Monday, 7 July 2014

New Guinea – Extraordinary Figures Of Unknown Beings


Ancient people of New Guinea made several depictions in the image of their creators.

Some of them are truly remarkable.

Is this what ancient astronauts that visited in New Guinea looked like?

There are many ancient legends and myths in New Guinea telling about how odd-looking gods descended from the skies and created the first humans. It was said that these heavenly beings were half-human, half-eagle and possessed the ability to change their shape. Were they shape-shifters?

Stories of traffic between the earth and the sky are an important part of Oceanic mythology, particularly in Micronesia and Melanesia. Melanesians have several basic stories about how the first humans appeared. In some places these beings descended from the sky.

According to the Kiwai people of New Guinea, the trickster Sido could change his skin like a snake.
He was killed by a powerful magician. Sometimes it said these curious beings came from the sea or emerged from underground.

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