Friday, 11 July 2014

Andromeda Council – Tolec ALEX COLLIER – THE FEATHERED SERPEANTS … BIOSPHERE Energies from the Sun

 Message from Tolec


Andromeda Council Biosphere’s

A clip from Alex Collier Alien Secret Earth History video


We expect by the end of 2014… 





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  1. Now Its 2015 this 4D is supposed to happen? I thought that this was all suppose to kick off the last part of 2013 & 4D transformation was to happen some where around mid January of 2014? People that wanted to go to another planet would have that choice if they didnt want to stay in 4D? I always enjoyed listening to you and your messages & looked forward to mid January 2014. I was really excited. But it came and went and nothing seemed to change & it was life as its always been. SLAVERY here on mama earth. I was so disappointed. Now after a time of silence, you come out & beat the 4D drums again saying its NOW going to be the end of 2014 when we see this big change & transformation of our reality and it will wrap up by March of 2015? How can you tell us this when the information you gave us about January 2014 didnt pan out? How can you know that the NEW info your saying now is in fact creditable when your sources you relied on in the past were wrong? I want to believe you and your sources with all my heart, But this mess of crying wolf like all the others that has given dates & time lines isnt cutting it. For once i would love for someone out there among us to be right when giving us info from someone on a ship in orbit or on some sort of biosphere. My grandmother told me something long ago when she was alive. A Person Is Only As Good As Their Word Or Promise. If Their Word Or Promise Isnt Worth A Damn, Then Neither Are They. I really in my heart believed in you Tolec. More in you than any others. Im tired. I want out of this 3D prison. Im tired of mama earth being ravaged & war is the way of the day. This has got to stop. How about giving us some real info & facts on whats going on & when everything will start rocking & rolling? Sorry...but im just tired of all these dates given coming & going without merit. Its so hard to get excited anymore when everyone that claims to be talking to our star brothers & sisters ends up with pie on their face later.