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A Group of Pleiadians Removed Thousands of Cabal from the Planet June 15th [audio]

Very interesting comment from tg who alerted us to this video chat by Julien Wells … thank you tg

i don’t know about you guys, but i get a very uneasy feeling in my gut when i listen to julian. in his more recent vid (A Chat with Julien Wells, Judy Jandora, Sheri Gordon, Dan Alvin & Crystal Walker 6/9/14) he and some of the others keep referring to “pleiadians” (which ones?); he stated that these “pleiadians” made an offer to take certain cabal members off planet to protect them/give them another chance to reform? EXCUSE ME ????? but who elected/appointed any “pleiadian” group or other off-world group to speak for/act on the behalf of earth’s global population?, and especially relegate all other beliefs to the contrary as due to ego??? what BS!!! there are so many holes in his/their thinking that i could write a book. and as a sovereign being on this planet i don’t appreciate any of them thinking and acting for me!




Julien Wells always shares the most incredible insights about what is happening behind the scenes on the Galactic Front and this discussion is no exception.

If you’re not familiar with Julien, he has an incredible conduit to the Pleiadians who regularly share information with him and he never knows when the telepathic transmissions are going to come through.

He says a group of Pleiadians that is desperate to make a difference in the planetary situation went outside the box and devised a way to free nearly 11,000 underlings of the cabal who have been screaming to get out of their predicament and contracts with their masters—despite the fact that other groups of Pleiadians, Andromedans, Arcturians, Orions, Sirians, etc. disagreed with their plan.

Those removed from the planet are the highly compartmentalized cabal who are afraid for their lives at the hands of Humanity when we learn what they’ve done. They are not near the top and just do what they’ve been trained to do—but that does affect us and their removal will benefit many of us.

You’ll have to listen for yourselves, but this makes it crystal clear that…

1. There are many, many independent groups of galactics on their own missions to free us and that is why no ONE spokesperson at our disposal knows everything that is happening or will happen, or why.

2. Our star families are under no such edict to keep their noses out of our business and refrain from “interfering”. They’re interfering BIG TIME!



A Chat with Julien Wells, Judy Jandora, 

Sheri Gordon, Dan Alvin & Crystal Walker




A Group of Pleiadians Removed 
Thousands of Cabal from the Planet June 15th 

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