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Light-balls and other bizarre events in 2013 Dutch crop circles


Robbert van den Broeke

Shortly after midnight on July 13-14th Robbert van den Broeke “felt” (as he has for the past 19 years now) a new circle was getting ready to form in the village where he grew up.  Robbert now lives in another rural village some distance away, but he recognized the “energy” in his apartment as being related to a new circle coming and, so, drove on his motorbike toward Hoeven.

Suddenly he saw a “star-like” light-ball high in the sky which seemed to be rotating and he stopped to watch it.  As it came toward him it became larger and larger and he could now clearly see that it was a light-ball and about the size of a soccer-ball, still rotating.  When the light-ball was only about 15 meters above him he began to feel dizzy and as if he were losing consciousness–and then felt as if his body was “flying” in the air, weightless (like a feather).

The next thing he remembers is finding himself sitting on the flattened grain in the larger (5.2m x 4.7m) of two small circles.  He tried to stand but couldn’t at first get his legs to work and says he could still see the light-ball, much smaller now, as it rose into the sky and then disappeared.


Largest circle (15 meter or 140 ft. +/- diameter) with four “satellites” attached.
Photo: Roy Boschman
Robbert also got a second, very strange “message” that, if people would bring apples with them into this ring formation they might find, when they then took the apples home, that very clear dark markings or “symbols” would appear on them.  And, further, that in those cases where this occurred, it would be good for the people to eat these apples, skin and all – that the apples would help promote healing.  [Strange marking have been appearing on applies in Robbert's parents home, as well as his sister's, for many years….and the family have noticed no ill effects from eating them.]

Robbert van den Broeke –

Episode about the crop

circles of 2013 


Over several weeks many visitors to this formation did bring apples into it with them…and, just as Robbert had felt, many of these people (most of whom Robbert did not know, but who had read his website) later sent him photos they had taken of their apples which did get strange markings on them when they returned home.
Some of the photos sent in by visitors to this July 21st circle who took apples
into it with them & whose apples later developed these markings.

Robbert van den Broeke –

(second) Episode about the

crop circles of 2013


Circles have been appearing in Robbert’s area of southern Holland since he was 14 years old (he’s now 33) and in many cases he has visually seen them form.  In one of those instances I was with Robbert in Holland and, so, we both saw brilliant light tubes shoot down ( behind his house, apparently creating the large elllipse with “T-shaped” pathway which we then found immediately afterward that night in 2001.

Then in 2006 we were together again, up on a dike next to Robbert’s “special” field when Robbert suddenly grabbed my arm and pointed out into a field we had just left ( yelling “see, see… do you see that dark spiral?”  Robbert’s eyes are younger than mine and all I saw was a dark movement down low over the field—but we were only 30-40 ft. away and went back down into the field immediately and found the new circles.

Robbert has seen more than 100 circles form over the years, in daytime and at night, with a wide variety of attendant light phenomena.  In a few cases he has seen what appeared to be actual “hard-bodied,” solid-looking UFOs creating the circles.  And I am not the only other eyewitness to these and other astounding events (English reports, bottom of pg:

To see more photos of these (and other) 2013 Dutch circles go to Robbert’s crop circle archive page:  To follow other amazing on-going events around Robbert check his website regularly.

By Nancy Talbott, BLT Research Team Inc.

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