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Silver Legion Announcements : TANAATH on Corey Taylor Talks show January 16 2014


Since our last show was cut short due to a lot of 'technical difficulties', I'll be on the Corey Taylor Talks show once more, on January 16, 2014. The show is at the same time slot as last time - 6 pm PST on Thursday the 16th. Yes, that is two days after Tolec's special day... like I said I don't buy into timelines and dates. If anything should actually happen that day, we'll play it by ear.

A few things on other subjects... on the Locus of Control. It's not just about gaining control of your own personal life, but continually expanding your 'area of influence' in order to make progress in many areas. You can't do that if you are living in fear. If you don't like something, don't just sit there and fear it, find a way to change it. Even if that means taking an indirect route. I had a person (comment not approved) basically declare me evil because I said we shouldn't sit here in terror over Fukushima and ISON and other things we can't control directly. That person is welcome to his terror, but I would suggest he focuses on productive action first, before throwing all his energy and time and emotionality into something he can't yet change.

Another thing, I note we have someone promoting silver in the comments. I'll approve these comments, but I want people to be very clear that I do not promote or endorse any particular financial strategy. Anything to do with finances requires that you do your homework, and I am not willing to do it for you. I choose not to comment on finances. With any wealth generation or preservation scheme, remember caveat emptor - buyer beware. Wherever money is involved, there will be someone trying to take yours, so be careful, people.

Why, oh why, aren't the good ETs here yet? Well, in the case of the Silver Legion, every time they try it, they can't seem to lock into whatever shared reality that we flesh and blood 3D humans occupy. The ship's telemetry reports them as being 'there', our people can see us, but here on Earth we can't see them. Or interact with them. This restriction does not seem to be a universal thing in that high altitude sightings and certain military actions are still possible, but it appears that actually meeting us face to face is currently right out. And this is a wall we have been banging our heads against for about two years. There should be no physical reason why this should happen.

I can't speak for why the rest of the supposed good ETs aren't showing their faces, but with the Silver Legion, we are still troubleshooting the little detail of we can't get into the same context as flesh and blood people. And honestly, that's the whole point of landing and being on the surface - to interact with people. Whatever is causing this effect is artificial, because there is apparently no such restriction on beings that want to hurt you. The Greys are still around, and there have been other hostile ET races that appear to be able to come and go and interact with Terran humanity as they please.

Those who believe that 'teh ETs can do whatever they want no matter what' are maybe thinking about some other ETs that exist in some universe that isn't here. Because they most certainly can't just 'do whatever they want'. There have been absolutely puzzling, mind-boggling restrictions to actions that a lot upstairs just can't figure out. And it's not for lack of trying. There's been a definite and deliberate effort to keep out anyone who might be here to help, while unrestrained access by assholes has been apparently encouraged. Who or what set this up, we don't yet know. All we know is that it involved tech and activity way beyond the level of the Cabal. There's some high level shit involved here, and we're still picking it apart.

You'll know when we've succeeded when we start actually doing real things on the planet that you can perceive and interact with. Until then, please don't assume that anyone up there is just free to do whatever they want concerning this planet and its people. It's clearly not the case.

Trev - I said that this is the case for the Silver Legion. Other groups may be able to act more freely; they may have less frustrating 'magical nonsense opposition' against them. But I don't speak for them and if you want them to land, you'll have to talk to them.

We down here think this is bullshit, the Silver Legion thinks this is bullshit... guess what, it's a bullshit situation, but we still can't land. For whatever reason, this is what happens when we try. I have alluded to difficulties with manifestation before, this is the first time I have laid out what those difficulties currently consist of. We thought we were close to cracking this earlier, we were wrong, clearly.

Also, believe it or not, we've already considered all the easy answers like the collective consciousness and chemtrails, smart metres, etc. Don't think we haven't been looking into this in the last two years. We still don't know what the true cause is, because none of the things people brought up can really adequately explain the inability to manifest in our reality. All I really have to say, is that if it is the collective consciousness of humanity... people have lost all right to complain about why the good guys don't show themselves until they make the effort to enable to good guys to show themselves and start limiting and eliminating the ability of the bad guys to be here.

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