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Another crop circle in Wiltshire, UK, Reported on the 8th of July, 2014. The location is not revealed until the farmer has clarified his position until then if you come across this crop circle please do not go into the field.


Be what you are

This is the first step toward becoming who you are

There are 16 of the not always perfectly formed symbols inside the outer ring, which is numerologically reducable to 7, with a large circle inside of that, and a smaller offset circle inside of that. The offset circle has a standing tuft in the center of it. Since tufts are seen, as well as not seen, in genuine CCs, it must specifically mean something with relation to the total symbology.

The number 7 correlates to the 7th plane (the physical world), and in that connection the “messiness” would indicate that the physical world is out-of-balance. 

What else does the 16 represent? Do the circles represent the Sun, the Earth, and the moon?

Does the crop circle symbolism correlate to other CCs. The ETs are providing us with very important information at this time, and it’s important for us to decifer, understand, and act upon it.

The messiness of some of the detail of the formation could be intentional and may indicate the problems we are now having with our genetic code, due to chemical, GMO and nuclear contamination of our planet and the impact that it is having on our genome.

But the core of our being is perfectly whole.

Although considered “imperfect”, this structure actually hides its true nature well.






To date some 10,000 crop circles have been catalogued worldwide, and their anomalous features continue to be irreplecatable: plants bent an inch above soil and gently laid down in geometrically-precise patterns with no physical signs of damage, altered cellular structure and soil chemistry, discrepancies in background radiation, alteration of the local electromagnetic field, massive depletion of the watershed, and dowsable, long-lasting energy patterns, not to mention measured effects on the human biological field. 

So much, then, for two guys [“Doug & Dave”] and a piece of wood.”
Imperfectly formed crop circles 
have proven to be genuine & for a purpose




For instance this glyph gave the impression of a wilting planet with four drooping feathers (symbolizing the prime elements), as if the Earth was expressing its state of mind. Now, years later, new evidence shows how this event, and many others since, is yet another unmistakable sign of how our host planet engages in an intimate communication. And that communication has been going on for thousands of years.

The Earth is covered with a vast network of sacred spaces: standing stones, dolmens, stone circles, and pyramids. Many have posited that these places are unique, in that they are repositories of subtle energies, and these energies have a possible link to developing human consciousness, and specifically the awakening of human cellular memory.

Studies conducted at stone chambers, such as Ireland’s Newgrange mound, and many needles of stone show these places emit electromagnetic (EM) frequencies, and very often they interact with the local magnetic field, sending compasses pointing as much as 180 degrees from magnetic north. One study at Rollright Stones in Oxfordshire using a magnetomer survey of the area shows how this energy spirals into the sacred site like a cosmic sinkhole.

Traditionally, such places were regarded as meeting points between the gods, the Earth and its inhabitants. In other words, they were places of communication, or communes. In the Iberian peninsula they are called ‘betilo’, which stems from the Semitic ‘beth-el’, BETHLEHEM, or ‘house of god’. In Portugal, stone chambers are ‘antas’, from the Latin ‘anotare’, meaning ‘to mark or locate’.

These places have a rich history of healing as well as altered states, and possibly not as a result of a fertile imagination. Because the human body is also electromagnetic, every organ, every tissue, every cell in our human temple emits a frequency. Therefore, coming into contact with an altered EM field influences the actions taking place within our cellular structure. Tests monitoring brainwave activity in sacred sites demonstrate there is indeed an influence, particularly on right-brain activity– that part of us that works with the creative and the intuitive. Inside Gothic cathedrals–which were built on ancient temples, sometimes incorporating their very standing stones– this influence on our state of awareness can be as much as 4000% above normal waking state.


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