Saturday, 28 June 2014



The Ambassador opens this interview by making a plea for cooperation from those who want the highest and best for humanity, and to stop complying with the cabal method of divide and conquer. He’s right. We’ll never co-create a world that works for everyone if we keep fighting each other. That is 666, Mark of the Beast. He also answers several questions posed by Ron’s friends on Facebook dealing with the collateral accounts, distribution of funds, working with ETs & off-world entities, repurposing military and law enforcement, needs of the people who are hurting, setting up structured programs for collaboration, interrupting current communications by cabal to inform people of the truth, supporting new technologies, and more. He also mentions SwissIndo, Benjamin Fulford and Neil Keenan.

He is talking to the cabal at the highest levels, not to the people. Much of what he says is in coded messages to those in the know. It will not be understood by most of us at this level because we have been purposely kept out of the loop of knowing.


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