Wednesday, 18 June 2014

TANAATH Silver Legion Announcement : Appearance on Drake’s show on Thursday June 19



As I mentioned earlier, I will be on Drake’s show – yeah,

We finally found a date that will work for me, it’s Thursday June 19th. Once again, this is not a show where I will be discussing ET topics. I have no news on that front and I won’t be doing any regular or irregular ET-themed shows until I do. My appearance on Drake’s show will deal solely with psionic personal protection. I’m doing this because Tommy pretty much wheedled and begged until I said ‘oh, ok’ – because a lot of people associated with the movement have been experiencing attacks of various sorts and those who haven’t had a chance to learn how to protect themselves might need a few tips.
In other news, CaptainX CS posted (via Chloe on the facebook) a new meditation last week.

I wasn’t able to get it up on this site as I was away from home and didn’t have access to a computer through which I could actually post anything. The back end of this site is not mobile-friendly, not even a little. I’ll be getting it up on this site after I post, and anyone who wishes to use this meditation as a framework or starting point for their own work is welcome to do so. CaptainX CS’s date has passed, but you can still do this or a variation of it on your own. This might happen again this summer, because I’m going to be traveling a lot.

Once again, when it comes to other people’s meditations, remember that you don’t have to do them unless you feel like you should. If you feel comfortable with it, and you feel that it empowers you, feel free. If you don’t feel comfortable with it (not everyone likes Kundalini Reiki, for instance – I’m not much for Reiki myself, I acknowledge that it’s a valid tool for some but I don’t feel particularly called to make use of it), don’t do it.

A lot of people have a hard time getting started because they don’t have a basis from which to begin. Posting these meditations can help some people build a basis and start innovating their own techniques.

You can find a link to that meditation over here, it’s called “Your Inner Light”.

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