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YELLOW ROSE FOR TEXAS UPDATE : Its the life of ”ONE” for us now

Todays images on the lasco, are actually repeats. Just a few they pulled, then put back in. There is a view of the poles flying up again, and hitting around. For instance the pole through mercury is labeled as today..again. And also like this image on secchi that Shelby did, I can blow up the images on stills, and I see pieces of planets everywhere. They are not showing images of Ed. They are repeating images, but pulling out the huge flares. For instance on the EIT 195 etc cams, yesterday, on the main page, they showed images across the board of a really big freak out. But when you pull up those cams, the images displayed were not shown. On the ISS, its showing (before they cut the live feed due to ufo’s appearing on cam) world wide cloud coverage. I don’t know if anyone recognized, but yesterday at around 4pm (central) it got ‘dim’, rather like the twilight after the sun sets. But it stayed that way till after 5:30 and then went suddenly completely dark

Its not the usual tired and rundown we’re feeling. They are making us sleep, because they are about to pull us. I asked again this morning because I really need to wipe those dastardly mocking floors down! But just lack the energy. When I go to do something, I barely get it done then fall back to sleep. Frustrating. But we all worked our fingers to the bone upstairs, then had to have the corrections made down here, and then had to work down here for our everyday lives. Now we’re ready, and the sleep is a part of the ‘waiting’ mode apparently. Remember, the ‘all work is null?’. That’s what it is. We are simply that close. Be patient. I promise when we get upstairs all that ‘tired’ feeling and lack of energy will be gone. You’ll be wide awake and ready to zoom!

They (elite) are getting snowed. Like a tv on the fritz, Their ops are offline, and they are having trouble extending themselves to watch as many as they did. There are only a few things, which I didn’t mention until it had been past the time when the e.f. could have interfered. Then I told you guys. For instance, I didn’t tell … she was on ISON’s staff, till recently. It would have made her a targeted individual. Those who WERE helping me, in private, with a few matters non related to the war, were hit. They took multiple hits, in fact, simply because they were associated with me. So you see, it really did matter, about what I revealed in public. As far as the hangouts go, I’ve never been able to connect. That’s google, which is e.f. owned. They also screw with my mail and cell phone calls. Some of this is passing, as they lose more and more control. IE, I couldn’t get …’s link..until recently. When I did tell something major, I told individuals they could share privately but keep it off the public pages which were still patrolled by e.f. ops. Just because they could find out, didn’t mean you had to make it easy for them.

I actually went to the translators too, and caught them altering it as I looked things up!! So that isn’t a good source, I’m afraid. For instance, I remembered the story of the Ancient Blessing Hand of Azazel. Including all the definitions we had pounded into our heads by daily morning recitals. When I went to the translator to define the word “Azazel” I got ‘hand’ and the definition of a ‘helper’ to god. This is of course a misrepresentation. “God” was “God El”. All of the religions, and all of those ‘books’ were their books of propaganda and entrainment I went to the vatican for the definition of ‘ano domini’ which I knew, and found that they had redefined even the latin words. They had also remove from public view certain key canon’s and had removed certain definitions of words completely. Because latin is part of the root words in English, this redefined the words in the english language. This then combined, completely altered the meaning and concept of primary key information.

They have removed the foundation words. “Al” means god El(ohiem) Lah, is “La” which is also ‘god el’. “Al, El, IL” and “le, la” are interchangeable in german saxon root word formations

The object in front of Venus though is not what is causing that effect.
The object in front of Venus, is called a Parachute Star bomb. That one, held Venus in position. “Move and I’ll hit you” was the Allied response to Lilith’s threat to Earth.
You can find them in other footage however, where they are not stationary as that one was..for months. When deployed for use, that parachute gets smaller as the star gets larger, then it hits its target.

from a trusted source/friend I have on my SD channel This looks interesting..Media Not reporting on it as far as I know

Very cool video. Thanks. (I’m not ‘religious’) although I believe in science. The fact that actual science has been removed in my lifetime and replaced with myths, gives me a point a view most lack. For instance, the fact that gravity and ‘anti’ gravity were explained in 1908 wolds fair..and that video..the very first use of ‘moviing’ pictures, is now removed from the public, is just one example.
Gravity is created by vibration. Sympathetic vibration is one way to express it. Sound, is another. It can be created manualy by the use of the 3 interlocking tetrahedrons (most commonly called star of david) or it can be created, as in 1908, by electronics. The man used a remote control, smaller than what our tv remotes are, and lifted a bomb shell. In that movie, he said “Now all we have to do, is find a way to capture air, and we can go to the moon!”

Its all breaking up. The poles are flying off the gear wheel. Ed is completely dead, he’s just on fire now. Even that is burning out as the gas goes. But he’s not answering or even posting error notices now. So the A.I. is dead. I believe that’s why he nova’s. Of course its aided by the continuous hits by the Mob. They haven’t stopped since they started on the fifth.
Notice on the bottom left, that little explosion. Pieces of the planet ‘vah’s’ are being broken up.
Yes, she’s getting ready. I know it feels slow, but they have been working all week at uncoupling her. Look at the secchi 11-12-14 HI1A. Blow it up and look closely at her.
NIce! triangle ship..e.f.
there is a piece of a broken pole showing too
Its above the sun, that ‘streak’

“Azazel” Alexander (planet Mars) created the human avatar as a mix of man’s dna and ‘hugga’ snake. (aslo called : Nuwa, Nagga, Amorite) He created the Vatican (Covens of Azazel) who by coven law, promoted him. When promoted, by coven law the name is changed. (“Saul became Paul”) He is “Arch Angel Michael” now. This is why he’s over the chakra system that he implanted into us as a entrance point for the parasites to easier possess or feed off of us. When you meditate, you are in service to self, and are speaking to the reptile implant in the brain. “Kundalini” makes the snake rise and take over the vehicle. So, to answer your question, none of it is good.

Project camelot was set up as a disinformation site. Like Alex Jones. Most of what they do is promote the enemy as our benefactors. And supply bs myths, like ‘dimensional travel’ etc.

They are cigar ships, and they are ‘chips’ as well as everything being masked.

We’re not getting towed or repaired. We’re fine. The enemy et’s are not. They cant make repairs, because their planets are destroyed to such an extent they have no resources left.

You know, I had a friend once, who got everything else but couldn’t grasp the chips and poles images either. So, its not really a big deal hon

The Arcs are large. Each branch has its own arc. Those holes at the end…ships and whole planets go inside. It takes a while to grasp, at least it did for myself, that they were using more than one name for the same thing. A “Planet” is also called a “VAH” and a “Stellar”. A “Stellar” is also a cigar ship. They tied them to poles, male and female were married pairs, joined by soldering coupling and gaskets. Each piece of the veil lifts, in increments.
The Arc of Coven Ant, which sold us out to gain its own arc, I heard it is destroyed. I’m not sure if they meant ‘now’ or meant ‘will be’ when we leap forward.
We say good bye to this system soon. None of these ‘stars’ go with us. No evil will follow us. Its the life of ONE for us now.


yes, she puts her life in danger. It doesn’t mean she isn’t used, in the same way bill hicks/alex jones is used. She was fed disinformation with the alien and dimension and channeling things. Many were. The org however, like Alex jones site, was created by handlers for the express purpose of using it for disinformation. How else do you think it stays open, when all others are shut down? There is a war yes. But they have already lost. So badly that there are pieces of broken planets all around us. We don’t have to have a cease fire to leave. But when we leave, the enemy will be destroyed in such a way that they will cease fire then. At the point of our leap, they will die. There will be no men left here, nor do they continue to pose as men when they are not.
Tell them that ‘platform’ is on the pole, it comes off because its how she morphs that makes it look that way.
(about that orb at the right side)

I dont know what it is. But a couple of things come to mind. A) it could be an Arc.
b) It could be ISON with sheilds up. He is quite quite large now.
And, he was assigned the attack on the sun. What it isn’t is ‘nibiru’ or a ‘planet’.
I don’t believe thats the area of the pit, but …that is the size of it (the pit) so
that might be a third option, as well.
ohhh yeah! Forgot. Last night it was mentioned that An’s arc was caught in the suns gravity.
So, that is a fourth option there.

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