Sunday, 15 June 2014

COBRA : Cosmic Goddess Activation

Solstice on June 21st will mark a completion of an important operation of the Light forces. Nothing can be said about that operation yet.

Also, at the moment of summer solstice on June 21st, the process of activating the planetary Goddess archetype will begin. This will be activated by many women from the Resistance Movement and the Pleiadian fleet meditating and directing their loving energy to humanity.

Summer solstice comes at 10 hours 52 minutes GMT. This equals 12:52 pm local time in Egypt and central Europe, 11:52 am BST in London, 6:52 am EDT in New York, 5:52 CDT in Chicago, 4:52 MDT in Denver and 3:52 PDT in Los Angeles. You can see the timing for other worldwide locations here:

You can join that meditation in your own way, but here is the meditation suggested by the Light forces:

1. Make yourself comfortable, close your eyes and relax by watching your breath

2. Surround yourself with a pink egg full of energy of Love

3. Surround your loved ones with similar pink eggs full of energy of Love

4. Embrace the whole humanity and all living beings of planet Earth within a pink egg full of energy of Love

The Light forces have requested to add this short meditation every Sunday just after our Weekly Liberation Meditations since this energy field of Love will serve as our protection shield.

Our main anchor point for Cosmic Goddess activation will be on Ibiza. Sisterhood of the Rose groups will be main transmitters of cosmic energies for this activation worldwide. You can form your own Sisterhood of the Rose group or join an already existing group here:

Shortly after the solstice, much intel that was previously withheld will be finally released and a new cycle of activity of the Light forces will begin. You are therefore more than welcome to join us on our first Victory of the Light conference in Taiwan:
Victory of the Light is near!
Dear Portal Freinds

Cobras next monthly interview will be on tuesday please send any questions you ever wanted to ask Cobra to We will do our best to ask as many of your questions as possible. Your questions will most likely be presented so dont be shy send them now!

You may ask more advanced metaphysical questions a well as any questions you may have in regards to Cobras posts. If you need clarifiaction about some aspect of his descriptions of the ongoing plans for planetary liberation. Also personal questions related to your own ongoing spiritual progress are welcome so please do send them to me.

Shortly after the interview you will have the best audio version of Cobras interview available thanks to master sound technician Rique Seraphico. Not too long after that you will also see the transcript of this interview by Danell Glade the leader of the Prepare For Change Financial Team. Also the wonderful Youtube presentation by Smaly Seven will be available here

Warm Regards
Victory To The Light
Rob Potter


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