Sunday, 1 December 2013

Massive Sphere Caught By NASA 2013 : Hercolubus, Nibiru?

BREAKING NEWS: Is what appears to be a sun-sized object in behind Comet ISON as shown in the images and videos below actually a planet/sun of some sort or merely a strange anomaly? Theinternet is blowing up today about what some are calling ‘Nibiru’ which suddenly appeared as Comet ISON was approaching the sun.

Very interesting object caught on NASA Stereo which seems to confirm Carlos Muñoz Ferrada’s prediction of a giant Comet/Planet called Hercolubus, entering our solar system and passing by the Earth and Sun.
Hercolubus is a hybrid comet/planet, that has an elliptical orbit, with the tail of a comet, and the large mass of planet.

Do these images confirm Ferrada’s Prediction? or is the object something else?

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