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Big power plays by Rothschilds Rockellers 

leave Putin on the defensive and China in the middle 



Kudos to Ben for a brilliant analysis this week. Seeing ISIS as an organized “surprise attack” against the Alliance, intended to fight the oil wars, makes a lot more sense than his initial leaks had said last week. The Fed group is struggling like crazy not to have its profits cut off — but everything they try is failing, again and again.

In fact, the more of this kind of violence they do, the more they embolden and strengthen the Alliance — and the harder they can expect the next moves will be.

It is quite amazing to play “connect the dots” like this and see the form that emerges. We are watching the equivalent of a very complex movie, with lots of plot twists and punch / counterpunch fighting, taking place in the world.

It is obvious that for the Fed side to try to pull through this and actually succeed, as everyone is ganging up against them more and more, they would need to first make some sort of decisive ‘win’ that gives them a financial supply, and then make a decisive strike that creates some sort of mass trauma that they can then manipulate.

Their strategy, even when losing like this, is to create game changers that can sway the situation back in their favor. So, as is increasingly the case, we can expect they will still be trying some sort of “Hail Mary Pass” move to try to stunningly shift the game.

As I said in the Flight 370 article, they tried to create a story where the plane had been hijacked and flown into a meeting of world leaders discussing nuclear security. They had a full stand-down order on all the emergency radio services in that area of the Netherlands, ostensibly to prevent clogging the airwaves. They probably had incendiary devices ready to ensure that the plane crash did everyone in.

Thankfully, that plane was intercepted in the air and diverted, as I wrote in the Flight 370 piece, which you should definitely read if you haven’t yet:


My point is that if this had been successful, it would have very much shifted the game. Alliance leaders therefore must be very careful right now about appearing in one place together to any large degree.

The dreams I’m having, morning after morning after morning, blatantly reveal that the defeat of the Cabal is a foregone conclusion. They will not be permitted to succeed in any of these plans, no matter how devious or ingenious they think they might be. This combination of being highly intelligent and sociopathic is their whole game. They get off on it. They enjoy the power, the dominance, the control and the sense of infallibility — but they are running scared now.

Everything they do backfires. I suspect it will only be a matter of weeks before this ISIS idea backfires as well. They are getting very bold by putting out the “brand identification” of the name of the female aspect of Lucifer in their religion into the name of the group they financed and started. Yet no one has any interest in following them into another war.

Obama is still very conflicted, torn between lethal pressure from the Cabal, perhaps equally intense pressure from the Alliance, and then whatever he feels inside himself, which could be different than either of these camps. I did find it interesting that he openly refuted the Cabal plans to go into Iraq in speeches he made in the last few days. He can see the signs and doesn’t want to side with the losing team when things are this close.

It may seem like this is just going to go on and on, back and forth, but that’s not the sense I’m getting from the latest dreams. Even though this is all relatively quiet, in the sense that no major wars actually start, they keep trying. When the Cabal gets as desperate as they are now, they run the strong risk of complete surprise-attacks against them that may have been in the works for years. It does appear that the plans are very thorough and extraordinary restraint is being used to only follow this plan in a certain order.

Remember that the bulk of the US military is now working against the Cabal, with the Alliance, along with an ever-increasing international coalition. The Cabal is trying to sway the game with a dwindling supply of mercenaries who are only as loyal as their next paycheck. Therefore, even though they are creating news-worthy events, they don’t have the infrastructure anymore to carry through with them and get the wars they are hoping for.

Once the BRICS bank goes fully online, ostensibly as of July 1st, the final stages are in place for mass arrests to occur. I do think the Cabal knows this, and this is why we are seeing these frantic last-minute moves to try to change the game. They may very well try a few others, and sadly this could involve people dying in some upsetting manner somewhere.

One of the dreams I had recently was that I was part of a small group that was precision-trained to expose and defeat Satanists on a global level. These people in the group were generally misfits and what we all shared was extreme bravery, loyalty to humanity and a sense of honor. In order to successfully wage this battle it was important for us to thoroughly understand how these people think, how they feel, what motivates them, what they want and how they intend to get it.

Ben continues to do this every week, which is commendable, as I get so caught up in a variety of intersecting initiatives that it’s easy to drop the ball. However I will say that the push into making regular YouTube videos is going very nicely.

I would prefer to ignore this whole situation, and many others undoubtedly do — but this is all very real and the more of us stand up, the fewer innocent people have to die and the faster we co-create the world and the life we want.

- David Wilcock

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