Friday, 19 September 2014


Necrophilic paedo-magickian gangster
and mentor to kings and world leaders
The Transdimensional world of energy
and the manipulation of it


Savile played with Kings, Queens, Bishops, Knights, Rooks, and Pawns.

A clearer picture of his occult ties as well as his involvement with MK Ultra. It would appear that he did something similar to Crowley and infiltrated/joined as many occult orders as he could with the objective of taking them over and consolidating them.

He was the games master.

An investigation into Jimmy Savile’s connections to Aleister Crowley and Magick.

Including information about Savile’s connection to leylines, his wizard’s toolkit and new research linking Savile to king Solomon and the Djinn.

Whilst it is true that wearing a wizard’s gown does not a wizard make. But have you mentored the future King of England in your spare time? Or popped off to the Holy Land to strike up ‘Peace in the Middle East’ Solomon style?

The shepherds crooks he collected weren’t just walking sticks … he was a member of the Loyal Order of Ancient Shepherds and The Odd Fellows and considered himself a ‘Chaldean Shepherd’ who happened to think of themselves as magicians.

Those innocuous sticks I now think of as wizard’s staffs.


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