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This journey knows no boundaries. The depth of All-That-Is, seems to be the same way. The portals that are associated with the Sasquatch are very elusive with their meaning. But now I know where some of them lead. One thing that I have learned during the time that I have spent with my Sasquatch family is that things are not often what I have always thought them to be. The giant of a man that I met about two months ago with Bone has not left my mind. MaKee is his name. Like I have told you before, he is about six feet wide at the chest. You can use your imagination as to every other measurement that would fit such a chest. Just as big as his body is the size of his focus and resolve. He was very short with me in our first meeting and that was the only thing about him that was short. He did not send me an artificial feeling of fear or anxiety. He let Bone and I know that he was there by sharing the form of his energy. This energy was big, obvious, and focused.

As we talked during that first meeting, I asked him what his name was. After putting together the syllables that he was sharing with me through feeling, he agreed that MaKeeAhTeh was his name. He said that MaKee was okay for me to use. As I left that first meeting with MaKee I left his woods with more questions. I had much to learn about that experience in the following days. He told me that he was pleased to meet me but he had no further interest in being friends at this time. Why did he say that? What had I done or not done? Tahjee and ToGrahnu left me alone with MaKee so that was all that I had to go on at first. That was enough. Tahjee and ToGrahnu are my family and I trust them both with my life. The next few days of putting together the pieces, MaKee told me, “John, all of us know who you are. You are respected by most. But there will always be some Sasquatch that will never want anything to do with you because you are human. Don’t let that bother you. It is simply this way.”

I felt warm from what he said but could never let the meeting rest. Why was he so focused in that area? What was about that spot that made it so special? Why were Bone and I allowed to go no further at a certain point when we were out there with MaKee and his clan? I will share with you now what I know. I am not an expert on portals so I hope that some of you can also share with me what you have experienced about them. MaKee is guarding a portal that leads to a vibration that is just beyond our sight. These kinds of portals are everywhere. I really mean everywhere. The Sasquatch use them to travel and return to a reality that is beyond our sight. This reality, I have been told, may be out of our sight but all of us can connect to it through our feeling. I have been told that MaKee, like many others, are guarding these places from darker beings or energies. Certain energies are not allowed to enter these portals but many are trying to get through at this time. It seems that the veil is so thin between these two different vibrations now that humans are beginning to see or feel them… or both. I have never seen a portal but feeling one is something else. What I also find very interesting is that some beings and/or energies are not allowed to pass. Enough information is here somewhere on the pages of this blog over the past year that help to fill in the blanks about where these portals lead. I am sure that others have written about them in greater detail.

Three weeks ago I changed my approach. I began to be a little harder, funnier, and more sarcastic when communicating with the Hairy Folk. I felt that my relationship with the Sasquatch needed to mature into relationships that I thought that others were having. I felt lonely. The communication had come to a stand still. This is why it took so long to write this blog entry from the last entry. Yet the questions from readers still came and I got real insecure about all of this. I never wanted to force my personal views on the reader. I just wanted to share my experience with you in hopes that some of you would share with me and help me in making sense of it all. Thank you for all of your feedback and personal experiences. The circle is complete.

TuKornu came to be in a very big way. He made me understand. He said, “John, the energies of someone else’s experience with us does not fit you; just as the energy of your experience does not fit another. Do not try to be someone else while developing your relationship with us. You came to us like a child. You came with respect and questions while always reminding us that you loved us. Your intent was clear. When you tried to live the experience of someone else, your intent changed into something that did not have anything to do with us. The energy of who you are is known to us and has become our friend. Wearing the energy that belongs to someone else only covers the light that is shinning from your own.”
Sasquatch Q&A:
(Thank you again, readers, for you questions. Your questions help me too.)

Adrian: Thank you John again for helping shed some light and offering your personal guidance. It’s helpful, for those of us who are remembering to Love again, and see the splendor of our Home and it’s residents.

In my past, I’ve chosen a Pagan faith. One that admires, and accepts the many facets of nature. Good and Evil, light and dark. One without the other simply couldn’t exist. I chose the light, such as many pagans do. One area of interest for me is herbal medicine. It’s been long taught, forgotten, and re-learned again, which of our indigenous plants and herbs help us for various ailments.

My question to the hairy folk is: for when a human wants to cleanse their bodies of the toxins and poisons we have eaten, what common plant can we look to, to help with the cleansing process. Many of us are still learning to feel and speak to the plants, and we are afraid of eating the wrong plants. I feel that our bodies are held down with these poisons. Gaining new vibrations is difficult. Is there a simple plant we can eat that will help flush all the poisons out so we may begin our path to our futures?

TuKornu: These are everywhere. The different parts of Gaia have different plants that share with us different meanings and stories. The stories that these plants tell are for everyone. But who stops and listens to these stories are few. There was a time when the communication between all on Gaia had no boundaries. All could hear and all knew how to listen. There are places that humans hid these stories. The reason that they were hid was because some humans wanted to tell different stories. Every plant is energy. There is no poison. The energy is different. This is why it is important to know what stories the plants have to tell. There are places where the stories are still told. You must look to your Native people for the stories. What humans call medicine is different that what humans call alternative medicine. The problem that you humans have made for yourself is that you have given the wrong name to the right remedy. Until you can hear the stories from the plants themselves, ask your Native people to tell you the stories.

Nicholas F:

May I ask a few questions of our brother from Dakote please? I have spoken via am email on youtube with Tolec over the past few years, and have I followed his teachings from the Andromeda Council. I also have a group, now over seven hundred, set up for this very purpose, I like to think mots are fascinated by what we are learning here vis a vis planetary Ascension.

Can Mitawinasee answer me the following please. What are the points of demarcation between what he knows to be taking place and what information Tolec has been given? Tolec has said many times and in reply to my questions, there will indeed be a physical transporting of people from off the planet whose soul choice is to stay in 3D. That there will be planetary wide telepathic contact by the star people with all the people of earth. My question basically is this … Was what Tolec says ever a possibility at one time and has the agenda for Transition and helping earth since been modified?

May I say the answer you have recently given Alan is most profound as regards the earth being in a biosphere I believe and makes a lot of sense. If you could expand on this a bit more it would be appreciated.
Wodakote and namaste… Nicholas F.

P.S. Please forgive my bad typing above, John, by all means correct any bad spelling or wrong words….

Mitawinasi: The Andromeda Council has made things very clear. Yet the Council is part of a bigger whole. What Tolec will tell you is this, and I will agree: There are many clues for you to find. None of us have all of the answers. But when you put all of the pieces together, you will be closer to the bigger. picture. At some point you must decide for yourself. Now, what makes this difficult is that things are changing all of the time. Yes, things are different today from what they were yesterday. This is something that you had better get used to as everything unfolds. If you get caught up in the drama’s of details, you must recognize at some point that there is no ending to the details. There are people that have already made their way through some sojourn or another. Some are already in the new reality. Some have been taken to ships. Others are making their last choices. The telepathic communication that you were referring to is happening right now as you read these words. The separation between a reality where money is used to create a new freedom without your masters, and a reality where there is no such thing as money are both in the process of being manifested. Now, I ask you to re-read your questions again and compare them to what I have just told you. Everything is there for you to begin making your choice. While on your sojourn, beware of the bottomless pit of details.

TuKornu, Thank you for addressing Jennifer’s question. She is very grateful and deeply honored to receive this.

Mitawinasi, Thank you for your response’s They have been very insightful for me and hopefully for other readers following John’s blog.

Ok it is understood now that we are/have been living in a holographic reality. You have said that inside our little box of illusion, we see the Sasquatch and they appear strange to us.

Also Tahjee and ToGrahnu have both said to John in the past that ‘you are not who you think you are” Tahjee has also told John that it would be a very big surprise.

I’m wondering if how we see ourselves is also actually a projection of how we collectively think we appear. If so do you and the Sasquatch actually both see John and us in our true form? Perhaps we already are beings of a higher vibration that have long forgotten who we are? And some of us are soon to be unplugged from this illusion.

John: Mitawinasi has asked me to share this with you.

This is from a past blog:

Mitawinasi: “Just think of us all standing around a swimming pool together. I mean All of us. Some decide to jump in to the deep end. So when you jump, you submerge under the water. At that moment you cant hear, breath, and barely see. But you always come back to the top, get out of the pool, and jump back in. There are always enough of us to get you back out before you start to drown. This is an analogy for life.

John has learned to hear under water. He has stopped paddling for his life and learned to listen as he floats back up. He is beginning to see better under water. But both of these things, he is still learning. He has made it clear to everyone that if he can float back up, so can everyone. That is the only reason that he shares his story and this is a big reason why we keep giving him adventures to write about.

When I met John for the first time, I came to him in my body. I stayed hidden right outside of his sight beyond a few trees. He was looking right at me but did not see me. But he felt my energy arrive. He was very nervous. It was like being under water and hearing someone else dive in. Got it? He called ToGrahnu and ToGrahnu came right away. John was used to this energy from ToGrahnu already as they had spent much time together.

Now this is key to understanding all of this. ToGrahnu and I are friends already. We are standing up on the bank watching our friend and brother, John, swim under water. Very soon John will be able to get out of the water and see us. Right now he has learned to be still and quiet and look up on the bank. He can see us barely looking down in to the water. It is not us that jump in the water to show our selves while you are floating back to the top. It is you that must first learn to swim. When you do. You know that you will always float back to the top.

After we all celebrate for a while on the bank. You always jump back in and we do it all over again.”

Alan: By your statement that the answers are revisited by my self in my dreams. Does that mean during the dream state we are disconnected from the illusion? And is this also so during states of meditation and out of body experiences?

Mitawinasi: It is not your body that needs rest when your sleep. It is your spirit that desires to connect to All-That-Is that causes you to close your eyes. It is very difficult for your soul to be in the prison of the body for very long. It is only your body that stays in the illusion while your soul spreads its wings. Every night. In the morning you agree to forget. Call it an out of body experience with amnesia if you like. Meditation is different and the same.

Alan: I do have other questions but for now I take your encouragement to look for the answers from the inside. Yes I understand now it is important that if we believe and know that the kingdom is within then the answers will gradually come and we will remember.

The way that you previously described your home planet Dakote with water ways that take you where you wish to go is yet another example of how you live in harmony with your planet. Whereas we have excessively torn up and disturbed ours to build roads. There will be much for us to look forward to and find a better way.

Mitawinasi: I will see you sooner than you think, Alan. Know this and never think again, my friend.

Until the next time Mitawinasi my brother and friend. Thank you

And of course Thank you John.


John: Thanks for your questions, Friends. Thanks for your answers, Friends.



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