Wednesday, 4 December 2013


 SUPPOSEDLY - Mayan Calendar baktun 
long count completes on Dec. 16th, 2013

December 16 THIS YEAR 2013

Sun is in the GOLDEN GATE of Heaven

Moon is in the Silver gate THIS year NOT 2012


 technically it would make the sun a stargate?

LOOK AT all the false flags, these have ALL happened when

the sun or moon are in between

1.Golden Gate= Sagittarius- Scorpio
2. Silver Gate= Taurus - Gemini


Pearl Harbor- December 7 1941 SUN IN GOLDEN GATE

Oklahoma City Bombing April 19 1995 MOON IN GOLDEN GATE

9 11 attacks September 11 2001 MOON IN SILVER GATE

Sandy Hook December 14 2012 SUN IN GOLDEN GATE

DECEMBER 16 has 2 Gates aligned to moon and sun and is the end of Mayan true calender.

"the ancients universally accepted two portals or key dimensions into and out of the Heavens. They were known as the Golden Gate and the Silver Gate. The Golden Gate was also known as the “Gate of God” and was the entrance into the Heavens."

"The Silver Gate was also known as the “Son of Man” and was the exit out of the Heavens. The Silver Gate’s exact configuration is the constellation of Gemini and Taurus intersected by the Galactic Plane with the Galactic Equator around the horns of Taurus." 

The new pope has both the silver "key" and golden "key" in his coat of arms.

The blue shield shows the same cross alignment that Ison makes on DEC 16

THIS YEAR both the silver GATE, Golden GATE, and the end of the Mayan calender line up on December 16! 




  1. Hope this'll be the day when the cabal are prevented from doing any more harm to Mother Earth and her children ever again!!

  2. Let the power of three - guide you, to use your free will to sign for Liberation of the Planet on Cobra's web page and make this a day to remember for all the right reasons, the end of deception and the beginning of the Golden Age.

  3. power of three? what is this, Charmed now?

    Btw, we're past the date. I knew it was bogus.

    1. 9:46 is right - we ARE past the date. Check out Joseph Goodman, Eric Thompson and Floyd Lounsbury's works. Also the Dresden Codex.
      Maya measured long time periods with the Long Count - one 360 year = a tun which consists of 18 twenty day 'uinals' or months. 20x a tun = a katun 20 katuns = a baktun (approx 400 years) and 13 baktuns = 1,872,000 days (or 5,200 tuns, or approx 5,125 years) Zero day (1st day) is written thus

      See also John Major Jenkins and also Geoff Stray's in depth research on the subject.

      BTW, if you base your argument on +/- year 0 then the date would be 2011 ;)
      The Mayans celebrated the start of the 5th Sun on 21 December last year - and they're the ones with the dedicated date-keepers so they should know!!