Tuesday, 30 September 2014

OTHER REALITIES AND DIMENSIONS : FAE Elves and the Underworld Kingdom

There was another realm, another dimension hidden away from plain sight where these beings exist.
They come into our reality from time to time … and can influence our thoughts, our imagination in the most beautiful way.

Belief in Elves Strong in Iceland

- National Geographic

Eyes and senses only see what we are tuned to see. There is so much around us that we cannot see, however, occasionally mainly through our peripheral vision we suddenly see something that wasn’t there a second ago. Additionally, Icelanders are far more ‘tuned in’ to nature than most other countries population so they are more accepting of possibilities rather hard bodied truths, … Elf’s and Faeries etc are more to do with the spirit of mother nature than little Leprechaun type men or faeries flying around us.

Elves in Iceland spark a road building protest, causing all kinds of trouble for the workers … Even the law of Iceland recognizes the presence of Elves and other mysterious entities who are very real !

A glimpse into other Realities and Dimensions …
Stella Lansing’s amazing story shares similarities with the Dorothy Izzat case. Lansing is able to capture diverse anomalies on film and has collected extensive photographic and video footage evidence over a thirty year period that and has kept detailed records of these experiences. This sequence contains footage of the four occupants incident.
This lady picks up strange images of UFO’s and people on her old camera’s and 8mm cine cam, even finding strange voices on the images from her camera when it’s transferred to video.
Even weirder was the fact that the images would be found in between the images on the negatives where it’s impossible for them to be, yet here they are.

The Fairy Faith –

(In Search of Fairies – Documentary) 



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