Sunday, 21 September 2014

WHITE HAT UPDATE : Don’t get behind a lemming

A review of recent communications all points to one task for us all: Keep your eyes open and remain prepared at all times, for all things, from this time forward.

Continue to steer clear of the neural narcosis that results from the guru intel chin-waging vomitorium. I cannot emphasize this enough. Allowing pride to divert your senses from the realities of the world that they ignore will cost you dearly. Stay in tune with those who are front and center – those who have been gracious enough to help us stay informed.

Don’t get behind a lemming, because you know where it will end up.

As you are all aware, our fact checking days are largely done, since the truth and details about the parties involved and their roles in matters germane to our interests are well known and understood by now. These details are found at the official White Hat Blog at All we have to do now is act and be responsible at our levels, and let the fine people on the front lines do their jobs.

Let’s show them that their work will be anticipated and appreciated by a well informed and involved citizenry, and not by a swarming mass of idleness, self indulgence and indifference.

There are many reports about who Mr. Obama is keeping company with, and who he is working on behalf of, that were well cited and sourced by the White Hats. Between that and the channelers, we will select the former as the more accurate since anyone who is supposed to be selected by such spiritual powers would have perhaps not urged him to lob cruise missiles into Syria. That, and the fact that more Afghani’s have died on Obama’s watch than did on Bush’s.

Strange how the contradictions add up.

The White Hats and their colleagues appreciate your support and are working hard to complete their tasks.

Please await further information as it becomes available.

Thank you!




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