Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Special Announcement from ITCCS: Offer of Amnesty in Exchange for Testimony Against Officers of Vatican and Crown of England [video]

Well, we had been informed that this would probably be offered to members of the Illuminati if they took action to rectify the situations they helped create. Let’s see what they do—if anything. So far all they do is ignore the summons and pretend it’s business as usual and present awards for outstanding service—other than the recent resignations, that is.  ~ BP



A Special Announcement from 

The International Common Law Court of Justice:

An Ultimatum and Offer to employees and agents 
of the Crown of England and the Church of Rome 
– Issued June 2, 2014

VIDEO OF ANNOUNCEMENT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VP3k6qKy6xs#t=113

An offer of a General Amnesty has been issued today to employees of the Crown of England and the Vatican by the Head Judicial Council of The International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels.

This Amnesty is extended to those individuals who are willing to give evidence and their sworn testimony to the Court concerning their knowledge or evidence of crimes committed by the officers of these institutions, and their accomplices.

“This is an appeal to insiders in these murderous organizations to come forward and do what is just and right” explained Kevin Annett, special assistant to the Court, in a televised broadcast today.

“We say to these men and women, if you name the names and provide solid evidence of crimes against children and against humanity committed by popes, royalty and others, you will be granted a general amnesty and will not be prosecuted for your involvement in these crimes. And this Amnesty also extends to any citizen with such inside and verifiable knowledge.”

Rewards also Offered by the Prosecutor’s Office

In addition, the Court’s Prosecutor announced today that rewards up to 10,000 Euros will be provided for information leading to the prosecution of top Vatican and government officials for crimes against humanity.

The rewards are especially offered to anyone with evidence of the involvement in the torture and killing of children by Jorge Bergoglio (“Pope Francis”), Adolfo Pachon (Jesuit Superior General) and Justin Welby (Archbishop of Canterbury).

Anyone wishing to take advantage of either offer of Amnesty or reward may contact the Prosecutor’s office through itccscentral@gmail.com , or by leaving a confidential message with Field Secretary Kevin Annett at 386-323-5774 in the USA or 250-591-4573 in Canada.

The complete text of these offers and the Court’s broadcast can be found below.

Issued by the Public Information Agency of the Office of Citizen Prosecutor,

The International Common Law Court of Justice, Brussels

2 June, 2014

www.iclcj.com , www.itccs.org


Text of the Amnesty Offer:

Hello. My name is Kevin Annett and I have been authorized by the International Common Law Court of Justice to make the following announcement and offer to every employee and agent of the Vatican and the Crown of England, anywhere in the world:

As I speak, the top officers of the bodies you are serving are being tried for the torture, trafficking and murder of children. Pope Francis, Jesuit leader Adolfo Pachon, the Archbishop of Canterbury and other top Crown and church officers have already been indicted for these crimes. And every employee of the Vatican or the Crown and Church of England will be considered legally complicit in these crimes once they have been proven in our common law court of law.

This is an appeal to insiders in these murderous organizations to come forward and do what is just and right – and to spare yourselves prosecution and exposure for your own involvement in these crimes.

The Court is therefore making each of you this one time only offer:

If you name the names and provide evidence of those responsible for these crimes, and can verify the involvement of Pope Francis and the others in the murderous actions of the Ninth Circle cult and other crimes, you will be granted a general amnesty and will not be prosecuted for your involvement in or knowledge of these crimes.

This general Amnesty also extends to any citizen with such inside and verifiable knowledge.

In addition, the Court will reward any of you with such insider knowledge up to 10,000 Euros for your evidence and statements.
You may contact the Court Prosecutor’s Office at the emails and phone numbers listed at the end of this broadcast. Your statements will be kept in complete confidentiality.

Know this: Those whom you have sworn to serve and obey are monstrous criminals who have the blood of innocent children on their hands. The truth of their crime is being revealed. If you do not stand with justice and the innocent, you will fall with the convicted heads of church and state.

You have been released from your oaths of allegiance, and ordered to stand down from your service of these criminals, by lawful proclamations of the Court. You are free to do what is right.

Act on that freedom, today. We await your answer.



  1. I'd love to support your work with the ITCCS, but first I need to visit the court in person and see things in action.. As I live near Brussels it would be easy to get there. Can I have the address of the court please, and the courtroom number?
    Many thanks

    1. As a person who’s been in the legal business for years Judge and International lawyer Alfred Webre would be able to answer your q ... Here is a link to what the judge Alfred Webre had to say about Canadian politicians involved in Aboriginal women killings: http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2012/12/20/279219/canada-aboriginal-killings-cover-up/ ... I'm sure he'll be very happy for your active support as you so honourably suggested

    2. ALFRED WEBRE : Letter to a friend about the ITCCS and International Common Law Court of Justice http://theflowofperceptions.blogspot.co.uk/2014/06/alfred-webre-letter-to-friend-about.html

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