Sunday, 1 June 2014

MY LADY OF THE WOODS : Ma-KEE-ah-Teh and the South American Sasquatch. Sasquatch Q&A


It was one difficult winter. It seemed like it would never end. My family and I had many experiences through out the winter. The ability to Mind Speak grew over those cold months but I was always longing to get back out to those special places of last year where I met the watchers of the woods. My Native American buddy, Bone, and I began planning on returning to the woods. We were discussing how we had changed over the past year. The way of the Sasquatch was in many ways old hat to us. Or at least it should have been. We realized that we have not even scratched the surface in better understanding our families who elude us.

We set a date and began to get ready. I told Bone that I wanted to avoid the same places that we had been to before. Not only did he agree but he had organized some pretty interesting places over the winter. We searched online and found that most of the new places had been abandoned for years or had strange lifetime leases. We planed the weekend away to go to a very special place where he had seen some pretty strange stuff. There were X's and tunnels in the cedars. There were also hog sign and desolation. But the most impressive was a huge flat stone hidden flat to the surface of the ground under a huge cedar tree. It didn't belong but had been there for a long time.

As the weekend arrived and dusk approached, I received a message from Tahjee (My Lady of the Woods) that I should stay home. I tried to get more information out of her but she only told me that it had something to do with visitors. I had learned a lot from Tahjee over the past year about visitors. I have been made aware of the Black Ops guys that have left their footprint many of times but had always just missed us (Thanks to my Sasquatch friends. Ha!). The second type of visitors that I had just missed were the Dog People. I do not know much about them other than they will attack if they sense your fear. They are very tall and great hunters. The last visitors that I learned about were the South American Sasquatch. Who ever reads this, make a note. They hate humans. You would hate us too if your home was the rain forest. Over the last year or so many have moved up north because of constant destruction of their home. I have heard many stories and conversations from my friends about the problem of them adjusting to life here. Do not fear them. Show respect. If you show them respect they will leave you alone. Forget about them wanting to be friends. Just move on and do not take anything personally.


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