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You ever wanted something badly and sat staring at its picture trying to ‘will it’ faster? Going “YES YES YES HURRY HURRY HURRY” ?

That’s what I’ve been doing to that secchi image of the 28th (grin) ALL DAY.

It shows her disappearing completely, behind a veil of the aetheric clouds, into that tunnel. I don’t know the hour, but it is hours now. Whether sunday or monday, etc. Its progressing to the obvious conclusion.

The trolls are shaking.
Banksters they’re staking
The elites are baking.
Vine they’re forsaking.
Rome is quaking.
Jesus was aching.
Nasa is breaking.
Their ships are flaking.
Mankind is waking.
Eden we’re retaking

One of the planets not escaping an asteroid hit. Still cant figure out which one. But, there are pic’s of broken planets all around the images if you look up close at them.



Sean1 Sean2 Sean3


Same bullsh*t “official reply” as ‘capgras syndrome’. If it was tinnitus, it wouldn’t be effecting the entire population including the children. Extend yourself a bit, use your own damned brain for a change instead of buying into every single medical ‘official reply’ you get for something. And do your own blasted leg work and ASK people yourself. ” do you hear…have you ever heard…?” The reply is always yes.

When i was a kid i was standing in my moms kitchen where there were empty pots and pans on the counter,, and out of nowhere the pots and pans started recieving radio signals and played music….It’s mind bogling what’s in the air that we can’t see that’s affecting us….

They used to teach us how to make radios. One empty roll of toliet paper (you need that round piece of cardboard) Wire. A tube of crystal jell (they used to sell that) and alligator clips to connect to a speaker. Thats how simple it is. The sound on the radio waves, can be picked up by simple wire. All the frequency and tuning is, is the size of the loop you make the wire, and how many loops!



Q & A between anon


tell people lies instead the truth has never helped anyone

then why do you keep doing it?

since you’ve yet to quote me correctly, you’re ill equipped to claim facts.


My job is to tell the true about what happening and prepare You be one those fools that does listen and want know where you have some food to eat.Rose is doing a great dis severs to to the people of earth.Telling people untruth about this spaceship that coming to save everyone at the end of the night is false she lies about so much ,I fear people like you I don’t have enough water and food for you.So I hope there some on your space ship


If that was really your job, then you’ve told us. Now move along. As for Nancy, she’ll get exactly what she sold herself for. And you self serving no brainers will find out when the veil lifts.


Hi Rose, is Set from the 4th dimension like his filthy children? If so, how does he have the power to seal anybody at such a low level? Can Father catch him and send him to the pit as well? Thanks

YRFT as far as I’ve been told ‘dimensions’ are a hoax. As for the seals, it goes by the choice of free will law and the law of the division. Those who are service to self, that is SET’s share of the division. Those who worship satan, and his other branches have their own covens which are now named religions. They choose by free will. We’ll have to wait and see what happens to SET. It doesn’t work the way the religions/priest hoods said it did. Its not a matter of ‘catching’ him. Its a matter of Laws, and the consequences of being caught in breach of them. A system of energy and energy exchange. Breach of law, earns a bill they have to pay with spiritual fat – energy.



Hi thanks for the info. I must say it’s quite harsh for Father to forsake some poor soul who committed suicide due to the misery caused by the PTB, yet allow some of the douchebag bankers and mind controlled Hollywood starlets promoting EL into eden because they didn’t know any better. Are you sure? It doesn’t seem like fair play.
Also, what was your point about LL Bean company? Damn, I’ve been ordering from them for years.

YRFT that was the law that was in place that the cheaters were manipulating. In other words they drove people to suicide. Then SET would claim they were his share. Now you see the game that was part of this war. It wasn’t Dad doing that. It was a Law, all the branches were all under that law. The purpose of wiping out all the claims of debt, were to give all these people the chance to change. We don’t know what they might have been if they hadn’t been tampered with. Minds altered. And remember, we’re not talking about evil people. We’re talking about good people that became trapped.The thing that couldn’t be altered was the heart. And its that weight that counts.
LL Bean was the first to channel Ra in the 80’s. Ra is the El. That was all his big lie. By getting people to call him, he was able to tag and bag them. Their minds wiped, they never knew.



its right under everyones noses…boom! i just tinfoiled my smart meter. dang radiation! yuk

interesting about the moon, huh? yep. The El were allowed to keep it. But they botched it up in their nets somehow. Blamed Bob O (“NASA Bob”) for that one. The Navy lost their satellites with that botched job, and recently we heard their space command is sitting. Cant do squat. Rome, the royals and their covens are trapped like rats.


FUDGE NIPPLES AND BOOBS … YRFT : I do like that boy!! I’ve been watching that cam too. The object is larger than what the gust bombs looked like, so I’m not sure its a bomb. But they have done that before. What is curious is the mention of one of the planets not escaping an asteroid hit. Still cant figure out which one. But, there are pic’s of broken planets all around the images if you look up close at them.

THOR NEWS : WTF is that giant Planet behind Jupiter?

Must Watch In a quantum physics solution to the mystery of the giant solar UFOs, physicist Nassim Haramein states in a video-taped analysis (below) that Earth-sized UFOs are in fact giant extraterrestrial or interdimensional spacecraft, which are accessing our solar system, using the Sun as a black-hole singularity, or stargate … Shinji lEl originally shared: Nassim Haramein aka founder of MAGRAV Energy … Nassim Haramein has spotted Earth Sized Nephilim/Annunaki Sun Ships using our sun as a “Stargate” portal to other systems.

Various ancient lore mention a new “Phoenix” forged from the sun every 500 years as the former does a return trip into the sun. Langrenus and Copernicus craters on our Moon both have these Mile Long NAZCA line shaped Phoenix ships docked there.(See included links) Those lunar based craft are smaller sun molded/shaped NAZCA line copies resembling their planet sized ancient Seraphim counterparts seen in the above video. These two in Nassim Haramein video show a controlled fight into the lake of fire(our sun) much as two massive territorial birds of prey. Not ships in my view but actually two Earth sized combat engaged angelic beings, no less relevant to Earth history. The lead is trying to lose the pursuer in the Sun.

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