once one discovers the true nature of our individual power everything becomes alive, awaiting our touch of conscious awareness. We realize we each change the very fabric of this morphic field that results in this experience we call “reality”. And our effect in enormous, knowing the connected fabric that underlies all of creation.

To grasp that empowerment is to change everything, ourselves and all that is around us.

Find that place. Anything short of it is next to futile.

Yank the morphic rug a good one as often as you can. It sends them reeling and signals others to do the same.

They can’t operate on a playing field managed by loving, conscious awareness. Their plans will only continue to shake and crumble.

Give it to them! Any way you can!

Much love, Zen

Cobra Update 5-27-14… “Sisterhood of the Rose”

In Atlantis, priestesses of the Goddess were gathering in circles of twelve to anchor the energy of peace and harmony. They were called the Sisterhood of the Rose. They later reemerged in ancient Egypt as priestesses of Isis, with rose being a sacred symbol of the Goddess Isis. In the time of Crusades, Sisterhood of the Rose was the feminine counterpart to the Templars. During World War 2, they tried to influence some of the top Nazis, sometimes successfully persuading them to more peaceful ways, and thus saving many lives.

Venus-Sun transits in 2004 and 2012 were a coded sign in the sky to reactivate the Sisterhood of the Rose:

This summer, a grand trine of Eris, Lilith and Chariklo will activate the Goddess archetype on this planet on a deeper level than ever before. It is interesting to note that at the same time outer solar system objects Chariklo, Pholus and Ixion will make a triple conjunction in late Sagittarius, close to the position of the Galactic Center. This signifies a breakthrough of the suppressed Goddess archetype from collective unconscious on a planetary level. Feminine principle was suppressed by the Archons throughout the human history by female sexual energy control and manipulation and the key to liberate the feminine is for women to allow themselves to feel their sexual energy, align it with their heart and express it in their own way.

At the moment of summer solstice on June 21st, the process of activating the planetary Goddess archetype will begin. This will be activated by many women from the Resistance Movement and the Pleiadian fleet meditating and directing their loving energy to humanity. You can join that meditation in your own way. Summer solstice comes at 10 hours 52 minutes GMT. This equals 12:52 pm local time in Egypt and central Europe, 11:52 am BST in London, 6:52 am EDT in New York, 5:52 CDT in Chicago, 4:52 MDT in Denver and 3:52 PDT in Los Angeles.

Our core group will be anchoring those energies on Ibiza. Ibiza is an island, sacred to Goddess Tanit. She is the Goddess of waters and her springs and fountains bring healing, rejuvenation and alignment of electromagnetic field of our body and our energy field. She is a Cosmic Goddess and Romans called her Juno Caelestis. She and her island will support us on our path of individual, planetary and cosmic integration. You are more than welcome to join us:

It has been requested from the Light forces that women and men with inner connection with the Goddess begin to gather in groups to reactivate the Sisterhood of the Rose. Those groups need to gather physically at least once a week and invoke Goddess energy for planetary peace in their own unique way. Those groups will become the feminine aspect of support for the planetary transition at the time of the Event, whereas the Event Support groups represent the masculine aspect.

It has been requested from the Light forces that at the time of the Event all Sisterhood of the Rose groups meet, meditate for a peaceful transition and invoke Goddess energies of Love and harmony.

You can read more about the Goddess and how to connect with Her here:

Many temples of the Goddess will be built after the Event. Until then, you can light a candle in this virtual temple of Isis:

Wynn Free: David Wilcock and I documented David as Edgar Cayce’s reincarnation


VANCOUVER, BC – In a wide-ranging ExopoliticsTV interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, author Wynn Free shares the multi-dimensional journey that led him to co-authoring the book The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? Interdimensional Communication and Global Transformation with author David Wilcock.

Reincarnation: Eight points linking Edgar Cayce and David Wilcock

Wynn Free writes, “In concluding Part One of this book, here is a quick review of all the points covered linking Cayce and Wilcock.

“1. The Ra link between Cayce and Ra-Ta: Edgar Cayce in his own readings described his past life as high priest Ra-Ta in Egypt circa 10,500 B.C., where the pyramids were built by “levitation of stone.” L/L Research, with Carla Rueckert acting as the instrument for channeled readings from the higher-dimensional being Ra, indicated that Ra was connected to a priest in Egypt in 10,500 B.C. who had an affinity with the “Law of One.” Ra directly states that they worked with this priest who, the evidence implies, was Edgar Cayce’s first incarnation Ra-Ta. Carla Rueckert had no knowledge of the Cayce reading regarding this.

“2. Fulfillment of the Cayce prophecy: Cayce predicted that the priest (Ra-Ta) would return in 1998 and “may become a liberator of the world” along with other lightworkers, would live in Virginia Beach, and would be surrounded by his old associates in the new lifetime. Wilcock was urged by his “Dream Voice” to move to Virginia Beach prior to having any indication of his Cayce connection, and prior to being aware of his resemblance to Cayce. After deciding to move, he learned how similar he looked to Cayce. After the move, in 1998, he became aware of people in his personal sphere who resembled associates of Cayce.

“3. Striking physical resemblance: Plato, Percival, and Cayce all indicated that a common soul will take on similar physical appearances from one lifetime to the next. Wilcock’s scientific research into the energy fields of DNA suggests that this is a quite natural process where the energy of the soul “arranges” the DNA molecule.

“4. Astrological congruities: The ties linking Wilcock’s chart to Cayce’s show such a high degree of synchrony that simply trying to calculate the probability of it being a product of random chance is extremely difficult, potentially in the billions-to-one scale once all factors are considered.

“5. Comparable missions: Cayce and Wilcock both dedicated themselves to planetary service without regard for financial gain or personal recognition.

“6. Comparable conflicts-of-life issues: Both Cayce and Wilcock have issues with security, emotional stability, and internal conflicts, as well as the same phobia regarding water.

“7. Prophetic abilities: Even though he doesn’t demonstrate the on-demand psychic powers of Cayce, Wilcock has made many very precise predictions that have come to pass and given numerous readings that reveal complete comprehension of his clients’ issues and conflicts. Ra has told Wilcock that his role is to be a messenger of the pending dimensional shift and a “teacher of universal concepts to the masses.”

“8. Lack of desire for public acclaim: This book was written at the insistence of the author over Wilcock’s initial vehement resistance. Wilcock only permitted the book project to continue after he absolutely convinced himself of my intentions and connection with the “Law of One.” Even then, he frequently shunned involvement with the project. Wilcock was not anxious to expose himself to the kind of controversy and scrutiny this book could create. It was only at the author’s insistence that many would benefit as a result of the public release of this book that Wilcock finally gave some support to this project.

Free, Wynn; Wilcock, David (2010-06-09). The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?: Interdimensional Communication and Global Transformation (p. 188). North Atlantic Books. Kindle Edition.


Free, Wynn; Wilcock, David (2010-06-09). The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?: Interdimensional Communication and Global Transformation . North Atlantic Books. Kindle Edition.

Bill Ryan - I Once Had An E.T. Girlfriend


Bill Ryan, former co-creator of Project Camelot , gives us a deeply personal glimpse into his "history" with a former girlfriend who possessed very unusual abilities.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014




Co-rotating magnetic disks



Project Camelot Interviews Brian O’Leary

Dr Brian O’Leary suffered the ridicule of his schoolfriends when – several years before Sputnik – he announced his intention to go to the moon. Yet by the age of 27 he was a member of NASA’s astronaut program, slated to be one of the first to visit Mars. Several years later, he resigned (for various reasons) and took up a career in academia where he rubbed shoulders with – among many others – Carl Sagan at Cornell and the pioneering psi investigator Robert Jahn at the physics department at Princeton.

A near-death experience in a auto accident encouraged his exploration of the paranormal, and soon after he applied his considerable abilities to the investigation of Free (‘overunity’) Energy and psi phenomena. He authored several books and became a well-known Free Energy activist.

His list of personal friends reads like a Who’s Who of notable paradigm-challenging researchers and out-of-the-box thinking scientists. In this interview he is asked to summarize his exceptional life, and present his vision for the future.

An optimistic, gentle man, Brian O’Leary is gifted to possess intellect, vision and graciousness in equal measure.


UFOs – Sources of Mystery and Disaster


UFO sightings near disasters is not a new phenomenon, they have been recorded for thousands of years by all the peoples of the world. Recently however, strange objects – whether they are UFO orbs, ET vehicles, government drones, or something else entirely – have been spotted near many devastating incidents including the Moore, Oklahoma tornado as well as wild fires across the globe. Compounding this mystery is the unprecedented rise of triangle UFOs seen across many countries and in greater detail than ever before.

Footage includes multiple sightings of eerily similar “black triangle” UFOs, creepy “beaming lights” captured on hunting cameras across multiple states, and a dark sphere slowly circling against the spiraling vortex winds of a massive tornado. The presentation also compiles 911 phone calls from a massive sighting in Michigan for a stunning “re-living” of the event through the eyes of witness footage and conversations between government responders.

Why do unidentified objects appear near disasters?

Why have black triangles been seen in staggering numbers over the past few months?

Are these triangles secret craft of some national government or rogue organization?

Are these objects, and not just the triangles, alien in origin?

And – most importantly – is their presence indicative?

Danny Wilten - Our Electric Sun Is Powered Externally By Orion Nebula Trapezium

 Karlskirche High Altar Showing Orion Nebula:


Danny Wilten – Sun Spots On Our Electric Sun 

May Be Tied To Orion Nebula 






After recording my video yesterday, the Ambassador called again, this time providing me with a message to deliver from the Red Dragon. ​​Here's that message. "Change is on the horizon; and that change has a number. This number is 555. THE DRAGONS have decided to fulfill THE PROPHESY of 555, and use it as a remedy to destroy the tyranny that the people of the number 666 have brought upon us. GOD did not create good or evil; it came with our free will. We are the source of good; and we are the source of evil. We need to find peace within ourselves to be able to transmit that peace to others. Our hope is that humanity will allow themselves to find peace through trade and through cultural exchanges in order to enjoy human life and its flora [and fauna]. Let us build this world with the mindset that we are all one. The illusion that we have been living in a democracy has now brought us into a new form of slavery. We are as much free as a gold fish in an aquarium. If we pour poison into that aquarium, since we are not free on this planet, we will all die - no more gold fish. Let us clean this aquarium. Let us make this aquarium for all fish to live in as one single entity under peace; because a man in prison, while still in the mind, is always free.

 It is time for us humans to stop aggressing on each other and dividing us [ourselves] by religion and color. We must understand that all religions are all based on one fundamental belief: that there is ONE GOD. Unfortunately, the religious institutions on this planet have turned into an evil entity with a Satanic inspiration to control people and force them into submission in their different doctrines. To kill a person is to kill an entire humanity; and to save a person's life is to save the whole of humanity. With that in our mindset, no differences of religion or race should justify tyranny and hate. We need, as a creation, to be set free and work together to create the new era and a new world. All the institutions in this world are getting ready for this change; and we hope that this change will be done without blood being spilled. 666, and you all know who I am speaking of, needs to surrender and repent; or we will remove this cancer from the planet. All keepers and holders who believe themselves to be owners of global assets need to remit and redeem their positions; and you all will undoubtedly soon know that the only remedy for global peace and prosperity is 555. THE RED DRAGON is moving on this earth and is being shown support by THE SUPREME INTELLIGENCE. THE COUNCIL will no longer accept this tyranny placed upon humanity; and we will promise to set all of humanity free.

THE SHIP is now ready; and its chosen people are now arriving to their positions. Very, very, very soon we will show ourselves for the first time, and come out of hiding to engage humanity and live up to the global aspirations as one world and ​one human family of different colors, religions and beliefs to work together for a thousand years of peace and prosperity. People, do not submit yourself to tyranny anymore... you are all free and you have a free will given to you by THE CREATOR. All must now find peace and love, and not aggress upon your neighbor. Instead embrace them and break the boundaries set up by man that have been dividing us for too long... One world with many humans in peace and prosperity for one thousand years... 555.


Monday, 26 May 2014

UFO Flies By Plane Window In London UK May 25 2014

Graham Hancock on War God and the Aztecs



Graham Hancock is a British writer and journalist. Hancock specializes in theories involving ancient civilizations, stone monuments or megaliths, altered states of consciousness, ancient myths and astrological data from the past. One of the main themes is a global connection with a "mother culture" from which he believes all ancient historical civilizations sprang.

"Five hundred years ago the old Mexican prophecy which announced the return of Quetzalcoatl came true. In an era dominated by human sacrifices and the decadence of a great culture, bearded men, white-faced, from beyond the sea, arrived to impose their law. In this fast-moving highly recommended novel, Graham Hancock masterfully reconstructs the biggest clash of civilizations ever, revealing aspects that only a genius author could unveil."

Nature Was My Teacher : LIVING WATER – The Vision Of Viktor Schauberger


Water, vortex, implosion, free energy.

Viktor Schauberger (30 June1885 25 September1958) was an Austrian forester/forest warden, naturalist, philosopher, inventor and Biomimicry experimenter.

The inventor of what he called “implosion technology”, Schauberger developed his own theories based on fluidic vortices and movement in nature. He built actuators for airplanes, ships, silent turbines, self-cleaning pipes and equipment for cleaning and so-called “refinement” of water to create spring water, which he used as a remedy.

Schauberger’s theories appear not to have received acceptance in the mainstream western scientific community, as replication proves either too difficult or results vary from previously published data. However, Schauberger’s work remains an inspiration to many people in the Green Movement for his own observations of nature.


Strange UFO Captured By Linda Jensen, Panama

Danny Wilten - Views On Science Religion And The Mysteries

The Creative Will by Helena P Blavatsky 

Sunday, 25 May 2014

RE-ACTIVATING THE ”JUNK” DNA : Photonic Recodification


Although we are still subject to the many obstacles created by the alien elite simultaneously a genetic phenomenon, apparently unknown to official science, is taking place and that is the modification of DNA which is undergoing a total transformation this is why children with 3 or even 4 strands of DNA are being born worldwide.

Do these genome variations play a significant role in the evolution of our human race and is this linked to the continuous flow of photons to Earth as well as a deep psychological and behavioural innovation that is totally unknown.

If so, are we cooperating with our ethical, moral and spiritual change in this incredible and valuable new transformative genetic rebirth?

TIMOTHY GOOD ~ “Secrets of UFO Existence”


Timothy Good – UFO Authority
Worldwide research, interviewing key witnesses and discussing the subject with astronauts, military and intelligence specialists, pilots, politicians and scientists, has established Timothy Good as a leading authority on UFOs and the alien presence – the most highly classified subject on Earth.


THE ANCIENT ONES ~ Sasquatch People



Kewaunee Lapseritis Interview : The Ancient Ones


and Their Interdimensional Connection

Because the Sasquatch are genuinely people—not animals—Kewaunee is a crypto-anthropologist, not a crypto-zoologist. He elaborates on why they are humanoid beings and their purpose here, based on 32 years of interacting with the giants (and ETs) (out of the 55 years researching them). Kewaunee draws information from 187 witnesses who also experienced telepathic communication. Quantum physics describes the reality of mental telepathy, invisibility, inter-dimensionalism, and other PSI phenomena, and is actually juxtaposed with psychic Sasquatch and ET behavior.

Kewaunee has been successful in his research because of his benign, spiritual, field methodology (no guns or cameras)—not unlike Dr. Jane Goodall’s approach with chimpanzees, except the Sasquatch are highly evolved nature people. They are terrestrial extraterrestrials, living inside giants’ bodies. In his book, the forest giants reveal a salient message to humanity—that the planet is dying at the hands of exploitative man and in 2012 there will be a huge shift in human consciousness that most earthlings are ill prepared to face. The Sasquatch people, who are the ultimate environmentalists, want to share their ancient wisdom with the human, but few are listening.

Although there is a chapter on the Bigfoot/ET/UFO connection, the UFO phenomenon is woven onto every chapter, since many of the Sasquatch work with several races of friendly Star People as they prepare to assist humanity for the coming cosmic Earth changes.

“I’ve always known that there was something more complex to the Sasquatch phenomenon than it just being a wild animal.”—Bob Gimlin, witness to the 1967 Bluff Creek Patterson film

“There exists a growing network of contactees like Kewaunee who now know from personal encounters that the Sasquatch’s cognizance of reality seems to surpass our own in mind/matter relationship that our young science is just beginning to consider.”—Jeremy Lynes, Sasquatch experiencer


I would like to know from the hairy folk: How can we start to “feel” you around us. Many of us are aware of the sacrifices our earth brothers and sisters have made for humans. Many of us are sad and angry at the same time; that this is happening. But more important, many of us are interested in learning from the hairy folk. You can teach the humans that want to know and learn the ways of the olde ways. Are there some teachings you can offer for us to open our hearts so that we can finally meet in the woods and learn?
My name is TuKra. I come and join this conversation for this question.  So many of you hve forgotten how to feel. I always hear from humans that they do not know how to feel. Most give up trying to learn how to feel. Why, humans, do you do this? What else is there than FEEL? See? You want to see? You “SEE” things all of the time and you still do not know if it is true or not. You fight and argue over what you “SEE.” 
Feel! I teach you how to feel but I can’t teach you how to get up and do it. Turn off TV. Take off shoes. Feel the mother beneath your clean soft feet. Close your eyes and picture your body. Go around every part of your body with your imagination and feel your skin. All of you can do this. Now here comes what is new. Feel your energy next. What?! What is my energy?! So many of you ask. Everything is energy! Why you get goose bumps in the woods when you sense us around? ENERGY! We stand right behind you and you feel our energy but you spend all of your time trying to “SEE.”
Close eyes. Relax. Feel your skin and look at yourself from a different point on your body. Not your eyes. Look at your eyes from the stand point of your toes. NOW. Move out further. See and feel your energy. Feel how your energy mixes with the energy of all that is. Feel the energy between us. NOW FEEL US. Now you can see us with your eyes closed. We are all one in the same energy with different points of reference. Next day, Humans, do this again. Keep feeling this way and you will find what you are looking for.
Hi, this isTah-wee-nah-say. Our planet is beautiful. We have learned to live with every being in harmony together. The same way with our ships. They are also living beings living in harmony with us. I travel everywhere at a moments notice. Your whole planet right now is within a biosphere. Soon you will see the un-importance of how long. 
I will leave you now. I am pleased that some of you are already aware of the Andromeda Council. The council keeps me very busy. Until next time.
What the Sasquatch are doing are clearing up distortions. They are simply clearing up distortions and we humans have many. Has anyone ever realized how our thoughts make matter? Do you realize how often we humans say something and mean something else? Have you thought about the thought that started the contradiction? Can you imagine how many macro and micro distortions that humans have on a daily basis?

Change is happening right now and change will happen later. Choose your change or change will choose you and maybe you do not like what change gives you. Homeless is without a home. Gaia is our home. Change is going to change your home. Are you going to let change decide what your next home will be or will you choose? You have the power to be you when change comes. Who do you choose to be?

ToGrahnuNo human can kill me. I’m ToGrahnu. Do not fear for us. We know what we do. How will you humans wake up when someone not there to show you. Do you know how many dolphins and whales die for you? They don’t die! They sacrifice so you will wake up. That is what life is. When you see us we show you. 
We part of all that is. All that is is here for a long time. We come from a different planet that is not there anymore. We went to other planets too. Some times you look up and see us not just in woods. It is only humans that can not see not that we can see more. Humans use all the wrong tools for everything. See with heart not with eyes. Feel with heart not with fingers. Hear with heart not with ears. Know don’t think or believe. 
Gaia is shimmering out like we shimmer out of sight to the hunter. Gaia is shimmering out to the human that is asleep and afraid. What is left for the sleepers is not Gaia. Gaia is our mother. She take us with her. Gaia kiss other children good night and let them sleep a little longer. They will wake up someday. Where Gaia leave the sleepers is that part of Gaia that is not shimmerd out. It is another place that looks like Gaia. Other place is sleeping too like sleeping humans. They will sleep together for a while. We stay with our mother with humans that choose to stay with mother. Only humans will see us with their hearts. On other planet humans will still look for us with their eyes.
Try to realize in your imaginations that Earth is a prison planet. It’s humans are the prisioners. The prisoners are kept blind to all that really matters. All that you choose to see with your eyes is not real. It is a mixture of your collective imagination and the wall of the prison that has held you for quite a few thousand years. We are trying to get your attention from beyond the glass windows that surrounds you.
  Remember, the next time that you look at the animals of earth look at them closely. They can see us. They are not the prisoners. You are. The animals of your world, and I also mean our friends the Hairy Folk, are trying to show you the way home. Many humans do not think that animals have a soul. Most humans slaughter and eat animals. And all of you think that animals are not as important as humans. The entire universe is watching you. We love you. That is why so many of them come back lifetime after lifetime in order to show you the way. Salute their sacrifice. 
We are busy right now. Gaia is changing for us too. We are preparing for a shift in consciousness. What we have been used to is about to change. We are about to come face to face with you again after many years. You are going to learn that it is not us who are alien.
Getting ready. And we are helping to get you ready too. It is good for us to have you back the way that you used to be. You have been gone so long that most of you don’t remember anything. You are all so blind. We can stand right in front of your face and you look right through us. We allow you to see us sometimes because we love to be among you. But you have grown numb. It hasn’t been all of your fault.
Just hang on and soon you will know. Some of you will anyway. All of you will in the end. But most of you are not ready. The shift will open many eyes and close some more. Feel us. We feel you. The moment that you begin to feel us is when you will be ready.

Ready to go home.
We love your company when you come to see us. Sometimes we even let some of you see a little. But your still not ready for the big surprise. You are going to see a big surprise and it will change you. Who do you think that you are? You are not who you think you are. We know. We never forgot like you did. But it is not all of your fault. We are like you in many ways. Some of us are so mad at what you have done to this planet that it is better not to seek these. But there are many of us like me who have human friends and family.
But there is a lot that you do not know. It will come to you soon. Find us. Feel us. We are all family. You humans just don’t know how big your family is. We come from somewhere else a long time ago. Most of you came from somewhere in the beginning but now you are different. You think that you live your one little life and it is over. It’s not that way. All of your lives that you have lived are like one big life. Each life carries in to the next. Some of you go for many lives and sleep the whole time. Some of you have been awake for many lifetimes. Then you come back here to help. Sometimes you go back to sleep. We Hairy Folk do not sleep our lives away. No! We blend with all that is. But it is not all of your fault so we are here to help you. Do not think that we are here only to help you but we will if you ask. Do not expect anything form us because we are not asleep. We know what you really want. And we always know what you need.
No need to tell you. Already here. Tahjee told you already. We can be right in front of your eyes and humans don’t see us. Humans don’t see change like humans don’t see us. Humans always looking and looking but never see. Humans don’t know that they can’t see feelings. Feel the change if you want to. Don’t look for it. Never find it that way. I’m going to tell you something, you need to feel your way through this change. I’m waiting for you.
I know that you know. You feel it. You know what is there. But it is not there it is here already. Big change coming. Soon there will not be a cover over real life.
If you want to see what I can see than you have to feel to see. You know this! Our mother is changing but what you see with your eyes is not what she really is. Many of us Hairy Folk are helping humans to change. We send thoughts and feelings. We watch you and protect you sometimes. Humans have made this mother so dirty that we do not like to step on her with our bodies. We do not want to step on glass on the beaches. We shimmer so our bodies are protected from you.

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League of Consciousness Explorers – QandA Webinar #3.1





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MICHAEL TELLINGER : 200.000 Year Old Temple of the Annunaki Gods


This is a scientific expose that will shatter our knowledge of ancient human history. Scholars have told us that the first civilisation on Earth emerged in a land called Sumer some 6000 years ago. New archaeological and scientific discoveries made by Michael Tellinger, Johan Heine and a team of leading scientists, show that the Sumerians and even the Egyptians inherited all their knowledge from an earlier civilization that lived at the southern tip of Africa more than 200,000 years ago…mining gold.

These were also the people who carved the first Horus bird, the first Sphinx, built the first pyramids and built an accurate stone calendar right in the heart of it all. “Adam’s Calendar” is the flagship among millions of circular stone ruins, ancient roads, agricultural terraces and thousands of ancient mines, left behind by a vanished civilisation which we now call the First People.

They carved detailed images into the hardest rock, worshipped the sun, and are the first to carve an image of the Egyptian Ankh – key of life and universal knowledge, 200,000 years before the Egyptians came to light. This interview graphically exposes these discoveries and will be the catalyst for rewriting our ancient human history.
Michael Tellinger has become an international authority on the origins of humankind and the vanished civilizations of southern Africa. Scholars have told us that the first civilization on Earth emerged in a land called Sumer some 6000 years ago. New archaeological and scientific discoveries made by Michael Tellinger, Johan Heine and a team of leading scientists, show that the Sumerians and even the Egyptians inherited all their knowledge from an earlier civilization that lived at the southern tip of Africa more than 200,000 years ago… mining gold.

MAX IGAN : The Power is in the Hands of the People

Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - Season 2 - Episode 7

"When the tyrant has disposed of foreign enemies by conquest or treaty and there is nothing to fear from them, then he is always stirring up some war or other, in order that the people may require a leader" - Plato

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Cosmonaut Marina Popovich discloses UFOs To visit USA request US Government and US Astronauts to disclose


MOSCOW, RUSSIAN FEDERATION – Cosmonaut Marina Popovich, who is a Hero of the Soviet Union, holds 102 world records, is in the Guinness Book of World Records, disclosed her personal experiences with UFOs and her knowledge of the extraterrestrial presence in an exclusive May 23, 2014 ExopoliticsTV interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre.

Cosmonaut Marina Popovich, who maintained she was not punished nor censored by the Russian military or authorities when she reported these UFO experiences to them and then went public, stated she intends to visit the United States and help convince the US government and Congress along with her fellow U.S. astronauts. U.S. astronauts, the U.S. government, and the U.S. Congress have maintained a 60+ year official embargo on UFOs and extraterrestrials. U.S. Astronauts have been officially reticent to disclose and speak out about their personal experiences with UFOs and Extraterrestrials, and the repressive measures the U.S. government has used to ensure their silence.