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Amidst the increasing amount of Earthquakes and historical natural disasters unfolding around the planet, comes consistant discussion and warnings over the recent months of an expectation of an ALIEN THREAT, and Threats from outside forces.

With Comet ELENIN just around the corner, Asteroids, and dwarf stars ...

There is a significant amount of Strange Phenomenon being witnessed in the sky and clouds, and strange humming and vibration noises being heard and felt around the earth.

As UFO sightings continue to increase, along with the chemtrails, so does talk of a new world order


This cannot be the moon,as anyone should know-even if it was during a full moon when this was taken,wherever it was taken,it has to be opposite the sun,on the other side of the earth,not near the sun as we see it's not the moon-what the heck is it ?


THIS was a presentation by Mr. Jaime Mussan at the 16th UFO Congress and he decodes a crop circle stating dates in between when something would happen!!

"He says he doesn't know what it means! But we have to remember!"

Well its actually a very close coincidence with the Expected Time of Arrival of NIBIRU!! - 20th of May 2012!!

There would be an Eclipse for 16 Days after the arrival!


Is NIBIRU the reason again!?? Possible!

He says 'NEW FIRE' Is he referring to the Nibiru or the destruction caused by NIBIRU?

and then another date pops up 6th of June 2012!

Is this the time when NIBIRU's affect would reduce??


and then in the second crop circle which was close to the the first one he translates it as the "Return of Quetzalcoatl or Kukulkan (Translated into Mayan) of the Messiah.


There's compelling info that this comet Elenin, MAY be the 'Blue Star Kacina' of Hopi prophecy.

The Hopi seem to believe that it MIGHT be.

They believe that a blue star comes first as a WARNING to create an awakening then later, the Red Star of global disaster to bring in a new paradigm.


Solar activity has a regular cycle, with peaks approximately every 11 years.

Near these activity peaks, solar flares can cause some interruption of satellite communications, although engineers are learning how to build electronics that are protected against most solar storms.


Now these people study their enviornment because their lives depend on it.

They don't have cell phones, cable TV or internet and the land and enviornment is their lives.

Now you would have noticed that the little dipper has moved. The stars have indeed changed.

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Scientists at the CERN research institute near Geneva claim to have accelerated subatomic neutrino particles faster than the speed of light.





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What is the differences between male and female brains, using the mysterious savants as a key area of study.

The differences between male and female brains have plagued scientists for centuries but with new brain scanning technologies, they can now examine exactly what goes on inside our heads.

Of particular interest are savants; a small but highly intelligent group of people who can multiply 5-digit numbers without a calculator, speak a dozen languages or recite 12,000 books from memory.

Six out of seven savants are male, begging the question: how big is this little difference between male and female brains?

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Traditional Hopi Elder and Guardian of the
Sacred Stone Tablets of the Fire Clan


ABOVE: Eldest Elder Grandfather Martin Gashweseoma
in front of the Prophecy Rock.

The interpretation of the picture above is:

The large human figure on the left is the Great Spirit. The bow in his left hand represents his instructions to the Hopi to lay down their weapons. The vertical line to the right of the Great Spirit is a time scale in thousands of years. The point at which the great Spirit touches the line is the time of his return.

The "life path" established by the Great Spirit divides into the lower, narrow path of continuous Life in harmony with nature and the wide upper road of white man's scientific achievements. The bar between the paths, above the cross, is the coming of white men; the Cross is that of Christianity. The circle below the cross represents the continuous Path of Life.

The four small human figures on the upper road represent, on one level, the past three worlds and the present; on another level, the figures indicate that some of the Hopi will travel the white man's path, having been seduced by its glamour.

The two circles on the lower Path of Life are the "great shaking of the earth" (World Wars One and Two). The swastika in the sun and the Celtic cross represent the two helpers of Pahana, the True White Brother.

The short line that returns to the straight Path of Life is the last chance for people to turn back to nature before the upper road disintegrates and dissipates. The small circle above the Path of Life, after the last chance, is the Great Purification, after which corn will grow in abundance again when the Great Spirit returns. And the Path of Life continues forever...

The Hopi shield in the lower right corner symbolizes the Earth and the Four-Corners area where the Hopi have been reserved. The arms of the cross also represent the four directions in which they migrated according to the instructions of the Great Spirit.

The dots represent the four colors of Hopi corn, and the four racial colors of humanity.

Below are illustrations of the Hopi tablets that were given to the ancient ones by Musawa. The story is told as follows:

The Hopis also have in their possession the stone tablets that Masaw gave to them. These are not ordinary stones that could have been made in America, but ivory stones with hieroglyphs cut into them with strange figures... like those carved in Egypt on the temples.

Figures of headless men, swastikas, and snakes. One corner of the Fire Clan Tablet has a corner missing. It was broken off when Masawa gave the stone to the Hopi, and this piece was given to the White Brother as proof that he could return and join in the Ceremonies, finally completing the Cycle making this a paradise on Earth.


There was the cycle of the mineral, the rock.
There was the cycle of the plant.
And now we are in the cycle of the animals coming to the end of that and beginning the cycle of the human being.
When we get into the cycle of the human being the highest and greatest powers that we have will be released to us.
They will be released from that light or soul that we carry to the mind.
But right now we're coming to the end of the animal cycle and we have investigated ourselves and learned what it is to be like an animal on this earth.

Grandfather Martin holding one of the Sacred Stone Tablets


MAYAN ... Perceptions In Concept

In how the world may soon change in astronomical proportions that will effect the world dramatically and all living things on earth.

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Our heroic destiny is to persuade everyone that the act of sharing will engender the trust they seek. To  show that sharing is no longer an option, a choice, but the inevitable consequence of our realization that humanity is One.

What is required is a reassessment of who and what we are in our relationship to each other. The first step we have to take to address these problems is to see ourselves as one, brothers and sisters of one humanity. We have to get that sense of globality, that we are one people, one group – and therefore the food, raw materials, energy, scientific know-how and educational facilities of the world belong to everyone. These resources are given so that all people may evolve, which underlies our evolutionary process. As a result, we must share these resources more equitably.

When we share, we will create justice in the world, and when we create justice, and only then, will we have peace.

Through sharing people will come to know the meaning love. Without sharing there can be no future for people, for the time has come to manifest love – or die.

Sharing provides the answer to all people’s problems and a sure entry into the future. Through sharing, peace will prevail. Through sharing, justice will be won. Through sharing and co-operation, brotherhood and sisterhood will flourish, and a new and glorious future open for humans.

If we would evolve, develop as a race, we must realize our oneness, realize that we are brothers and sisters of one family, under the one Divine Source, and identical with that Source. What happens in a normal family? They share whatever they have. A mother will not feed one child better than another, give one child 17 per cent and another 83 per cent of the food.

We have to realize that we are one family, and therefore must share the resources of the world more equitably around the world. 

This would lead to a reduction of tension and of incalculable human suffering.

It would also bring about a revitalization of the life and of the economies of the already developed nations.

The life-blood of the planet must circulate.

The stagnant economies of the richer nations can only be galvanized into motion through the recognition that the poorer nations, too, have a right to live and to enjoy a reasonable standard of life.

Only sharing can make this so.

Daily, the evidence mounts to show people that the world is One, that humanity is an organism whose well-being depends on the health of every part, and that to ignore the signs of danger and of disease is no longer possible or wise.

Many now see this and call for justice but only the cry of awakened humanity will suffice to shift the Powers from their positions of greed.

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The early crashes [of UFOs] were caused when [nuclear] radiation in our atmosphere was taken into their craft through a process similar to our air conditioning systems. The crews became ill and lost control of their ships, resulting in fatal crashes. After a number of these fatalities had taken place, the crews on other ships began studying conditions and seeking ways to avoid such disasters. Now they have succeeded.

“They have perfected a small object which each crew member carries on his person while their ship is moving through our atmosphere. A similar object on a much larger scale is used to purify the atmosphere within their craft. No space person ever comes to Earth without one of these for protection to help him withstand the radiation present not only in our atmosphere, but in our food and water as well.

Earth scientists do not have the technology to measure the etheric levels of energy, where the release of radiation from nuclear power plants and experimentation causes the most damage … the “deadliest release of energy that has ever taken place on Earth”, which depletes our body’s immune system, “causing more and more Alzheimer’s, memory loss, disorientation and the gradual breakdown of our body’s defence system.

The Space Brothers are engaged on a spiritual mission to neutralize this nuclear radiation, spending “countless hours mopping up this energy and at the same time creating on the dense-physical plane a replica of the planet’s magnetic field”, through the crop circles, as part of a new energy grid that will “give this planet ... unlimited, safe power for all purposes, in ways that cannot be bought up or cornered by any group of men.

This source of unlimited, free energy, which the Space People use for space travel, is drawn from space the same as we draw the breath that keeps our bodies alive. In each case Nature’s elements are converted into power or energy…. The visitors, working in harmony with Nature, have learned how to harness this energy; but because of our hostility towards one another, they do not explain the details of their process.

As a result, our atmosphere is being polluted … by the nuclear bombs that have been, and are still being, exploded around the world. This is an abnormal condition of our own making … only we can change it.

The greatest harm sustained by people and planet in this sorry tale is caused by nuclear radiation. People have gone far astray in the development of this most dangerous energetic source.

Led astray by greed, and the false hope of vast profits, they have concentrated their experiments in ‘taming’ the most dangerous source of energy ever discovered by man, neglecting, meanwhile, a perfectly safe alternative use of the energy of the atom.

Atomic fusion, cold and harmless, could be theirs from a simple isotope of water, everywhere available in the oceans,
seas and rivers, and in every shower of rain.

People must cease his ‘toying with death’. Atomic fission is the result of the atomic bombs which destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki; which erupted in Chernobyl and causes, subtly, death and sickness today. It is “that which stands where it ought not” and which must be renounced by people
if he would prosper further.

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Air elemental beings identified by the ancient Greeks (& Paracelsus) as SYLPHS are very worried about the CHEMTRAILS

Sylphs have been known to generate rain from air masses that have no moisture. Native Raindances can create heavy rain within hours inside a stagnant dry high pressure zone. Meteorologists state that there is zero percent chance of precipitation in such weather systems, yet an inch or more of rain can fall from dry air. A number of dowsers have done the same thing.

Sylphs are transmuting air into water. Neon gas conversion to water is simple, as only two protons need to be drawn off the nucleus and chemically recombined with the remaining oxygen. The sylphs appear to be able to pull off neutrons, contain them with their magnetic fields, and use the hydrogen atom which is spontaneously generated a split second later when the neutron divides into a proton, electron and subquently emits a neutrino.

With such flexibility, a sylph can create water from atmospheric oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide. Atmospheric dust, which is mainly silica, can also be converted to air and water. The sprayed aluminum particles can also be converted to air and water. The process is more involved with any number of intermediatary steps depending on the end product. The large cometary sylphs and now THE SYLPH GIANTS of Jupiter and Saturn are doing the same work.

Legions of huge air elemental beings called "Sylphs" by ancient Greeks made their presence known by assuming cloud shapes that often look like wispy winged angels or animal forms who set about "cleaning up" the skies of chemtrail toxins by engulfing and transmuting chemtrail toxins into non-toxic substances.

There have been a number of photographs of a very large sylph totally enveloping Mount Shasta, Mauna Kea and Mount Fuji.

These are sacred mountains that have had pictures taken of halo or lenticular clouds sitting on their peaks.
Since these clouds look like UFO, they have also been called "cloud-ships".

In this crazy world, myth carries more truth than the six o'clock news.


A supernatural creature prominent in Northwest Coast Indian myths.

Thunder and lightning are attributed to the thunderbird, which produces thunder by flapping its wings and lightning by opening and closing its eyes. The Thunderbird is said to hunt whales, using its wings to shoot arrows. Among some Plains First Nations, thunderstorms are a contest between the Thunderbird and a huge rattlesnake. Individuals who had been struck by lightning and survived often became Shamans, for they had received the power of the monster bird...

The Thunderbirds in native "myth" are the large Sylphs whose heat signatures in the infrared are measured in miles. The huge rattlesnake is the jetstream in the stratosphere. Sylphs use the jetstream to move around quickly. They also use energy from the jetstream in the creation of thunderstorms. There is a huge orgone energy component running parallel above the physical jetstream. Native shamans travelling out of the body see the orgone jetstream moving like a sidewinder rattlesnake across the sky.

In 1899 Tesla guessed that there was a lot of energy in the high atmosphere.

As there are underwater Sylphs called Undines who frolic with whales, I would guess that the arrows flying from the thunderbird would be smaller Sylphs diving into the water to play with their cousins. I sincerely doubt that thunderbirds would hurt whales. In the rare event of an actual thunderstorm over a pod of whales, there is only an average of five days each year of Pacific Coast thunderstorms, smaller Sylphs would warn the whales away from the area where the lightning could strike.

Undines guide whale and fish migration. There is a remarkable video of a school of herring attacked by sharks off the coast of South Africa. The herring went into a defensive ball which confused the sharks. You could see the outlines of the protective Undine guiding the herring.

The large Sylphs are extremely wise. They have techniques of avoiding by creating destructive thunderstorms. Most thunderstorms are short lived, six to ten hours. When the storm appears to be becoming too large, they withdraw and the storm collapses. In some cases a piece of crystalized orgone has become fixed over a town, a threat to the health of the region, drastic measures are required to break it up. In a calculated move, the Sylph brings as much wind, rain, lightning and thunder to disperse the problem, as the area can bear. Often, it takes a repetition of thunderstorms. Lightning and thunder shatters crystalizations, wind and rain scatters and splatters the negative orgone.


What kind of sociopaths have we created through our educational process ?

These are scientists purposefully toxifying the atmosphere and of in effect water and earth.

This isn't just killing the human population on the planet today, but killing animal, plant life and all possibility of any kind of healthy life for all the rest of eternity!

How has  this become institutionalized?

Don't they value even their own lives or those of their children!?

Insanity reigns!

Are you​ and your family also on the "useless eaters" elimination list ?

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Deep inside the heart of Mother Earth, in sacred Mayan Caves in Guatemala, Wandering Wolf shares some of the prophecy he was taught by his Elders.

Walking through an ancient Mayan city, Tata addresses misconceptions surrounding ancient Mayan ceremonies.

The atmosphere has lost its control. The Maya see it with much sadness that we will see hunger and drought. Plagues will invade the fields and affect the agriculture; new illnesses will appear and will be difficult to cure. The sun rays are getting stronger and stronger as time goes by.

The recommendation to avoid more suffering is this: No more nuclear testing, no more wars, no more mining and other explorations, no more use of chemicals. This is the only way the human race, the animals and the ancient trees could survive and see the new Sun*. If we do not change, few will be the ones to survive and see the arrival of the 6th Sun.

Let’s reconcile with our Creator and our Mother Earth, each one in our own way. For us the Maya will be with our Sacred Fire.

Apocalypse Or New Sun ?

In the ancient cities of the Maya, Grand Elder "Wandering Wolf" talks about 2012, the end of the world, the New Sun and the ancestral knowledge of the Shift of the Ages.

According to the ancient Mayan Calendar we are living in the last days of a great cosmic cycle known as the "Long Count". Traditionally this is labeled as the Death of the 4th period of the Sun and the Birth of the new 5th Sun. The Maya kept accurate and detailed records of Earth's past transitions, and the civilizations that experienced major adjustments in their collective realities. 

It's no coincidence that the majority of the indigenous traditions and world religions mark our phase of existence as one that harbors a radical adjustment in the perception of reality. This transition to a new era has become known as the "Shift of the Ages".

At this time light-workers are unifying, forming alliances and underground networks to assist the mainstream with this great human transition. One emissary of light is Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj, a 13th Generation Quiche Mayan High Priest. To the indigenous world he is known as "Wandering Wolf". Don Alejandro, in behalf of the Mayan Council of Indigenous Elders in Guatemala, has commissioned a film to be made to reveal visions, concepts, and subject matter previously concealed from the masses. According to Mayan prophecy, we have entered into a period when it is safe to release this information to the public.

The Ancient Ones left stories, glyphs and prophecies to be considered by each successive generation. "The Shift of the Ages" gives expression to the voice of the ancient ones who have known of this period of time for eons. "Wandering Wolf" and other indigenous elders are now sharing their message with the people of our planet. Hear their words, feel their hearts, and see their visions! Positive seeds are being sown for the future. The "Shift of the Ages" is a heart warming, soul inspiring, and mind blowing experience.

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Elenin : The Serpent Of Light Now Uncoils


ELENIN: The Serpent of Light Now Uncoils!

September and October are being heralded as mega-energy months which could very well reveal the “something really BIG entering” that many of us have been deeply sensing. The internet is buzzing with all sorts of speculations on approaching occurrence including a comet-like energy field that teams of researchers seem to agree on something… it IS approaching the Earth.
Children of the Sun Foundation is viewing all outplay as a divine opportunity to deepen our union with each other and our celestial body aspects. Based upon what we are experiencing within our own bodies, we feel that whatever is approaching is an outer reflection of an immense energy field, already within our own body, as one with our DNA.

This expected Comet Elenin is a visitor from the far reaches of our solar system and we, as a planetary species, won’t be seeing it again for a very long time. Let’s open our hearts wide and welcome the blessings that Elenin is purposed to deliver. It does comes at a most auspicious time of planetary shift.

Summary of Dates:

The Dates of Elenin’s approach are across the board. What is significant is that Elenin is here now. Even if Elenin is an “outer event” does not matter. What matters is that we embrace this comet from the inside as the serpent of light (comet tail) uncoils and our DNA has an opportunity to fire its new strands.  It is always about the Divine Plan unfolding. This could be one of our greatest tests of mastery yet, to remain out of fear and see this for what it truly is, an INNER event. After all, we are the pathcutters.

Considerations of the Mayan Calendar and Prophecy: 

It is recommended that everyone do their own research and contemplations concerning the approaching energy. We feel that the following is worthy of consideration.

Comet Elenin is now approaching the Earth and will make it's closest passing at the very end of October coinciding with the date researchers have been saying is the more real closure of the Mayan Calendar. According to researchers like Ian Xel Lungold and Dr. Carl Johan Calleman, the true Mayan end date is not December 21, 2012, but October 28, 2011. The researchers claim that the Dreamspell or 13 lunar-month calendar upon which original calculations were based does not take into account the leap day of February 29 introduced into the Gregorian calendar whereas the true Mayan calendar does.

“My intuition tells me that Elenin indeed is the Blue Star, which according to the above seems to imply some kind of near impact. To be certain of this we will have to wait and see what color it has. It is however already noteworthy that the ninth and last sign of the Hopi Prophecy corresponds to what is produced by the ninth and highest wave of the Mayan calendar. Maybe this comet is in fact also a sign of the returning Quetzalcoatl, the Plumed Serpent, of Aztec/Toltec prophecy.”

Visions from the Children of the Sun Oracles ….

We are riding on the Wings of Comet Elenin as the new Strands Fire!

Elenin enters our inner Solar System with wonderment as the sounds of her breath lure open the firmament of Heaven and Earth with vibrations of a mighty purpose. As a glorious celestial body of light, embodying the codes of Christ Consciousness, she comes to bless all who are in resonance with the unified field of Divine Love.

The moment has arrived and as one body of light we welcome our celestial visitor with gratefulness and joy as we continue to activate the codes of light to help actualize our new DNA structure. All are invited, and as Children of the Sun we have all focused diligently in preparing the body temple to be receptive to the new codes of light, to be conduits and channels of the expanded field of Unity Consciousness.

May our hearts open wide to receive Elenin’s blessings as we honor her light that tones through our hearts the love and wisdom of the “Christos”. Allow her grace to move through you, and as we merge as one, her heavenly body spawns a glorious heat that transcends the void completing the Holiest of Holy’s, “the birth of a New Sun”.

The result can be a spontaneous rejuvenation (the rapture) to all that have a receptive kundalini channel and an open pineal gland. We must be willing to accept the changes and enter the state of Grace.

The Return of Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Fiery Serpent

The Collective Kundalini Rising

With the cosmic waves of Comet Elenin rippling through the planetary field, many are feeling a resonant stirring within… an inner awakening from a long slumber as the Cosmic Serpent that makes it sacred home at the base of our spine responds to the clarion call of the long hailed return of Quetzalcoatl... the Christ Consciousness.

This Cosmic Serpent is none other than our Divine Kundalini. This is the coiled energy that rises through our central channel along the spine, destined for the Pineal Gland where it then bursts forth from the crown chakra, culminating in the profound experience of raptured enlightenment.

As this potent life force energy makes its way through our Group Avatar Body, we arrive at a long anticipated milestone in the evolution of human consciousness - the birth of our androgynous blueprint.With this fiery serpentine energy flowing freely, we begin to witness our unlimited creative potential and the manifestation of miracles in our service to the Earth.

The I AM Avatar - Androgynous Blueprint Emerging

It is with such gratitude that we open our hearts and minds to welcome the unifying cosmic energies from the Great Central Sun emanating from the Comet Elenin. This will continue to greatly support the complete integration of our Yin and Yang, the Shakti and Shiva, the Divine Mother and Divine Father within us all.

Before this integration can take place, it is imperative that we recognize the importance of fully embodying the sacred feminine principle of Divine Love through the full activation of our heart chakra. It is only then that we can work in tandem with the masculine force of Divine Will with grace and fluidity. As our old programming of separation is rebooted into one of absolute unity, we will walk this Earth in our glorious Christed Bodies of Light, releasing all sense of differentiation and ushering in a true marriage of equals.

Accessing the Crystal Palace and the inner “City of Light

As our Kundalini rises to become one with our pineal gland, the “eye of our soul”, we may experience a profound sense of Divine Remembrance. Through the merging of the masculine and feminine channels, the circuits surrounding our central column, we will experience the two hemispheres of our brain becoming one WHOLE operating system.

The pineal gland is the centre piece around which all of this unification takes place. This is a pine cone shaped endocrine gland that sits between the two hemispheres of the brain, a location which corresponds to what in Taoist practice is known as the "Crystal Palace” due to part of its make up being crystalline. It is the City of Light within giving us access to the holographic universe.

Who and What is Quetzalcoatl?

For those of our beloved Global Family who are unfamiliar with the word and energy of Quetzalcoatl, we would like to take a moment to elaborate on this incredible forcefield awakening within our beings at this time.

Throughout history, ancient civilizations such as the Mayans, Aztecs, Egyptians and Sumerians have referred to a "sky-god" who would return from Venus at specific times to again instruct humanity when the hour of liberation was at hand. According to the Mayan calendar, we are NOW in the time of Quetzalcoatl's much anticipated return.

That being said, there has been an expanded awareness that has graced our Group Soul, that has allowed us to perceive this "return" not as an individual being or deity but as an expression of our Divine Self. The energy is the same energy held and radiated by Jesus the Christ, Krishna, the Buddha and the other beloved Avatars who selflessly paved the Path to Liberation.

Quetzalcoatl was also known as "the Feathered Serpent" which many know as the sacred metaphor representing our human DNA and it's foretold activation and uncoiling. As many wayshowers across the globe begin to sense the rising of our collective kundalini, the spectacular revelation that WE are going to BECOME the living incarnation of Quetzalcoatl will begin to circulate through the unified field. With this powerful presence being born within us, we can share in the cosmic joy of co-creating the most incredible vistas of the New Earth.

It is our daily practice of attuning to the Group Soul, building the rhythm of oneness, that will ensure our transformation into the physical expressions of Quetzalcoatl. As a race, we are piggybacking on a planet that is undergoing the very same activation!

This provides us with an unprecedented opportunity to share in the divine energy coursing through the living matrix, supporting the unification of our divine masculine and feminine energies as well as the complete hemispheric synchronization of our left and right brains. From this point of sacred merging, we solidify the reality of Quetzalcoatl in our lighted beings and reserve the privilege of ascending with our beloved Earth Mother.

Is the Quetzalcoatl Energy Activating with Comet Elenin?

There is some rather incredible similarities between the Comet Elenin and the fabled return of Quetzalcoatl.

Quetzalcoatl is composed of two words: Quetzal + Coatl.

Quetzal refers to feathers and the sacred bird that connects earthly power with the heavenly realms. The stunning Quetzal bird, with comet like tail feathering, resides in Central America and is considered one of the most beautiful birds in the Western Hemisphere. The males have extraordinarily long tail feathers and resplendent coloring unlike any other bird. A bird that flies across the sky with a really long tail is a logical choice if the Mayan and Aztecs intended it to represent a comet.

Comets sailing across the night sky often have the appearance of a feather!

In the Aztec language coatl means snake or serpent. Snakes appear to only have a head and a long tail just like a comet. Interestingly, in the Mayan language the word for snake and sky are the same. Thus Kukulkan, the Mayan name for Quetzalcoatl, could be translated as “feathered sky serpent.”

“Coatl” can be seen as a sacred serpent energy whose movements mirror the way that Kundalini energy moves up the spinal column awakening the wheels of light that surround each of the major body centers. When this serpentine energy reaches the crown chakra at the top of the head, we are one with the Universal.  This is a direct representation of our collective kundalini activation!

Together the Quetzal and the Coatl are the creatures that are closest to the earth and heaven as well as representing the sacred balance of female and male.

Through this stream of thought, we are able to draw some rather convincing parallels that the Comet Elenin is bringing in the activating energy of Quetzalcoatl. This benevolent comet is gracing us with the avatar energy that we require to fully anchor the Christ Consciousness on Earth. Let us continue to keep our hearts and minds open as we remember and reclaim our birthright as fully Christed beings.

Crop Circle, July 29, 2011 near Inkpen, Wiltshire. 

It is interesting that one of the biggest crop circles ever seen in England looks as if it symbolizes a Cosmic Serpent, DNA Activation and Earth's Kundalini Awakening.