Thursday, 3 April 2014



Just a few months into the year 2014 and the world has already seen strange lights in the sky and eerie encounters with extraterrestrials inside our communities. With video evidence of UFO spotlights beaming down to the surface and triangular formations cutting through clouds - it appears as if the UFO phenomenon continues unabated - but where does it lead? And what is its purpose?

Footage includes the pursuit of an unidentified object through the streets of New York City, a UFO above Los Angeles during the recent earthquake, a dual shimmering light over the ocean, and alleged home invasions by unknown alien beings.

What is the meaning behind ancient symbols left here on Earth and on the Moon - and is there a connection to today's encounters? Are there not only entities performing bizarre maneuvers in our skies - maneuvers so alien in purpose that they cannot be understood by human minds - but further, is it possible that those orchestrating these unknowns are covertly operating just beyond our own homes ... drinking a can of PEPSI ?

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