Monday, 14 April 2014

NATURE'S NATURAL LAWS of ANTI-GRAVITY and LEVITATION : Bumble-bees should not be able to fly


There exists in nature, creatures 
that exhibit anti-gravity properties

Possibly alluded to in the famous: 
"bumble-bees should not be able to fly 
according to the laws of aerodynamics"

If you look closely at the surface area, in particular scarab beetles (or similar) there is a microscopic surface pattern that creates an electromagnetic effect similar to static electrical discharge for example, and it creates an anti-gravitational effect.

Viktor Grebennikov noticed this effect when he tried to put beetle wings under a microscope and they may have interacted with some electrical field and he noticed he couldn't keep these pieces of beetle wing shell still ...

Viktor Grebennikov - Anti-Gravity & Levitation

Dan A. Davidison explains the basis behind Grebennikov's findings and how certain insects really fly (levitate) linking how a spinning vortex creates a magnetic field counteracting gravity. It's possible that an electrostatic effect is occurring too at the nano level.

Shape, mass, frequency, and other quantities fit into a natural, universal order of creation.

Preliminary analysis shows that there is a basic pattern to creation that exists from the sub-atomic level to the higher levels of the physical universe. This discovery leads to a cohesive understanding of how the ether manifests on various levels and opens the door to a new understanding of how free energy and gravity control is possible.



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