Saturday, 15 November 2014



Let us chat together a moment, my friend!

There are still several hours until dawn,

and I have the whole day to sleep.

I mentioned the other day that I have a new friend who claims to be part of the Dragon Family. She tells me she has lived her life under a ‘generational curse’ because of her great-grandfather’s actions. Of course the Ambassador has also told me how the Family places curses to the ninth generation upon individuals who violate their code of conduct. I continue to ponder this enigma of cursing people, especially the yet-to-be-born. To me, it is a foreign concept in relation to a loving God, a benevolent Creator. I see it as a Darkside mechanism much the same as I view the so-called ‘national security’ interests of corporate governments. The code of conduct for criminal organizations dealing curses to keep malevolent beings aligned with the long-range goals of total domination and destruction of everything good is, as I see it, bull shit that has to end. I truly hope that the mandate given to these dark entities is over. If it’s not, all Life will suffer with few surviving, if any. This insanity must be stopped! [It’s interesting that this movie ( that I am watching after I made my video talks about planning sustainability for the next seven generations. What a contrast from the criminal mindset!]

Not very human of them I must say …

Nosferatu was cursed too



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