Friday, 18 July 2014



 The paradigm is shifting.

Aristo tells us that most people are aware, not ignorant, of the cabal and it’s crimes in Palestine, Ukraine and other places. He says that most people in the world do not support the western establishment or Israel; which continues to poke at old wounds, not starting new wars in new places. The cabal, and even the Dragon Families are paying attention to public opinion. Why? Because people’s beliefs matter! Belief systems have power, which the ruling elite know very well. He traces the 666 to the Roman Empire and the Revelations of John. The Beast and the Christ are both 666, he says. He explores authority, times lines and the metaphysical underpinning of events occurring in our modern world. He encourages us to be vigilant and pay attention, to not become complacent. We need to do the inner work and form our evolutionary impulses into a social structure that works to support our more awakened state in this changing of astrological ages, the beginning of a new, 26,000-year grand cycle: The Age of Aquarius, mastering our life force, or 555.


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