Wednesday, 3 September 2014



We live in a world of deception and delusion. Those like me who want to live in truth are tested in many ways. We draw people to ourselves to test our commitment, our integrity. I’ve wanted so much to change the world for the better that I drew RuSA to myself in 2011, then OPPT and SwissIndo in 2013, and finally the Dragon Family in 2014. I trusted Tim Turner, Heather Tucci-Jaraf , Mr. Sugih, the Ambassador and The Red Dragon. I believed in the promises of each, and still do, based on principles. With the Ambassador, more than anyone else in my life, I developed a bond like a brother. But by 2014, I had learned something about trust – that I also needed to verify. As I said in my last video, reimbursement for my passport was the litmus test, my verification process. It failed within the time I allotted. I’m not sure how it will play out at this point. Whether or not I ever become the Voice of the Dragons, I feel I am a Voice of the People. I hope the Dragon Family is still listening.



Thank you Ron, well said … and to add …If the Dragons have caught a glimpse of Truth, if they are walking on the path of understanding, they can change the thought and feeling of the world; but before they can change the world, they must change their own heart and mind. For this reason WE the people have gathered together, for this reason we have been shaken to the very foundation as I hope of their structure of subservience. We have come to discover, in the light of the Truth, that which is lasting, which shall stand against the storm, and distinguish it from that which is devious, misappropriate and to be set aside.
For that reason WE the people have urged the Dragons to invite doubt, and to examine with understanding all the funds of humanity that you have gathered through the ages. Those who would attain greatly, who would understand truly, must invite the future, and let that future come into conflict with the fruit of the past, which is the present. You are here because you are faced with the future. To understand the future you must put aside the past and take the future to your heart and mind, and cling to it desperately as a drowning man desires air. Not merely to dwell in some distant future, but to bring that future into the immediate present is the glory of HU-mankind.

The Voice of the People (IN ALL TIMELINES and DIMENSIONS)



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