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Quarantine Earth the Moon and the Dragon’s tail


Eye of the Observer – it holds true in the whole UNIVERSE

New World Order Agenda is to Divide & Conquer.

Awakening is a Must.


Technologies for Quarantine escape

The inverse of E=mc2 (m=E/c2)

may allow for the creation of mass

(Black Holes/Worm Holes) out of energy.


The reasons for American and Soviet planned attempts to nuke the back side of the Moon, and for America’s nuking of the near Earth Space (1958-62) that supposedly led to larger, stronger Van Allen Radiation belts.

Mankind was created at least 50,000 years ago, and possibly several hundred thousand years ago, by a set of alien, supposedly humanoid beings who were as evil as they were advanced.

Our Cosmic Criminal Creators were chased here (by even more advanced beings), or had already been here, and were subsequently enclosed in a Quarantine, or Grid, or Bio-Net, around the Earth that has not allowed them to leave. Our evil creators have tried many times to escape (and are continuously involved in doing so.)

These events may have caused the extermination of Homo sapiens, or other, previous humanoid species – who like us, were created to be slaves and hostages by our evil creators. These events apparently included nuclear holocausts at places such as Sodom and Gomorrah (4,000-5,000 years ago), and Kashmir (13,000 or more years ago, as described in the Indian text, the Mahabharata).



The Mahabharata

Global Nuclear War, occurred, and may soon again, for several reasons


1. To attempt to break through the Grid/Quarantine

2. To exterminate Mankind (the hostages) in stages, so as to force the Quarantiners to allow the quarantined to be allowed to leave.

Previous human species that were exterminated may include Cro-Magnon Man, who had a greater cranial capacity than the current dumbed-down version, and Neanderthal man.

Also possibly lost – as succeeding events indicate – was much of the technology of our Cosmic Criminal Creators. Hell was rained down upon the Cosmic Criminal Creators, by the Quarantiners, during the former’s escape attempt, or mass nuking of humans. This may have been like countless Tunguska event simultaneously coming down all over the Earth.

The result may have been the Cosmic Criminal Creators losing their great weapons and other technologies, and thus total control of Mankind.

Mankind then was deliberately kept in a “low-tech/low science” state. Any attempts to acquire knowledge and science met with a fate such as at Egypt’s great Library at Alexandria. It may have taken our Cosmic Criminal Creators until circa 1600 to reacquire all their technologies and weapons; and thus they THEN got Man to begin, or more correctly perhaps re-start, his quest for science and technology.

But all Man’s important activities have always been tightly controlled by our Cosmic Criminal Creators.

Hiding themselves and the existence of the Quarantine from Modern Man is of paramount importance to the Cosmic Criminal Creators.

So Mankind’s Cosmic Criminal Creators cleverly get Man to kill his fellow Man en masse. They get Man to nuke his fellow Man (Hiroshima, World trade Center, etc.), and use the full gamut of biological (AIDS, Ebola, etc.), chemical weapons on his fellow Man. Likewise the political, and economic systems Man appears to impose on his fellow Man can best be described as clever versions of enslavement for most of Mankind.

All the newer technologies are usurped with the aims of controlling and killing Mankind, and Quarantine escape.

 Each of these, in turn, might have say 10 people that s/he directly contacted, and so on. In this pyramidal way, the Cosmic Criminal Creators would control Mankind, and cause the creation of any science and technology that they wished to be, or to appear to be, in the hands of Mankind.

Interfacers might also need to “disappear” for lengths of time to go and get the word from the “mountaintop,” or perhaps more likely, from deep underground bases. So a 9-5 job wouldn’t work out for an interfacer. Control is maintained via secrecy, assassination, torture, threats of total annihilation of Mankind, and the like. Corrupt, stupid, shamed humans cooperate; when their lack of cooperation could cause the whole thing to collapse.

The Grid/Quarantine is also a Bio-Net, but only DNA from our Cosmic Criminal Creators, and us, is denied transport out through the Bio-Net. So other species may (or may not) be (hiding) here as well.

“that you could sit next to one in a restaurant and you would never know.”

Tsarion states that “Sir” John Dee 1527-1609 (code name 007) of England was someone akin to an interfacer.

Tsarion, and others, imply that Dee got his information directly from “others” or “other dimensions” through “occult means”

If only such human interfacers would stop aiding the destruction of their own entire species…..

The Earth is in Quarantine 

Michael Tsarion




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