Tuesday, 24 December 2013

DISCLOSURE : Hidden Energy - Dr. Hal Puthoff

Dr. Hal Puthoff.

 Dr. Hal Puthoff discusses the potential of tapping into the hidden energy of the universe.

 The technology discussed here is a thing we have been using for decades. Most of the sights of craft called UFO's are most likely ours. Puthoff touched on the true reason as to why UFO cases are so hush hush and or why people have been killed over the issues of what they have seen or know.

That topic would be the zero point energy which could either be either free to mankind or radically cheap to produce and would power the whole world with extreme little cost.

The powers that be do not want you to know such technology exists as they want you to rely on oil they control for the purpose of controlling the world. While these powers are world wide, they are heavily "incorporated" with our military industrial complex on a super secret level. The black ops monies go here and to operations like them or ops that support them.

Dr. Hal Puthoff, a theoretical and experimental physicist, is a graduate of Stanford University. He has published over forty technical papers in the areas of electron-beam devices, lasers, and quantum zero-point energy effects, and holds patents in the laser, communications, and energy fields. Dr. Puthoff's professional background spans more than thirty years of research at General Electric, Sperry, the National Security Agency, Stanford University, SRI International, and, since 1985, as Director of the Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin, Texas, and President of EarthTech International Inc. In his testimony, Dr. Puthoff points out that as we uncover the technologies that make space travel possible, we must consider the possibility that there are other civilizations who have been down this track ahead of us. This opens up the possibility of ET visitation. Considering that our electromagnetic technology is a century old, we must realize that there could be advanced civilizations out there that are milennia beyond us, and their technologies could be well beyond our imagination; therefore, the ET/UFO topic deserves to be taken seriously by modern scientists

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