Saturday, 26 July 2014

Bases UK Update 014 and MrGyro … How they film CropCircles


Hexacopter taking video and stills of the crop circles.. Matthew Williams shows how its done, and Miles being nudged by Brenda’s beautiful horse as he gives the final speaker list for the Bases project 1st International Conference at Marlborough College, Marlborough, on August 8th9th and 10th.
Barry King, the original whistle blower for the Peasemore, Berkshire base is coming with Prague contactee, one who recalls 1st humanoid landings of beings millions of years ago, as earth become the home of new beings, Eva, from Prague will be with Barry, now elderly.
With multiple implantee Kieron Lee Perron also coming this unique first ever conference on cyborgization of humans in the UK is a must be there event.
Probably the final time from Brenda Trowbrige’s wonderful award winning B&B. With so much thanks to her for the last 7 months! Her horse sensing its the last says high.


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