Thursday, 5 December 2013

TOLEC ISON UPDATE : Failed attempt to destroy the biosphere Xanterrex


Biosphere Xanterexx & 2 Procyon star ships 
from the planet Kaena accompanying it -

a status update:


​ No matter what any entity has attempted to do, including what a recent, "Illuminati" directed, Earth authorized, Moon based operation did in its failed attempt to destroy the biosphere Xanterrex {diameter: 300 miles} & the 2 ships accompanying it, with absolutely no cause & effect, no damage whatsoever...

the biosphere Xanterrex & the 2 ships accompanying it are still completely functional, on their way here... planned for arrival into very high orbit over Earth sometime in our near future. This planet and its people are in for some amazing, fantastic experiences like never before in its modern history. It will be positive & life changing.

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