Thursday, 26 December 2013

SASQUATCH : Discussions From Another Realm

Bigfoot Sasquatch Cave Art Shirt

An incredible end to a year of activity that has set a new level of interaction with the sasquatch people and our forest friend Nephatia.

We continue to progress our unique situation showing that these are not the perceived apes as many portray, but rather a people, an older more refined and evolved people that don't rely on technology for their existence.

Sasquatch are a species that live in harmony with the earth and the universe.

Hopefully the ignorance of the human race changes its course in the very near future and grasps the understanding of our older brother. Sasquatch people are the key to the evolution of mankind. Those that refuse to change their perspective will continue to fail in their progress and understanding while the few that allow an open mind will gain insight and understanding.

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  1. Maybe I missed something but what do the orbs have to do with the noises of the Sasquatch?