Tuesday, 15 July 2014




When I began doing videos every day, I promised myself and my audience that I would speak from my heart and be as authentic as I am able to be. I’ve kept that promise. Some people like that; others do not. For those who are used to media personnel being “professional” in their reporting, my style is a real shocker. I’ve done angry videos; videos when I admitted having alcoholic drinks first; videos with no shirt on; videos where I openly revealed my weaknesses, expressed my doubts and fears, and shared personal details that make me blush; and videos where I’ve admitted I was wrong. I hope that I will keep finding the courage to stick to this pattern, because I believe it is the mark of integrity whether talking about spiritual or political things, personal or public matters. Yes, I have pissed a lot of people off; that’s the blow-back from authentic communication.

Dear Ron,
As we are all about openness and authenticity , can you ask the Ambassador if he works for the 5D Quing Empress … and if ascended is she and the family ”enlightened”? Also is the claim by the Japanese Naoshi Onodera the real deal ? As it’s our lives and destiny that is being played with … WE the people would like to know the truth … very difficult discerning  who is who or what is what nowadays .. Also can the Ambassador elucidate on the “Treaty of Rizq” that the Qinq dyansty uses to justify their claim they own all gold on the Earth and all the Human beings on the earth. …
Also is President Bush Senior dead ?
Walking through walls does not impress me either.
Namaste Hatter

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