Monday, 30 December 2013

Red Dust replicates without DNA ... ET Spaceship Seeds Earth With Life-Giving Red Dust

Right now, earth may be getting hit by starseeds from Ison (previous ET messages discuss how comets and spaceships can seed planets with new lifeforms)…

but apparently earthlings are still ‘scared of aliens’…

so our space family will hang out in the sky, until earthlings on the surface set themselves up for a big series of events until they can learn to be peaceful and heartfelt… meanwhile…..

there is the possibility of planetary evacuation…

so play nice with each other, it’s just a game!

As the game ends, those who choose to remember they are infinite spirits get to go home… others may require another go-around on an earth-like planet, somewhere else… mother earth’s cleansing is about to kick into high gear… and never again will she dip down to these levels of abuse against her… behind the veil of illusion, our star family are preparing us, for a party beyond all parties… so let the joy times in NOW!

Why wait? Our days on the surface are numbered… mother earth has to completely clean her surface… and the big and small spaceships are seeding earth with new lifeforms ........... Ison debris to impact earth… It could be fireballs… earthquakes… raining crystals… or even gold…and then some… all at the same time… with spaceships in the sky…

The Reason “Comet” Ison Has Been Apparently “Disappearing”, “Disintegrating”, Or Otherwise Vanishing Or Changing

IITM:  There IS a reason…it’s true that humans take more notice of comets than the ufos… for example there have been hundreds of ships around the sun… as if that isn’t BIG NEWS… but no… any celebrity’s boobs get way more press! The Kardashians fake butts get more press than any ET Commander’s message… we’ve been contacted by ETs…they’ve written messages, created crop circles… wrote books… by the thousands...but still… any football game will get more attention… any tournament poker game too… even Miley Cyrus twerking gets more press…. even the twerking championship gets more press... you get the point… so don’t feel ripped off if our star family choose to act like a comet to get noticed…. what would you do, if you were in their circumstances, and you needed to reach a planet like our’s in a way that respects UNIVERSAL LAW? … did even the churches notice?…. 

Our star family are not under orders to barge into our lives with a big show… we must welcome them with peace in our hearts, not desperation in our minds! 

The world is going to forever change as our intergalactic societies intersect. This beautiful starship exists to bring together and form the new intergalactic societies between earth and the star nations represented on this intergalactic ship.

The reason this “comet” has been apparently “disappearing”, “disintegrating”, or otherwise vanishing or changing is because we have the ability to change the form of our ship at will. We can appear as a comet, many stars, a planet, or any other type of apparition/hologram that we wish. The reason we have chosen the form of a comet is so that the people of planet earth would take notice of our ship for indeed we are crossing the threshold of the time when our intergalactic relations are beginning to form…first in your minds, hearts, and awareness, then in individual visitations, then on a larger scale as your awareness, consciousness, vibration, and frequency continue to raise as your civilization on earth enters into the Golden Age.

This Golden Age on Earth is a time when you have open intergalactic relations with many benevolent star nations such as us from the Pleiades, the Andromedans, the Sirians, the Orions, the Venusians, the Felines, and many other star races. This will happen on a slowly accelerating basis, not in a large crash or boom that would terrify your people. Everything that we of the Pleiades and the other benevolent star systems aboard our ship do is soft, gentle, loving, compassionate, and we act out of all the higher qualities of love…higher dimensional qualities which we have embraced fully into our beings. There are no malevolent beings in our society, nor in the societies of the other star nations who are aboard this intergalactic mothership.

This mothership is one of the ships on which we have blended our intergalactic societies. We are made up of many different star nations, all living harmoniously together in a higher vibrational atmosphere of love, cooperation, unity consciousness, and most importantly with great care, love and concern for the birthing of Mother Earth/Gaia and her inhabitants into the new Golden Age on Earth. Your planet is the catalyst in a “domino effect” that will effect all other planets, galaxies, and universes in the multi-verse; the ascension of Gaia and her inhabitants to higher dimensional levels is setting off a chain reaction in the multiverse wherein all other planets, star systems, galaxies, beings are being upgraded a level or two. This is indeed occurring now on your planet. Beings are beginning to wake up, many have already achieved a higher level of consciousness and vibration and we of the Pleiades and other star systems are aware of your tremendous growth.


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