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It is important to keep in mind, when reading the following- that Enlil is the person also called Yahweh ­

God of the Jews

Michael the ’Archangel’ by Christians

Michabo-God of many native tribes

LEVITE or Snake God by the Aboriginal Australians and the Jews

(Also ­ almost certainly the person called ENCODER in Bible Code 2, AND the FATHER OF ALL VAMPIRES – whom Ann Rice calls “ENKIL” ).

In each case the recognizable fingerprint ­ is an attempt to prevent further genetic freedom, to prevent self-empowered bliss ­ and essentially ­ to create a kingdom of obedience to a plan to create immortality by soul harvesting ­ for the (medium grade interventionist ­ and lost soul ­Nephilim) ’God“- Enlil.

( And his political party called ELOHIM as in Keys of Enoch ­ whose ruler is the central hive computer for the borg mind ­ASHTAR).





The Body, was not the only Form. Trees, every leaf, every flower…water…earth…animal…We could download into anything, and this gives the Creation its solidity. A hologram, that is based on Life Energies to maintain its ‘shape’.

But that isn’t the only existance here, for instance there is a Spirit of Freedom, Fire, Air, Sorrow, all of these are supported in the Creation by Spirits. And a Spirit is YOU, just a differant “form”

The Tree of Life is the genetic tree of all Life that the Divine Couple gave birth to.



On the Tree of Life is the Reptile branch with SET and his mate TIAMATT. This is the father/mother of the Reptile Branch and reptiles are inclusive of all bird species. On the Reptile branch, there are numerous other branches, and one of those branches is a collective of races called “The Snake Families”.

The Snake Families are inclusive of a branch called the “Bird Tribes”. And these are the angels, and the MOLOCH. The Moloch is who the Bilderberg are dealing with directly. They made a pact to sell us as meat in exchange for power and money, and this is why no one has been able to reign in the PTB.

In the Creation, they invaded Earth. Earth was the home world of the Divine Couple.
What they did was split earth into two worlds. The Earth You are on now, is the copy…which they decended BELOW the real physical plane.

Your real body is what people are calling the ‘incorruptable body’ and that is the Avatar you downloaded into. You are a Spirit.

When they separated the two Earths, they created the hu-man avatar by splicing the species Galactic Man, with other dna. And this gave you the Reptile Brain, within the Avatar. The more a person gets hardwired to the reptile brain, the more sociopathic they become. The Spirit, trapped, cannot stop this…and the human being doesn’t understand that the mind is blended, and thinks these thought are their own. The more hardwired, the more the Reptile has control of the vehicle. The person, not knowing, accepts the blame and indeed over time may come to relish the harm they do…such as the killer we see.

Earth siezed, half the Galaxy laid to waste, The One gave the Call. No one denies the call of One. He called the entire Universe, on every level, and all responded. And this was the formation of the Allies, to the Snakes “Axis”.

The Snake families could create bodies, but they could not create the spirit. So One, in pure stratagy, sent the Allied forces in to be ‘victims’ to be downloaded!

This is why you had so many coming forward to say that ‘they didn’t feel that they belonged here’. These people were from all over the Universe, every species known. And they jumped into HUMAN avatar bodies! This is why they are called Heros! And this is why we now have 6+ billion.

You have an ability, that they are not telling you about. You the Spirit, is able to leave the body and engage in battle. And then go back into the body, and as an incarnate, you are mainly unaware. This was because they sabotaged your ability to be aware. But one of the signs that this is going on is sudden chills. As a Spirit, you have been fighting in the “Astral” and this is becoming more easily remembered in dreams because the veil is thinning.


Now is the Time of the Gathering

This is a regularly scheduled PARTY. A family reunion…with Adam and Eve, the Divine Couple.
And this time ALL MEN GO UP…it is the Law and they can not stop it.
What they have been trying to do is harvest more humans. And these are the people saying that they will take you in ships, or that you are their family.

Enlil holds possession of the Tablets of Destiny which gives him power over the entire cosmos and the affairs of man. He is sometimes friendly towards mankind, but can also be a stern and even cruel god who punishes man and sends forth disasters, such as the great Flood … Enlil played a part in the creation of human beings, but later attempted to kill them.



On 3-19 The Allied forces hit him. It was caught on tape.
On 4-9 Jupiter was still inside the Path..the Allied Line..and they were cleaning him out. Just like they had just cleaned out Saturn, then released him.
Jupiter (Enlil) was forced to give up all of his captives, and all of his weapons and ships.
Because they are part of a mechanism by which Earth is moved out, they were put back into place to form the Grand Cross.

However their ability to wage war and mess with Earth before we make the leap, is null now.



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