Tuesday, 10 December 2013

DISCLOSURE ... NEW UPDATE ... regarding the Mothership over Cleveland


Photo of Variant Altimarian Councillor Isis


 Procyon B 'Eve'

The video clip below is authentic super-secret National Reconnaissance Organization (NRO) video footage shot by two US Marines deployed on January 27, 1982 as part of a secret [Cabal] National Reconnaissance Organization UFO-retrieval team sent in to southwest Chihuahua State, Mexico to retrieve a starcraft shot down Jan. 25, '82 and to capture any crew members dead or alive.
In the 1-1/2 min. video clip below you will see a female Star Visitor injured survivor I've dubbed 'Eve', warily peering out from behind the jungle foliage at a male Marine 1stLt approaching and narrating while his female USMC 2ndLt teammate video-records the scene

Here is further information not provided with the video.

The craft was from the Procyon-B star system in the constellation Canis Minor, 11 light years from Earth. It carried a crew of four. One crewman, male, was killed in the crash. Three crew, two females and a male, survived with moderate injuries and were able to walk but not run. The Star Visitor seen on camera is 'Eve', a female. Behind her unseen but nearby in the woods are the other two, her husband 'Jim' and another female. All three were captured by NRO after this video was taken and transported away, along with their dead crewman's body.
The starcraft had been fired upon at 12,000 feet altitude over central Nevada by a (Cabal) Lockheed X-22A two-man antigravity disc fighter operating from ambush at 17,000 feet. The X22-A carried a directed-energy electromagnetic-pulse (EMP) cannon. The EMP burst mortally wounded the starcraft's advanced-technology quasi-living navigation/guidance & fuselage system.
The craft rapidly descended with increasing loss of control and crashed in the rugged Sierra Madre Occidental mountains of southwestern Chihuahua State near its border with Sinaloa State, Mexico. The crash site is 164 km (102 miles) NE of the Pacific coastal city of Los Mochis. Site GPS coordinates: 26 deg., 07', 51.22 N; 107 deg., 23', 57.55" W. The NRO built a dirt strip just east of the crash site to facilitate aerial removal of craft wreckage. 

Procyon B 'Eve' was so grateful for release after 31 years captivity
Eve plans to be an active participant in the effort to roll out official public acknowledgment of UFO and Star Visitors reality in the months ahead. 

After 6 days Star Nations abandons plan for its Ambassadors to meet the public Dec. 1st in Cleveland's Public Square. Repeated acts of terrorism by the global control group the Cabal have made such a peaceful, pre-announced, highly-public friendly walk and greeting session in an open space too dangerous.

UPDATE Dec. 03:

After hovering over Cleveland for six days awaiting a safe opportunity for the Ambassadors aboard to come to the ground and greet people in Public Square, Star Nations has determined that it is not possible to safely do so.
The vicious murderous Cabal madmen fear so much the public's seeing for themselves Star Visitors' peaceful and friendly nature that the Cabal has been engaging in an unending series of attacks aimed at my Team members, myself, and at the public in Cleveland.
Let me summarize events over the past six days (Nov. 28-Dec. 03). Understand that the Public Square event was to involve five Star Visitors, myself, and my three Inner team members all walking together Sunday in Public Square and extending friendly greetings to people there.
On Nov. 26, the Cabal send 4 drones armed with anti-personnel high-powered microwave weapons and three operatives on the ground armed with microwave rifles to attack my Team member James. They also activate a 13-witch coven to generate a relentless psychic attack on James' mind and body. This was to intimidate and/or disable James so he could not attend the Public Square event.
On Nov. 27, the Cabal set into motion a plot to have two heavy vehicles run me off the freeway at high speed to cause a crash they hoped would be fatal. Quick intervention by special agency White Hats thwarted the plot before it could be executed.
On Nov. 29, I got a call from my dermatologist that the skin lesion on my back induced by a Cabal drone with an advanced-technology radio-frequency weapon was in fact melanoma cancer, the most dangerous form.
On Nov. 30 the Star Nations Mothership remained positioned mostly in hyperspace over Cleveland, with (for safety) only a tiny portion extended into 3-D ordinary space over Cleveland, and that portion remained inside a cloud generated by the Mothership and which did not move despite the prevailing winds.
On Dec. 01, the planned day of the Walk in the Square, the Cabal placed two Blu WMD MOABs (Mother Of All Bombs), the largest non-nuclear bomb in the U.S. arsenal, into two trucks which were set to move into opposite corners of Public Square. As soon as the Mothership became visible and the Ambassadors were about to come down, those super-bombs would be detonated killings hundreds if not thousands of innocent bystanders. The Cabal plan was to blame the enormous explosion on the "aliens" in the Mothership. The special agency White Hats learned of this monstrous terrorist plot and intervened to prevent the bombs from going off. But by then it was too late in the day to conduct the Public Walk.
On Dec. 02, Star Nations Councillor Dr. Boylan had urgent surgery to cut out the melanoma cancer induced by the Cabal. The Cabal had a plot to have two large trucks run him off a high freeway bridge as he was driving home from surgery. The special-agency White Hats learned of this plot and intervened to prevent the freeway "accident". But by the time Dr. Boylan got home and settled in from surgery, it was too late in the day to go to Cleveland for the Public Walk.
On Dec. 03 two drones armed with lethal microwave weapons were readied for launch against Team member James. The special-agency White Hats learned of this attack and thwarted it before the attack drones could arrive.
Also on Dec. 03, a Cabal powerful 13-witch Coven attacked Councillor Boylan to induce additional damage to his Cabal-induced heart-attack site and the melanoma cancer site, capitalizing on the earlier attack damage by drones armed with advanced-technology microwave and radio-frequency weapons respectively. This attack was detected and the Coven members are now apprehended by law enforcement.

At this point late on October 3, Star Nations determined that Earth is still far too murderous a place for Star Visitors to conduct a peaceful, pre-announced, highly-public friendly walk and greeting session in an open space. And so the Star Visitors Public Walk is cancelled.
When Humans get the Cabal sub-humans under control, then such a friendly open pre-announced public meeting can take place.
Star Nations regrets the disappointment many feel that the Ambassadors' meet-and-greet walk in Public Square did not take place. But Human (and Star Visitor) safety comes first.
Let all people of good will redouble their effort to clean up the corrupt evil power-mongers who still dominate too much of our society. 


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