Saturday, 26 July 2014

YEREN : The Kung Fu Bigfoot




Locally known as the ‘Yeren’ or ‘wild man’, the half-man, half-ape Bigfoot has been spotted by more than 400 people in a remote, mountainous area of the central province of Hubei. 
Witnesses describe Yeren as creature over 2 meters tall that walks upright and has grey, red or black hair all over its body. 
The program follows four researchers and explorers investigating potential evidence of Bigfoot, a cryptid hominid allegedly living in the wildernesses of China.
Their nighttime investigations, are referred to as “Squatchin” (though an action verb in the present participle, the “G” never appears at the end of the word). Areas are often described as “Squatchy,” and Washington has been described as “the squatchiest state.”

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