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Historical USOs : Unidentified Submerged Objects Sightings


USO sightings were said to have existed since thousands of years ago.

In 329 BC, Alexander the troops called sublime encounter two disc-shaped object emerging from the river Jaxartes in india. According to legend, Alexander was so fascinated with the sighting was that he spent the next six years to explore the river by divers equipment in the world.

Christopher Columbus also called’ve encountered an unknown underwater object. On October 11, 1492, the Santa Maria were boarded by Columbus were passing through the Bermuda Triangle area. Later, they saw strange lights flickering in the water followed by the emergence of a disc-shaped object that immediately fly quickly into the sky.

No one can be sure what is seen by Alexander noble or Columbus. Hundreds of years later, we returned to find many reports of similar sightings. Examples such as the testimonies below:

On June 18, 1845, Malta Times reported:

“At that time the ship brigantine Victoria is about 900 miles to the east of Adalia when the crew saw three luminous objects emerge from the water. Objects were visible for about 10 minutes and fly-half mile from the ship. “

According to the crew who witnessed it, the objects looked like the size of a full moon. This sighting was also reported by other witnesses from Adalia, Syrians and Malta.

On 12 November 1887, near the cape Race, a huge fireball rising from the sea, up to 20 meters, and then approached a ship that was nearby, the British steamer called Siberian. Objects were moving into the wind, then retreat and flew away. This event is reported and discussed by Nature magazine, L’Astronomie, and the Meteorological Journal.

On the night of February 10, 1951 a U.S. Air Force pilot was flying the plane and colleagues from Iceland towards Newfoundland. When the plane is at a distance of about 300 miles from Newfoundland, they saw a luminous object emerged from the sea.

“As we get closer to a shiny object, he turns into circles large white light on the water. Then, we saw a circle of yellow light which was small, smaller than the object that releases light circle, at a distance of 15 miles. When the object flew our plane, we could see a plane that releases domed corona. “

7 years later, an unidentified underwater object back to the subject of the news.

In May 1958, a mysterious submarine seen by the crews of warships Argentina. The submarine, although it can be seen by the eye, can not be detected by sonar, hydrophones or radar. 14 warships Argentina and then chase it with occasional submarine fired a torpedo at him. But do not look for signs of damage and the submarine proceeded to disappear from the radar.

In October 1959 and January 1960, a similar submarine again monitored by the Argentine military. The hunt resumed, but the submarine was again disappeared.

Ray.M Captain Pitts, a submarine warfare specialist who participated in the third race confirmed that the object was indeed a submarine. But he also said that he was forbidden to talk further about the incident.

In 1963, the hunt for another USO re-occur. This time the American submarine sonar was in Puerto Rico capture a moving object with a speed of 150 knots and is at a distance of 20,000 feet below the submarine.

The submarine object followed for 4 days. On day 4, the object suddenly moving at high speed so as to escape observation sonar.
In August 1965, the crew of the Russian Raduga, while sailing in the Red Sea, saw an elliptical object volcano emerged from the water and floated on the surface for some time. Object distance is just 2 miles from the ship. The crew estimated that the object has a diameter of 60 meters and hovered at an altitude of about 150 meters above sea level.

On June 30, 1967, the crew Naviero of Argentina saw a cylindrical object in the water. Objects that give off light blue white and estimated to be about 33 meters long. The strange thing is, the object made no sound at all even though he is moving in the water at speeds high enough. In fact almost no waves created by the movement of the object. When the object was almost hit Naviero ship, he quickly changed direction and dived back into the water.




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