Saturday, 19 April 2014

❤¸.•*´¨HAPPY ISHTAR¨`*•.❤


Ishtar was the goddess who genetically created human beings 200,000 years ago.  Happy Easter!  

Never mind the bunny.  

It's the first humans that she created, and we're still here, despite Ice Ages, massive tsunamis and floods, droughts, the tipping of the planet, the movement of other planets in the solar system such as Saturn, our former sun, still worshipped by the secret societies that ritually murder babies and eat them on altars, such as The Ninth Circle that controls all the 'Christian' churches.

Today we face chemtrails, GMOs, mass vaccination, nuclear contamination of the oceans, economic devastation, wars,  WMDs and a media that hides away from us who is really in control, and their agendas, such as Agenda 21.

We've made it this far.  Our enemies are working hard to stop our progress.  Yet we have enormous strength especially if we awaken from ignorance and stand together.  

This Easter, remember who you are, and what we face.  Let's do it together, bar the Archontic bloodlines, of course, who are here to manipulate and torment us and gradually kill us off.  We were created to be a slave race, but we are progressing - too fast for those who want to keep us down and in our place.  We are great in number.  They are few, and they need us to enslave each other.  If we refuse to cooperate with their wars, and other totalitarian programmes, what can they do?  They'll need to negotiate a new position for humanity, based on us knowing.

So read all there is to read, and get to the point of knowing who you really are, and who are your real enemies, not the false ones being waved in front of your face, to sidetrack you and waste your time and energy.

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