Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Cobra Interview 6-17-14 with Rob Potter of “The Promise Revealed”



Cobra Interview Transcript By Dannell Glade:

Rob Potter interviews Cobra – 17th June 2014.


Audio: available here


There will be certain areas or islands of light which he calls the “arc of the chilicosm” where the beings from the 5th dimension and higher will be able to interact as well as within space ships themselves which actually provide inter dimensional areas where people from different densities and frequencies of creation can interact and this is an important part of the transition on earth.

A special task force came to this planet through various phases of history of this planet. Most of them came here in Atlantis and kept incarnating in various key positions in key periods of history and now this group is here with a purpose of transforming and liberating the planet.

We have all this talk of the Isis or terrorist groups in Iraq. Is this Cabal type operation to stir the pot? It seems beyond coincidence that the latest incarnations of the insurgent led revolt in Iraq has called Isis.

COBRA – Yes, ISIS … the Archons have chosen that name on purpose. They take symbol that’s positive and try to associate it with something negative in the minds of human beings. Now this name is all over the mass media. If somebody from the street reads about Isis – in human mind their image of fanatics killing people instead of a Goddess of light. This is how association of the mind works.

They have done the same thing, the Nazi’s have taken a very old symbol of the swastika – which means spiritual evolution, and turned it around into a symbol of evil. Same thing happened to pentagram and some other symbols in the past. This is what the illuminati are using for example All Seeing Eye, they have hijacked the symbol. It’s a symbol of the source and they have hijacked it and it represents an all seeing eye of the one world order. This is how the Archons work. Whenever people see to see symbols they associate it with something negative. And so the positive energy of the symbol can’t flow through. It’s an occult war that is taking place.

COBRA - The contrast with light/dark was never intended to exist. The dark was not intentionally created. It was the result of the contingency random function that was created out of the void. When the dark forces are removed there will be no more need for darkness to exist. The contrast that will continue It will not be a polarity contrast between light and dark. It will be a natural contrast between different life experiences, which will be more or less of a positive nature.




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