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Beyond the Rapture Religious Death Cults (THE FUTURE OF HUMANITY) by GORDAN DUFF

VT Nuclear Education: Answering the Hype

By Gordon Duff and America’s
Nuclear Weapons Design Teams





In 1912, German physicist C. Ramsauer discovered the collision cross section of an electron with gas atoms is related to the speed of the electron. When the electron energy is relatively high, the scattering section of an Argon atom increases with a decrease in electron energy. But when the electron energy is less than a dozen eV, the scattering section decreases rapidly with a decrease in electron energy. In 1922, British physicist J. Townsend found a similar phenomenon. In classical theory, scattering section is independent of the speed of an electron, while Ramsauer and Townsend’s experimental results indicate an opposite theory, which can only be explained by quantum mechanics.



I received a series of questions from Dr. Preston James today. The questions included issues that were related to suppressed quantum physics, nuclear weapons and issues involving what we jokingly refer to as “friends from out of town.” Yes, we are borrowing that from Hollywood and rightly so in this case.

For the past 3 months, we have been publishing, sometimes a flood, other times a trickle, of classified information. The term “classified” itself is a misnomer. This simply means facts, not always the truth, but “facts” as we put it now, inside quotation marks, that others with armed thugs to support them and stolen cash, usually yours, don’t want you to know.

Releasing information is a balancing act, leverage, blackmail, push-back or simply the armies of stooges, police informants and time wasters that bad brain chemistry, 3rd rate intellect and the internet have empowered, crawling out from under their rocks. This will bring out even more. They have become easy to recognize as a cockroach in an omelet.

Kevin Barrett had asked me a couple of days ago to put this in book form. This is what I told him: Getting information from sources, real sources, is a process. They give you want they can or wish or are told to. You believe it or not, based on your own background, your ability to “push back” and what you can or cannot confirm from parallel sources.

No real information ever hits a book. Chris Bollyn, in many ways a great investigative journalist, ran into this on 9/11.

I even look at the 2003 report that Snowden dropped on the Russians, stolen nukes, Bout, Israel, the story the media is working overtime to suppress. When I go over what others of us have learned since 2003 with the DOE and IAEA investigators who were gagged and silenced by 2005, choked off from all new data, they are astounded at how much we got right, how much we missed but, moreover, how much we could have helped them. These are nerds, some of them, the IAEA guys with years of field experience as well, some with strong special operations experience, but still nerds.

They are hybrids. On the other side are the aged “Cold Warriors,” who grew up with the grand chess game with the Soviet bloc, looking beneath layer after layer, plot within plot.



Questions Answered



Q: Was the Fukushima disaster caused by a nuclear detonation?

A: I don’t know. The ‘big’ quake was on the 11th March, and is generally assumed to be the trigger event. However, on the 9th March, there was a sudden 7.2M quake at the same location, which was followed by regular 6+M quakes about every 90-120mins. It is clear to earth scientists, that the event on the 11th was related directly to the quake on the 9th – however no ‘conspiracy researchers’ seem to have made this connection.

Also, I note the prevalence of accusations that the IRI at HAARP Gakona was ‘responsible’ – but note that nobody has ANY evidence showing the IRI was even ‘on’ and transmitting.

However, EISCAT WAS conducting an ionospheric heater project which finished on the 9th March. See addendum:

Q: Is there a Secret Shadow Govt (SSG) breakaway society using Alien ET technology to live on another planet or distant area in the cosmos?

A: Yes. But not so much a breakaway society, as much as the top levels of ‘society’. To comprehend the ability of so many seemingly ‘rival’ power factions to ‘work together’ and cooperate, one must consider the fact that the ‘cold war’ was a total and complete hoax/fraud AT THE HIGHEST LEVELS. But below that, it was ‘real’ and people died and everyone drank the cool aid. The technology is not so much ‘alien’ as ‘advanced’. Given that we are farmed or overseen by ‘aliens’ anyway, it is not a big jump of understanding.

Q: Is the secret IAEA cell staffed by MIBs who have UN or other arrest powers now actively arresting or sanctioning politicians and/or officials inside America and/or other nations who are a threat to the masses?

A: I very much doubt that at all. There will be no ‘arrests’ because the lower-level and unaware political and public service infrastructure is needed to maintain the status quo of it all. The only people who are a threat to the masses, are the lieutenants and underlings who are obeying orders and instructions from those above them. Those above them are the problem if any – as most do not want to relinquish their centuries of bloodlined privileges. These bloodlined families who were appointed as CEOs of Earth so to speak, have been infected past the point of usefulness by those they interacted with in order to have an advantage over mere humans. I refer to the elite families and their demons (non-physical lifeforms who trade info and power for what they want).

Q: If they are not yet using their arrest powers, will they soon start doing so and if so will this be disclosed publicly?

A: No and no. The new system will be a top-down technology delivery that will mask most ALL of the stuff going on at those levels of secrecy. The ‘excitement’ of mankind at the new goodies (for those approved to have them) will eclipse any anger at rumours of suppression or elite rulership via secret technology. Who will argue with technology that will deliver an EXTRA 200 years of physical life, with NO disease? People will be more focused on their own personal wants MORE than they will focus on social justice of any kind.

Q: Is Putin now receiving top quality advice and consent of the Tall White Alien ETs and if so is this the reason he has been so politically effective in his recent actions?

A: I don’t know. But, Putin IS VERY much aware of the fact that mankind’s history is very different to the rubbish put forward either by science or Abrahamic religions. Plus he KNOWS that an event is coming that Russia needs to prepare for – an event that he describes as: ”One day Russian’s will wake up and find that the West is no longer there as we knew it”. His preparation includes bringing the Russian masses up to speed about UFOs, ETs, and our relationship to them. I’ve been to see for myself his scientists and institutions in St Petersburg. Putin is in the loop.

Q: Is there Alien ET technology which can remove the toxic effects of radiation such as that which is poisoning the pacific from the Fukushima disaster?

A: Yes, and there is also ‘human’ technology which will do the same, in terms of both ‘clean up’ and preventative measures for human health.

Q: Will any type of zero point or free energy be soon developed and publicly released despite strong efforts by the Oil Industry to keep this suppressed?

A: Not until the global smart grid infrastructure is in place. I predict the new global cashless currency will be a type of energy currency unit, and it will NOT be based on gold or tangible assets. Once this system is in place, THEN they will release clean energy systems – because at that point, they have monetised and have control of, free energy over mankind. All these carbon credits and carbon trading schemes are transitional ‘currencies’. They want an ENERGY currency so that they CAN release free energy and still have ‘control’. By the way, when this is rolled out, most appliances will be cordless and electricity will be transmitted to all appliances. It is all part of the transition from copper cable to EMF/Carrington Event-proofed infrastructure.

Q: And if this technology is released will that be due to efforts by Alien ETs?

A: Everything of major significance on planet Earth, including our very being here – is due to ‘alien influence’. Everything. Our very existence, our reason for existence, our future – everything. The hardest thing for mankind to ‘get’ during disclosure will be this fact. Think of sheep on a farm. If this makes anyone ‘angry’ then I rest my case.

Q: Is the Earth presently being Terra-formed by an Alien ET group?

A: Earth was expected by now, to be a wasteland of dead bodies, radiation and despair by many visiting civilsations. Something changed. So yes, some ETs are like hyenas, who will move in at some opportunistic moment to take a bite, but will be shooed away by other predators or protectors. Some ETs are and have had a go at terraforming Earth. I strongly suspect that BOTH mankind and the Earth are being terraformed in order to survive future cosmic and atmospheric changes that may not be of our making. If so, then it will be to ensure the survival of humans, NOT their demise.

Q: If so is this group the Dracos, aka the Serpent entities, the Great Dragon?

A: Does it matter which ‘group’ are doing what, when any of them can switch projects, sides and roles at any time? This question seeks for a generic answer of ‘who are the goodies, and who are the baddies’. It does not work like this. That thinking is for brain dead humans who are being manipulated into taking a ‘side’ for someone else’s agenda. Being told who is good and who is bad, is never going to work and ANYONE telling you where the goodie/baddie line is – is lying. It simply does not work like that, and it is NOT black and white. It is all shades of grey.

Q: Are alien ET type anti-gravity craft being used to spray toxic chemicals into the atmosphere?

A: I doubt it. Besides, mankind already puts toxic chemicals onto their skin, and in their stomach, with no forcing at all. We pay money to do it to ourselves. I simply don’t understand therefore, ANY angst about either humans or aliens spraying chemtrails around the place. Heck, they been doing it for decades with no observable mass genocide – so maybe it was protecting us from something?

Q: If so, do are these craft with do the spraying able to create a false, cloaked image of themselves as regular man-made jet aircraft?

A: This question is stupid. IF we did use our precious ET tech to spray chemicals in the air, I guess we would use the ‘cloaking’ button. Again, get some context about the size of whether this is actually a real problem or not. WiFi is killing more people than chemtrails. Vaccines kill more people than chemtrails. White sugar, car exhausts etc etc.

Q: Does some of this aerial spraying contain nano-bots devices that can grow and transform human hosts who ingest them into hived individuals?

A: Nanobots, smart dust – it was released decades ago. We’ve probably all breathed it in and out zillions of times. It was humans that did it, not ETs. Their tech allows them to see everything without needing smart dust at a nano level everywhere. I do not believe this nano-tech is designed to transform humans into hived individuals. If I was to terraform humans on this planet, I would buy Monsanto and put shit into the ecosystem, food chain and fast foods. Sound familiar?






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