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A new block on which is inscribed “2014” was recently added to the Georgia Guidestones. This eerie and mysterious monument just became even more eerie and mysterious.


I was going to title this: Eating, Digesting and Transforming the Personal and Collective Shadow; however, Aristo suggested another title toward the end of the video: The Psychopath Is the Most Terrified Creature in the Universe. I shortened that title – obviously. Psychopaths, as Aristo sees them, are disconnected entities that lack creativity because they are not connected to Source, at least not the way they see themselves. Perhaps he would define it differently, but that’s how I understand what he says. As always, this discussion brings up a lot of subjects including the Georgia Guide Stones, NWO, population reduction, biblical prophecy, Nostradamus, inner work, discernment and more.


I am only an “insider” in the sense of going inside myself to stimulate my own discernment, inspiration and insight. We can all do this, and I encourage it. Halfwise is right. We’ve all heard this before. Research, but don’t just swallow data whole. Use intuition, common sense and uncommon sense. It may feel uncomfortable at first but practice makes perfect.

This is something many are saying in the alternative media. And if it makes sense to people, then indeed they are also applying their intuition and creative sense to process the information and digest it into understanding. I’m just being a public voice of that process.



Talk of MASS ARRESTS many months ago. The good news: They may have started. “European police have arrested more than 1,000 suspects in an unprecedented nine-day swoop on organized crime. At least 30 Romanian children have been saved from child traffickers and over 2,00 kg of drugs have been seized.
Operation Archimedes, lasting from September15 to 23, ‘was the single largest coordinated assault an organized crime in Europe’ “: – “The arrests during the biggest European sweep were mainly made among criminal middlemen and criminal groups’ mediators.
“Months in the planning, it was a carefully coordinated series of attacks on key nodal points and crime sectors that underpin the underground crime economy in Europe,” Europol head said.” Middlemen? The actual perps were NOT arrested? If so, there may be more coming, when they are through squeezing info from the middlemen. Round two may be arresting the politicians and the powerful clients – one comment said.

Friar Newborg


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